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1/29 c26 29MBAV fan66
Yay! They're married, now! A knot that they'll never untie, as long as they live! Such a happy chapter and ending! Oh! And Ethan and Sarah are gonna be parents, too! That's like an...extra bonus of happy, right there! Lol! Although, Sarah wasn't able to surprise Ethan with the news like she had hoped, but that's one of the downsides of being with a seer, I guess. Huh? They're really hard to surprise with good news or with something special. Lol! But she doesn't mind it, though, because more than anything she loves Ethan with all her heart.

I think my favorite part about the chapter was the part with Benny and his family at their table during the reception dinner. That part was funny! With Benny getting fed up in trying to crack his lobster's shell, so he just uses the inside-out spell to do it for him. Only for Evelyn, to get on to him about it and then turn it right-side back in, again. Lol! At least, Benny finally found a purpose for such a torturous spell to be used in a sorta good way, though. Even if his grandma doesn't approve of the spell being used in that way. Or at all, for that matter! Lol! It's probably been AGES since Benny ever had his whole family gathered together at one table to eat like that, huh? Not since he was a kid and they were still married, that is. And now, he feels awkward and uncomfortable about it, but I'm sure on some level it still felt nice to have them together like that again, though. Like a...family. Even if his step-dad and half little brother on his mother's side, couldn't be there to join them.

Awww, thanks for the shout out there at the end! I'm glad you think my reviews are amazing! I always try to leave good reviews on anything I read and happen to like. Anyway, I really enjoyed this chapter and I wish Rory and his new wife, all the best on their journey of married-hood (which isn't a real word, but I don't care! Lol)! :)
1/12 c25 MBAV fan66
Yay! The wedding's still on! Lol! And it seems that Natalie can't WAIT for honeymoon to happen afterwards. On order to get a much LONG and NEEDED break from her mother and probably the rest of her family, as well! Lol!

After a vision that long (and with so many people, too), now it's time for Ethan to recharge his battery by getting some much needed sleep. At least, he'll be well rested for the wedding, then! Am I right?! Lol!

Great chapter! I can't wait to see how the wedding goes, coming up next! ;D
12/30/2020 c24 MBAV fan66
Now, Ethan and Benny knows what all happened after they left the party that night, back then. Even Rory learned about some stuff that he didn't know happened, too! Like, how Jesse planned for him to be staked eventually after he was turned either by Ethan and Benny or by doing it himself. Jesse never wanted him around as part of his flock, like he claimed back then. I'm surprised right then there that present day Rory didn't decided to punch hologram Jesse in the face, too, after learning how he planned to kill him later on! Lol! That and for lying to him about the 'wonders of being a vampire' and for convincing him how great it was, too. As well as tricking him into joining him and doing his evil bidding when it came to his plan.

At first Natalie was mad at Rory but not because he was a vampire in his younger days. But rather because he tried to lie to her about it, is why. That's what hurts the most. But she forgave him (it seems) for lying to her after seeing and hearing everything that happened that night at the party after Sarah, Ethan, and Benny made their grand escape out of Jesse's mansion.

Seems like Jesse only wanted Erica as a consolation prize since he couldn't have Sarah. What better way to stick it to his ex than to start dating her best friend? Lol! Gord is like most typical men. Once he gets what he wants from a woman then he's done with her. Regardless, of how the woman feels about him, though. He's not looking for a relationship but rather just a hook-up with not feelings attached. Gord and Jesse are both terrible men for that reason there and a few other reasons, as well. Lol! But they both don't care about the woman they're with, feelings. To them, they're just a tool that they can use or an accessory to make themselves look better in front of others. They have no respect for women at all. But they got what they deserved in the end and are probably burning in Hell for it, too! Lol! Among some of the other horrible things they probably did in their many years of living, as well. Lol! Or at least, Jesse is. Since after the third time he died, he died as a human and not as a vampire. Which if he had died as a vampire then he would be in vampire limbo, again, along with Gord and the rest of his followers.
12/27/2020 c23 MBAV fan66
And there's the big faint! Lol! At least, she gave Rory a warning first to catch her right before her fainting spell took effect. That way she didn't wind up fainting on the floor instead, which probably would've been a bit painful. Lol! But now Natalie knows. That her adoring fiance was once a bloodsucker himself during his teenage years.

