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8/11 c3 MisfitWatcher
IidaMidoriya-kun has learned his lesson!"

IzukuMhm! I sure did!"

Izuku's ThoughtsI haven't and I'll do it again."

I love this fic
8/8 c1 NibberWithAHardR
This is PogChamp also Miruko being his 1 week apprentice person thing instead of Gran Torino would be awesome and wild
8/8 c3 Sparky548
Dude that ‘ I didn’t I’ll go do it again if she asked’ killed me also love the comments the guy is making mostly cuz it’s funny other times cuz it’s true but still loving this
8/8 c3 BloodNBits
You're including a lot of girls already... But i must know, is Toga gonna be in that as well?
8/8 c3 Rivzed
Goddam it's so hot, best SI fic in this fandom to date.

Props to you.
8/7 c3 4gotin1
I’m loving this! Please more! I do have a question for you. What are your plans for mei hatsume and toga himiko? I would love to see them join the fun with your OC .
8/7 c3 1Anc1enT
Definitely wasn't expecting Nejire... while it seems a bit quick, its your story in the end, so I can't complain since I'm still here after all.

For the battle trials, I don't really think it's necessary to cover every team unless you plan on changing the combinations. The only major change I can see would be Midoriya's because of his newfound control and mindset.

As for chapter length, that's entirely up to you, as a reader I'd say shorter and faster updates, but as someone who dabbles in writing occasionally with friends, it's a much harder decision. Basically, if you like adding a whole bunch of details like me and my friends, I'd say longer chaps with a slower update, because I'd rather wait on updates than have you burn yourself out. If you aren't a detail freak like me, but would increase chapter length by adding more filler and scenes, then I'd say shorter chaps.

Anyways, I ramble too much, keep up the good work. :3
8/7 c3 9Ranger McAleer
Looking forward to seeing where this goes, just hope that Miruko is more than just a fuckbudy for izu.
8/7 c3 Anon
Looking good so far my guy! Even though im getting kinda tire of the harem fics, guess its fine as long as it doesnt get outta control.

3-5 Girls is what seems more realistic, you could even throw other pairings around bc i mean, the SI being the only getting laid gets boring eventually

KIU ma boi
8/7 c3 TeslaRivera
welp, at least there's none of that teenage angst that I detest. plus I even had a good laugh when all might started chasing him.
keep it up.
8/7 c3 Drui
Great chapter. Didn't expect things to go so fast with Nejire but it was still cool. I don't have a problem with it. I think you should just show Izuku's battle trial instead of all of them, maybe gloss over the results of the other trials.
8/7 c3 BoredKing
No need to cover all the teams since that would honestly be boring.

Can't say I liked how you introduced Hado. Couldn't you have at least had them wrestle or something so they could talk first and would get all hot and bothered first. This just makes Hado seem like a slut since she literally just grabbed a random guy and dragged him off to fuck.
8/7 c3 AnimeA55Kicker
Damn, you must have been in a horny mood writing this chapter.
8/7 c3 Yamajiji
That shit with Nejire was really unexpected. It was pretty funny though, specially when she asks him if her quirk was “dick enhancement” right in front of Mario and Amajiki. Although I don’t love harems, fuck it this story is too fun to let go. I’m looking forward to seeing how you keep on writing this.
8/7 c3 Shaedy Mo
HAH! Sir, if you think it yo grammar and spelling is trash, then you're obviously new in this medium. Cos, BOY LET ME TELL YOU almost everybody and they mama on FanFiction can't spell for shit! Most of these so called "Authors" on her's grammar is non-existent and they CANNOT write dialogue to save their lives! Like, who even writes A WHOLE conversation in a single paragraph? Which is why I have a whole ESSAY about "How to write dialogues" on my profile so these unfortunate souls could take a hint.

Which is why I need to tell you that you're LITERALLY one of the best writers I've seen on here in a while. Your writing is nearly flawless, and therefore, you should have more confidence in yourself! But, yeah... You SHOULD probably get yoself a beta cos everybody need to have an extra pair on deck cos that just common sense.

ANYWAY... I LOVE your story and I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to seeing what else you got in store for us!

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