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for Last Bastion

9/12 c51 Nate
Ugh well this turned into a shitty ShepardWank fic real fucking quick.
9/11 c54 21edboy4926
Good ending.
I will be honest, I was watching Mandalorian when I got this alert.
And when I saw the part of Metroid and Samus, I was kind of hoping that the Metroid in question was her baby Metroid that died.
Oh well.
9/9 c53 Guest
Bet the prints would consider mata Nui a demon for undoing exaltation and probably shut herself when he does the same to her.
8/30 c52 1TheDoctor1998
Ha! I was right about all of my guesses! Well, unless you count Dark Samus, but I never claimed to know what the Black Demon was in the first place.
8/29 c52 6Knightwolf1875
I'm loving all this!
8/28 c52 21edboy4926
Awesome chapter.
You know reading this, I wonder how things would be if somehow a Flood empire that is good from another multiverse (Hey, basic law of mirror universes say that there must be a universe where a good guy is a bad guy and vice versa) ended in your multiverse.

How would your Republic react to meeting a Flood empire that is not corrupt. Would they talk or the basic- shoot first and don't ask questions.
8/22 c51 5E.L. Girralo
Honestly I think this is a great story as its own thing, but I get wanting to tie it to your grand overarching multiversal story. It was good enough on its own that, I might go and see what the other stories in this series of yours are like.
8/22 c51 5Barbarossa Rotbart
That was the worst chapter of the whole story...
... because of the agelessness you have introduced. It would have been better if you had used original characters for the crew of a new Normandy and only kept a 700 years old Liara. Mass Effect is not Perry Rhodan!
... because of the use of multiverse as an explanation. the idea of a transgalactic teleporter acting up and transporting persons not only through space but also through time was much better and less fantastic.
... because of the many threats, each one bigger than the last, the characters from the Milky Way had to face in the last in the last 600 years. This also reminds me of the German pulp SciFi series Perry Rhodan.
... because of Shepard being male. If Scott Ryder is the Pathfinder then it would be better if Shepard had been female.
8/21 c51 21edboy4926
Awesome chapter.
But you could you post an exact timeline of what fics to read for the multiverse part of your saga?
8/10 c50 4StarBorn Michael
Epic man. Does this mean an entire Mass Effect X Star Wars story is coming soon? If so, I I'd love to read it.
8/8 c50 Omnihallows
┬┐So this story is in continuity with the multicrossover between star wars, mass effect, metroid, young justice, mcu, halo, voltron etc, isn't it?
8/8 c50 Heart of Shepard
Another Great Chapter and also to point out... YES YES YES! I was right about Commander Shepard being on the Normandy. And do I smell a potential prequel to this story, because that would be cool, but it's up to you whether that happens or not.
8/7 c50 6Jebest4781
This was fun and can't wait to see what will occur next in this.
8/1 c49 6Knightwolf1875
Clears throat. "YYYEEEEEESSSSSSS!"
8/1 c49 Heart of Shepard
Wow, Another Great Chapter in my opinion, and with the Vong and Benefactor gone, they can finally focus on the Kett, but they are back in force, if only they have a miracle.
Oh.. wait, a single ship arriving at the end of the chapter that is iconic to Mass Effect has appeared and where that ship is, means that a certain Commander is on it as well. Or a relative of the Commander.
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