Krypto just wanted to join in on the fun in the living room, too! Lol! Maybe they should've put him in the bedroom and then shut the door first before starting, to avoid any interference from happening. Like it just did. Lol! It was a good thing that Sarah did decide to stay back! Or else they wouldn't have anybody for damage control back in the present in case Krypto did suddenly jumped into the vision, like that! Lol! Plus, even though it wasn't the real Jesse (and he couldn't really feel it), she still couldn't resist the urge in wanting to...'demonstrate' some of her karate skills to him, personally! Lol! I don't blame her, though. It's like her way of showing him her that he no longer has any control over her and that she's free from him after ruining her life for those few years as a vampire. She's reestablishing her dominance in her own life, once again, to him. Like Natalie said..."girl power!" Lol!
12/21/2020 c22 MBAV fan66
So, far so good. She hasn't decided to ditch Rory before the wedding, just yet. Instead, she loves him too much to just abandon him now. Even after what all she's done learned about his dark past. But now she's about to find out the little details that Rory left out of his manuscript about their supernatural adventures. Like, how Sarah and Erica weren't the only ones who were turned into vampires thanks to Jesse and his evil vampires, back then, and then was cured later on by the Lucifractor explosion. Hopefully, her love for him is strong enough to withstand that bit of damaging info about her fiance and she'll still want to stick by his side in marriage, anyway.
12/14/2020 c21 MBAV fan66
And the truth is revealed! Well...so far only half of it, that is. Lol! But the other half will be coming soon in the next chapter I imagine, though! Lol! Although, since Rory and Sarah have long since been cured of being vampires, proving that they once were one is gonna be a tough thing to prove. I wonder how they're gonna do it?

The tailor guy that Evelyn knows might've been insistent to Benny about taking the top hat, but if Benny really wanted to he could just accept it and take it with him but then choose not to wear it at the wedding ceremony, then. Lol! But I'm sure Evelyn will be there at the wedding, too, and would probably either rat him out about not wearing it, to her tailor friend or she'd just force him to wear it with her uh...grandmotherly ways. Lol!

Now, after telling Natalie everything and then having to prove it to her, in the future they'll have to do it again when it's Benny's turn to get married. Lol! Then maybe again to their future children when they're old enough, that is.

Good news is that Natalie hasn't fainted from shock, yet! Lol! Bad news is, she did breakdown in tears, though. Lol! But she is coming to around, though, and is slowly taking it in stride. Still probably a bit overwhelmed and all, but nonetheless she's trying her best not to freak out entirely about this new revelation about her soon-to-be husband and his friends.
12/1/2020 c20 MBAV fan66
So, the big boss himself has decided to pay our favorite trio of dorks a visit, huh? Nice! Lol! Although, Ethan's already done had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Abbott once already, this was Rory's and Benny's first time getting the chance to actually see and meet him in person, though.

And Rory thought Ethan was a bit uptight. Lol! Seems like Mr. Abbott is even more uptight than Ethan is! Lol! But to be fair, Mr. Abbott is an old man which means he grew in an era where things were different for businessmen or other really rich and successful men (such as himself) compared to the way things are nowadays. So, in away, he's a bit set in his ways when it comes to his way old fashioned way of thinking in the modern world. But apparently he does try and show some lightening up, just a little bit, though, every now and then. Barely, though. Lol! And apparently he has a love for hidden passageways, too! Lol! Since his main means of entering and exiting the building is through a secret elevator that's hidden behind a fake storage cabinet on each floor. Lol!

