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for Her love for the Phoenix Lord

8/6 c2 41Cutetyhil
Oww, no dont worry Nain, 12th will pass soon. You don't have to study for longer time. :(
I didn't browse much about SSR and what you said just shook me and I literally felt heavy at heart hearing this. :(

The conversation of last part was funny. Ray when he said Salima will come to him and Kane was like argh. XD

You're welcome btw, (it was pleasure to give gifts to you, our lil sis, by Misty and me ;)

Coming to the story,
I should say I laughed badly when Daichi was going to be eaten and the way Julia saved him. When you said Kai was not properly dressed, rotten and covered himself with Phoenix feathers, God, that picture just showed his misery, somehow that was attractive. XP

Julia really did a wonderful job without ever knowing that she was passing tests actually and saved that drowning baby, faced crocodile, saved Daichi, remained without food for so many days and believe me, I'd this intuition from the start that Julia was Stacy's incarnation. And yes I was right. I was surprised when that was revealed by Tala to her step sister. Lord Takao was also well described in here.
That's nice that Ray was forgiven.
The mention on Heavens was such a nice part, like I could imagine it, fantasy in my mind storming beautifully xD

The ending was compete just like how a good story should have been!
8/6 c2 46Droplets of blue rain
Oh my! Julia did everything to attain the love of Kai! She gave up her jewelries and the status of princess, jumped in the river, walked miles after miles, built statues, ignited fire, penanced- *Huffs* And what not? Melting the Phoenix lord isn't as easy! But in the end, Kai realized and appreciated her efforts, thus giving her the status of his wife! Yay!
Dear, I was waiting for the dance scenes...but no worries, maybe I'll write them for TySew.
Actually, in comparison with Julia, Dew did nothing to win the love of Tyson. Just danced and saved his life, :P
Hey! Don't feel pity for us! *Angrily pouts* We'll also do a lot of things for him if...Tyson!
Tyson: *Gulps* What happened, Misty?
Me: Be my brother. Right now!
Tyson: But why?
Me: Then help me win the heart of your bestie.
Tyson: *Scratches his head* H...hey...p...pardon me.
Me: Hah, no problem. Dew-chan is waiting for you, go and dance with her.
Tyson: Hehehe...okie...
Yes, conquering the phoenix lord is tough! That's why, I played the role of Dranzer in "Predestined".
Felt sorry for Wyatt and Ray too! Poor deities just wanted to help Julia!
But all's well that end's well. Kai and Julia had a happy family, that matters the most!
And about the suspicious death of SSR, I knew it from previous. I have also heard them. Dirty Bollywood :/
Anyways, thank you thank you so much for writing this shot. Wait for somewhat similar from me :P
-Misty _
8/2 c1 41Cutetyhil
Wow! This was an interesting tale ya know!
Lord Phoenix was Kai, right? I mean his name was not directly used. Not a prob though.
Stacy was so helpless at the temple and she couldn't place the statue, I seriously felt bad for her and that rampaging inferno was inevitable, it had to come out one day! She was just bring quiet but her father was abusive and heartless! He serves to be beheaded and suffer the death and yes again he deserves to live an insulted life with a head of goat! He deserves it all.
Poor Stacy, she died! What could be more heartbreaking! She shouldn't have gone to that party! :(

Nice one Nain! I'll wait for another shot. Even one more shot you will have to read by six in evening today, hopefully! :)
Happpyyyyyy friendship day, dude! :**
8/2 c1 46Droplets of blue rain
Girl, my face hasn't discharged the red properly after reading the description of Kai. Ah, still...still the heart of this Misty is thudding hard *Hard breaths*
Happy birthday, my phoenix-prince!
So, Stacy is the eldest here, right? Oh, poor girl. Her sacrifice reminded me of Ilaria in "Kingdom"!
And Stacy's true form was splendid!
Gideon! You bastard! How could you call your own daughter a bitch?! You filthy pest of drain! Good it was that Kai beheaded him. It would be better if he didn’t replace his head with that of a goat!
Just a single question I'll ask you later on through message.
Loved it! Please update soon! :D
-Misty _

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