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3/23 c28 fuunu
Seems like they would have kept a digital copy of the DNA with their tech would be easy. Hell we can do that now granted it took a couple of decades to do
2/16 c25 whirlpoolartist
I have to say, this is well written :)
1/11 c11 You tripped
and face planted. You were going strong, and then used language which fouled it up. Shalom Shalom.
1/11 c9 Whoa
It’s like a mix of forerunner meets Atlantis lobster leviathan.
1/11 c8 So
much better then the games so far! All the content, without the junk! Plus, it does make a ‘Uge difference to have a couple of friendly neighborhood SW peeps around to cause everything to shift.
1/11 c7 This
is turning into one of my favorite ME anything. If you keep up with this, and keep it clean, then this may very well be one of my fav fics, period.

Plus, looking forward to the effect that Kota will have. Could become fantastic to see him forming the Initiative forces into a real, more proper, military force.
1/11 c6 Kota
even better. He would be much more effective for the Initiative.
1/11 c5 Obi-obi
More powerful, indeed...
11/4/2021 c50 taintedahab
11/4/2021 c43 taintedahab
It’s not your fault because the micro black holes is canon for how the Vong shields work, whoever came up with that was kinda bad at science. The problem with using micro black holes as shields is that whole Hawking Radiation thing charbroiling the crew of the ship.
11/4/2021 c38 taintedahab
I bet sensory deprivation would be a more effective interrogation technique against the Vong
9/12/2021 c51 Nate
Ugh well this turned into a shitty ShepardWank fic real fucking quick.
9/11/2021 c54 22edboy4926
Good ending.
I will be honest, I was watching Mandalorian when I got this alert.
And when I saw the part of Metroid and Samus, I was kind of hoping that the Metroid in question was her baby Metroid that died.
Oh well.
9/9/2021 c53 Guest
Bet the prints would consider mata Nui a demon for undoing exaltation and probably shut herself when he does the same to her.
8/30/2021 c52 1TheDoctor1998
Ha! I was right about all of my guesses! Well, unless you count Dark Samus, but I never claimed to know what the Black Demon was in the first place.
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