Looks like are boys (I mean, men. Lol) have all wound up getting time promotions after discovering and revealing the whole 'corporate espionage' thing with Barb and Mr. Yates taking place, huh? Although, without the necessary proof that Mr. Yates was in fact the one who hired Barb to spy on the company in the first place, then that means he's unfortunately off the hook for now. Criminally, that is. But his nephew is making sure that he pays for his crimes in other ways that doesn't involve the justice system. But I'm happy for all three of them! Ethan, Benny, and especially Rory (after what he recently just went through) deserve it! And Mr. Abbott himself already knows about their future plans to branch out on their own in the architectural world and he's absolutely ok with it, too.

Oh! And Rory and Natalie basically get a free honeymoon out of it all, too! Not to mention, they get to live in Australia for six months too, as a business trip! Talk about lucky and having a really cool boss, too! Lol! I wonder he'll run into his old classmate, Sunday Clovers while living there, also?! Lol! Since she was Whitechapel High's foreign exchange student from Australia, in the "Mirror/rirroM" episode! Lol!

Anyway, great chapter! And I saw that you included some of today's troubles in it this time, as well. Meaning, Covid-19. Lol! Granted, from what I gathered in this chapter it must be during a time when it looks the world is finally starting to go back to normal again and the pandemic is nearing it's end, finally. I'm surprised you went that route and decided to include the pandemic in it. I didn't expect that, that's for sure! Lol! But it adds a little bit of 'real world drama' to it, you know? Lol! So, yeah! Awesome chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
11/18/2020 c19 MBAV fan66
Holy, toledo! That was some chapter! Lol!

Poor, Orson. He was a victim in Mr. Yates and Barb's little scheme to ruin the McMurdo and Abbott company, too. And now he's dead, after finding out that the woman he loves was just using him for information and then losing his job for it, soon after learning of her ruse. Barb basically ruined his life and she didn't even care, too. He was just an innocent pawn in her little espionage game for Mr. Yates. Although, he did managed to give her what she deserved which was a bullet right in the heart. He literally broke her heart for (figuratively) breaking his, in return.

Yates got lucky, but now he has to pay the piper for his role in all of this. Thanks to his eldest nephew blackmailing him for half the company and a big promotion, as well, in exchange for his silence about his uncle's role in all of this. At least, his role in the criminal part of it, that is. Mr. Yates is getting his just dos for being such a horrible man. And his nephew Artie (Arthur) is going to be the one who puts him in his place and teaches him a lesson about decency and respect to others, too. Oh, how the tables have turn for poor Mr. Marmaduke Roger Yates II. Lol! Artie is making everything right again in the family when it comes to the Yates estate and fortune.
11/6/2020 c18 MBAV fan66
A bit of torture aided by a little magic and voila! A confession is given! Lol! Rosetter was only responsible for the dust bomb part, whereas Barb was the one responsible for the pepper spray laced inhaler and the backup inhaler in the medical kit being missing from it. And Rosetter had no clue that she even did any of that, too. He just thought they would make Rory have an asthma attack and that's it. Knowing that he would be fine because of the inhalers. If had known that she had rigged Rory's inhaler and has stolen the spare one, then he probably wouldn't have went through with it. He didn't want to kill Rory. He just wanted to humiliate him and possibly discourage him a bit for showing him up in the meeting with Mr. Baker earlier, and that was it.

Ethan and Benny do not have the heart for torture, huh? Lol! They barely got through what they just did to Rosetter. At least, on the inside they did. On the outside they managed to keep it together long enough to get his confession. Things in movies always look more better and simpler than they are in real life. Lol! In real life, you really have to have the stomach to be able torture someone violently for information. Now, if it was more of a harmless mental kinda torture (like for example, forcing someone to listen the sound of nails on a chalkboard repeatedly until they spill the info) then that would be more up Ethan and Benny's alley then, probably. Rather than putting the person's life on the line. Lol!

