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9/2 c2 demzerff1
I think you should show interactions between izuku and the girls like when he texts them or the girls themselves.
It would let us build up an idea of how they react to things and then only big shifts in personality need emphasis.
Like if izuku always spends a half hour on the phone with one then that shows one side but maybe he and momo spend some time just reading together or he games with like mina.

It would be interesting to see if the characters grow a bit differently now.
I could see bakugo developing faster just due to izuku passively pressuring him.
9/2 c1 demzerff1
I vote for 2 or 3 girls.
It is much easier to balance a smaller group and with things like quirk marriages I wouldn't be surprised if stronger heroes were encouraged to have more children.
It's just that most of them have personalities that don't match with such a thing.

I also feel that having more than one girl would help him bond better with the new world.
He admits to not being very heroic but I bet he would be more motivated if he had people he wanted to protect.
He also has a basic idea on everyone's personalities so I could see him helping with someone like momo who is pretty pitiable given her fragile ego.
She would likely find inspiration in him if he ever told her more about izuku's story.

I also would like to see if he helps some of the guys or does something to generally change the way his class goes due to butterflies.
8/25 c3 Deathisnearlymine
keep up the great work this been one of the better SIfics I've read so far
8/23 c3 merlin0777
Is this Fic dead ?
8/21 c3 Guest
I like the fic. The only problem I have is that 20 % seems really weak. Against overhaul with 100% he kicked the air and disappeared while destroying pillars and spikes made out of cement. That's only 5 times stronger than he is now. You need to strengthen one for all. Still love the fic though
8/19 c3 2BrotherCaptainSheperd
Lol. That was funny. Great chapter my friend. Stay safe
8/19 c1 BrotherCaptainSheperd
Hahhaha I like it. It's funny. Hope he gets with Momo. She's hot. Ochako is okay but please don't do a Tsuyu. I never got why people keep shipping her. Brrrrr.
8/18 c3 the.narr.master
Eh, I've no problem with Nejire really. Cute girl sees cute guy, decides he's hot and goes for it. Seems reasonable enough. However I don't really buy a virgin just up and going for it like that, even if it's Nejire. But whatever, no big deal.
Where I feel you dropped the ball a bit is in the OFA percentages. At 20%, he should be able to lift way more than 900 pounds. More like 9 tons. Remember that at 20% he's strong enough to destroy the ground with a kick.
At that point he can knock out people without suoerhuman endurance with a flick of a finger and turn normal people into chunks with a punch.
8/15 c3 kronos797
why is izuku using imperial measurements. he's japanese, they use metric.
8/13 c3 ChangeMe4574
"I'll do it again." Ha. Nice

Still, rather quick on the Nejire thing. The MC's lonely so that's one thing but why Nejire? I need some more explanation about why she was just so ready to have sex. Maybe have a Nejire POV next chapter to explain her circumstances?

Descriptions and POV restrictions please.
8/12 c2 ChangeMe4574
If you're writing an interaction from one character's POV, please don't just outright state what the other characters are feeling. Case in point: Ochaco's jealousy(?). Have it shown through their actions, while sticking to that one character's POV.

Oh, and descriptions. Characters, places, objects, feelings, all of them.

You don't have to, of course, but I find these things make a story much more immersive to me.
8/12 c1 ChangeMe4574
Poor Inko. Nice job setting everything up.
8/12 c3 bonk
Go to horny jail
8/11 c3 fictionelement777
Toga next! I DARE you!
8/11 c3 MisfitWatcher
IidaMidoriya-kun has learned his lesson!"

IzukuMhm! I sure did!"

Izuku's ThoughtsI haven't and I'll do it again."

I love this fic
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