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for Last Bastion

7h c9 Jctherebel
Amazing chapter
9/20 c8 Jctherebel
Good chapter
9/13 c7 Guest
I would say Reyes isn't that bad compared to Sloane, as she hooks the people on drugs so its easier to exploit them.
9/13 c6 Guest
The species division in the Milky Way could just be a result of the relative youth of galactic society. Galactic community is like less than two thousand years old, doubtful to wash away the lines of species and prejudices and stereotypes. Plus the oligarchy of the Citadel Council doesn't exactly help. As opposed to the Galactic Republic had 25,000 years of history. Plus with all the conflict not against species of philosophy, I guess people tend to focus less on race and more on actions. The Republic actually gave not just species a say but individuals worlds a chance to speak in their society. Plus in its heyday it was peacefully maintained by the Jedi Order who ranked encompassed multitudes of races.
9/13 c7 Jack Smith1
This is pretty cool, I love the concept of this. So far the interactions of the Two Jedi and the Pathfinder Crew really feels homey and it's not that bad to be honest. Keep up the good work.
9/13 c7 Jctherebel
Awesome chapters
9/6 c6 2The Taios
Somehow I’m gonna be anticipating starkiller eventually showing up in andromeda.
9/6 c6 Guest
I hope you kill Sloane, she just a wannabee gangster that uses brawn than brain. The Collective has more balls and acumen than her.
9/6 c6 Jack Smith1
Oh-ho! Force Unleashed? Ah I love that throw-back to General Rahm Kota, Nice going slick. I can't wait to see what else you'll bring! Jack out
8/31 c5 Jack Smith1
I love this! This Story is cool and perhaps I would like to see the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire here, But eh. I love it Keep up the Good work!
8/30 c5 Jctherebel
Amazing story so far, last sentence hit me like a truck
8/16 c3 Captain Richards
Captain Richards here, I like this Story! I love Andromeda and I love Star Wars Rebels! Do you intend to Bring The Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire into Andromeda? Will you include more details or... What? I am excited to see what you'll do! -Captain Richards
8/10 c2 Angery Katte
Togruts don’t have ears that can hold such a translation device. Also, the translators in Mass Effect are implants in the cranium.
8/9 c2 5TheVampireStrahd
Interesting, I enjoy Ahsoka stories. Although, I still think she would say she is no Jedi. She left the Order.

I'll keep an eye on this one.
8/9 c2 21edboy4926
Good chapter
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