Since torture is out of the question now, as a bit of payback to Barb for what she almost did to Rory. I guess, the only other option for a bit of justice when it comes to her is to just fire her, instead. Since she is Benny's secretary that means Benny's her boss and if he wants to then he can fire her. Which would then take away her access into the McMurdo and Abbott building, so that she can do her "other job" which is acting as Mr. Yates spy. Not to mention, too, that once Rosetter reveals to the police that she was an accomplice in all of it, she'll probably wind up arrested, as well. Especially, if the police are able to link her to tampering with Rory's inhaler, which is the same as tampering with someone's medication. Basically, she could be charged with attempted murder and other things, too, I imagine.
10/26/2020 c17 MBAV fan66
Rory got extremely lucky after that deadly prank attack that Barb setup for him in the hopes that it would kill him! Instead, of killing him (like she hoped it would), it only took him out of the architect game for a couple of days, though. And now she's on Benny's list and Benny's done made it a mission to find the perp responsible for his friend's real back asthma attack. Nobody sets a death trap on his best friend and gets a way with it! Not on Benny's watch! Lol! I guess, that means he got back in town just in time! Rory may be bed ridden for the next few days, but Benny's not! Which means he's able to hunt the guy responsible down for hurting his friend and exact a bit of revenge for what they done, as well! Lol!

I loved the part where Benny asked the nurse at the hospital out on a date with him. Only for her to reply (in a fake but sweet and polite manner) that she has a boyfriend and he works at an orderly at the psych-ward who can bench-press 200lbs and has a jealous-streak. And then Benny's response afterwards when she asks him if he wants to meet him! Lol! Priceless! Lol! I guess, some things never change, huh?! Lol!
10/8/2020 c16 MBAV fan66
Aaaahhh! Seems there's more to Barb than just being a secretary. Hehehe! She's really a spy for the competition, Quinton Haggard Hates! Lol! A little bit of company espionage, if you will. Lol! Boy! Mr. Yates sure does hate the competition, huh? He's not just looking to out do them, but to DESTORY them and make them go out of business. Leaving him as the top (and only) architect company around for miles. This man sure likes to play dirty.

I see you used a James Bond movie title (again, I think?) for this chapter title. Huh? Lol! Which to be fair, I mean Barb is a spy for Mr. Yates and his architect company. Only she's not a good spy but rather one of the bad ones, though. Because what she's doing isn't for the greater good of uh...anybody. I think? Lol! Well, except for the greater good of her real boss, Mr. Yates, that is! Lol!
10/8/2020 c15 MBAV fan66
So, Krypto was Rory's first pick to be best man! But unfortunately, Krypto turned down the offer due to how silly he'd look all dressed up with a two rings attached to his collar while being escorted down the isle on a leash by his owner. He's dog with dignity, after all! Lol! But even though Krypto may have turned him down, he'll always be best man in Rory's opinion. Or uh...best dog, that is. Lol!

So, that just left his second choices! Benny and Ethan! And since he couldn't choose between his two oldest friends on his own, he did what any undecisive person would've done in that situation. He flipped a coin! Lol! And it look like Ethan was the winner, too! Now, that that's done. All that's left is for him to tell his beautiful bride-to-be about the dark part of his past and him being secretly being a supernatural hunter on the side before the wedding. Actually, he already told her about all that in a way, but without proof or a way to back it up then there's no way she'd ever believe that he was being serious, though. So, in comes Ethan to (I'm guessing) show her everything they've been through during their teenage years. By sharing a vision with her that would show her a glimpse of what all they've gone through, back then. And sorta still are, today. I wonder how she'll react? Lol! ;D
9/17/2020 c14 MBAV fan66
They have their minister perform the wedding, now! Now all that's left it just the little stuff, like sending out invitations, Natalie picking out her dress, what kind of flowers they want to decorate the church and to be Natalie's bouquet, and who get's to stand beside them during the ceremony as their best man and maiden of honor. Oh! And also, upgrading their rings from engagement rings to wedding rings/bands! Lol!

