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8/5 c1 PDS1
Yes, yes. Darcy did indeed do a good job of ignoring Elizabeth, Ha! Thank you for sharing the turmoil of his thoughts as he tried to push her from his mind!
8/4 c1 liysyl
I enjoyed your short story and I hope one day you continue it. Thanks for sharing your twist.
8/3 c1 Story341
Do you intend to continue this? Thanks for writing.
8/2 c1 Alena
Love Darcy's exquisite sweet torture.
8/2 c1 Colleen S
Oh no after such an interesting start, please continue!
8/2 c1 33tuxedocats
8/2 c1 1drm9473
Good one! I like the style. "It was easier to ignore the real life Miss Elizabeth while indulging his flights of fancy about her".
I've been there! Thanks for this excellent work about a moment sometimes ignored.
8/2 c1 mariantoinette1
Insightful and lovely writing.
8/2 c1 Guest
Yes, of course. He succeed most completely in raising no expectation on her part. Oh, what a victory. ( snicker)

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