Reverend Douglas knows all about Whitechapel's dark past. Well...only the edited version of it, that is. Not the real version of what happened all those years ago, like Rory and Team SABRE do, though. Lol! Which is that Reverend Black and his followers were all really vampires and were all evil and were a bunch of murdering cultist. Lol! It really got to Rory to hear them giving sympathy to someone who doesn't deserve it not one bit. But Rory also knows that they also didn't know the real truth about that part of Whitechapel's history, though, and what kind of people Rev. Black and his followers were back then, too. He tried to correct Rev. Douglas the best he could without coming on out and staying that they were a cult of evil vampires without sounding like he crazy or something. So, instead, he only told them his thoughts and feelings on the matter and what he knew about it, the best he could without giving too much away. Thankfully, they didn't decide to question him on the matter any further since they could tell the it was a touchy subject for him for some odd reason and they didn't want to agitate him over the subject any further, either. They could tell he really passionate about the topic, so out of respect Rev. Douglas and Natalie decided to believe him and just drop the subject all together. Taking his word that perhaps what is written in Rev. Douglas's book might not be the whole truth, after all.

Awww! Rev. Douglas his a dog person! Lol! Looks like Krypto will get to be attending the wedding after all! Lol! I wonder if Rory will dress him up in a doggy tux or just stick a fancy little black bowtie on his collar, instead? Lol!
9/11/2020 c13 MBAV fan66
Poor Miles. He's like the problem child in the family! Lol! Or more like, problem adult/child in the family, that is! Lol! In Bill's and Etta's eyes, Natalie is the golden child in the family whereas Miles is the family's disappointment. But at least, Miles has the love of his big sister to fill the void of where his parents love should be whenever they feel like chewing him out for his life choices. I'm sure, though, that their parents still love him, nonetheless. Even if he does tend to disappointment them most of the time, though. Lol! You can clearly tell who Mr. and Mrs. Crete's favorite is among their children. Lol!

Natalie's parents are old-fashioned, huh? Lol! And they're already trying to meddle in their daughter's and future son-in-law's lives together as a couple before they're even married, yet! Lol! Even though, Etta might be a bit bossy, at least Rory has experience on how to handle it thanks to his friendship with Erica. Lol! I'm sure Etta is nothing like her. Lol!
8/27/2020 c12 MBAV fan66
I think Rory just got a promotion. Kinda. Lol! Not job title-wise, but more like...project position-wise. But that's what Rosetter and Beauchamp get for trying to undermine Rory's say in the Baker housing project and trying to take most of the credit, too. I guess, they thought that Mr. Baker and Mr. McMurdo were stupid or something and wouldn't even notice all the things that were wrong with the plans. Which I agree with them. Those plans that Rosetter and Beauchamp came up with (with everything being structurally round or circular looking) just sounds terrible looking. Unless, you're into living in one of those one houses where they appear to be odd looking from the outside and maybe a little bit odd looking on the inside, too, but still functional and sturdy to live in. But their plans for the houses, seem like they would be more of a pain to live in and wouldn't be all that functional like a house should be. Or even sturdy and safe to live in, too!

Now, that their grand idea to take all the credit and to hopefully get a big fat paycheck in the end, has fallen through on them. They're plotting to ruin Rory's reputation and career by hopefully getting him fired in the worst way possible. Those two REALLY don't like Rory. Not to mention, they have really big egos, too. Which I imagine will only come back and bite them in the rear once again, like it did just now. Only this time...probably way more worse, though. They just can't just sulk it off for a while until eventually they get over it and let it go, huh? They just...have to take action by getting revenge on the person who humiliated them by just trying to do his job to the best of his ability and who was being a good standup employee, too. Guess, they'll learn hard the way that revenge is never the answer. Lol!
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