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9/17 c14 30MBAV fan66
They have their minister perform the wedding, now! Now all that's left it just the little stuff, like sending out invitations, Natalie picking out her dress, what kind of flowers they want to decorate the church and to be Natalie's bouquet, and who get's to stand beside them during the ceremony as their best man and maiden of honor. Oh! And also, upgrading their rings from engagement rings to wedding rings/bands! Lol!

Reverend Douglas knows all about Whitechapel's dark past. Well...only the edited version of it, that is. Not the real version of what happened all those years ago, like Rory and Team SABRE do, though. Lol! Which is that Reverend Black and his followers were all really vampires and were all evil and were a bunch of murdering cultist. Lol! It really got to Rory to hear them giving sympathy to someone who doesn't deserve it not one bit. But Rory also knows that they also didn't know the real truth about that part of Whitechapel's history, though, and what kind of people Rev. Black and his followers were back then, too. He tried to correct Rev. Douglas the best he could without coming on out and staying that they were a cult of evil vampires without sounding like he crazy or something. So, instead, he only told them his thoughts and feelings on the matter and what he knew about it, the best he could without giving too much away. Thankfully, they didn't decide to question him on the matter any further since they could tell the it was a touchy subject for him for some odd reason and they didn't want to agitate him over the subject any further, either. They could tell he really passionate about the topic, so out of respect Rev. Douglas and Natalie decided to believe him and just drop the subject all together. Taking his word that perhaps what is written in Rev. Douglas's book might not be the whole truth, after all.

Awww! Rev. Douglas his a dog person! Lol! Looks like Krypto will get to be attending the wedding after all! Lol! I wonder if Rory will dress him up in a doggy tux or just stick a fancy little black bowtie on his collar, instead? Lol!
9/11 c13 MBAV fan66
Poor Miles. He's like the problem child in the family! Lol! Or more like, problem adult/child in the family, that is! Lol! In Bill's and Etta's eyes, Natalie is the golden child in the family whereas Miles is the family's disappointment. But at least, Miles has the love of his big sister to fill the void of where his parents love should be whenever they feel like chewing him out for his life choices. I'm sure, though, that their parents still love him, nonetheless. Even if he does tend to disappointment them most of the time, though. Lol! You can clearly tell who Mr. and Mrs. Crete's favorite is among their children. Lol!

Natalie's parents are old-fashioned, huh? Lol! And they're already trying to meddle in their daughter's and future son-in-law's lives together as a couple before they're even married, yet! Lol! Even though, Etta might be a bit bossy, at least Rory has experience on how to handle it thanks to his friendship with Erica. Lol! I'm sure Etta is nothing like her. Lol!
8/27 c12 MBAV fan66
I think Rory just got a promotion. Kinda. Lol! Not job title-wise, but more like...project position-wise. But that's what Rosetter and Beauchamp get for trying to undermine Rory's say in the Baker housing project and trying to take most of the credit, too. I guess, they thought that Mr. Baker and Mr. McMurdo were stupid or something and wouldn't even notice all the things that were wrong with the plans. Which I agree with them. Those plans that Rosetter and Beauchamp came up with (with everything being structurally round or circular looking) just sounds terrible looking. Unless, you're into living in one of those one houses where they appear to be odd looking from the outside and maybe a little bit odd looking on the inside, too, but still functional and sturdy to live in. But their plans for the houses, seem like they would be more of a pain to live in and wouldn't be all that functional like a house should be. Or even sturdy and safe to live in, too!

Now, that their grand idea to take all the credit and to hopefully get a big fat paycheck in the end, has fallen through on them. They're plotting to ruin Rory's reputation and career by hopefully getting him fired in the worst way possible. Those two REALLY don't like Rory. Not to mention, they have really big egos, too. Which I imagine will only come back and bite them in the rear once again, like it did just now. Only this time...probably way more worse, though. They just can't just sulk it off for a while until eventually they get over it and let it go, huh? They just...have to take action by getting revenge on the person who humiliated them by just trying to do his job to the best of his ability and who was being a good standup employee, too. Guess, they'll learn hard the way that revenge is never the answer. Lol!
8/14 c11 MBAV fan66
Ah! This time we get a look at Sarah, Benny, and Ethan's perspectives a bit and their take on Rory's sudden engagement to Natalie, too! Lol! At first, they sorta had mixed feelings about it, but after having Ethan to take a quick peek into Natalie's life and how the two even met, along with short look into Rory's up coming future within the next 24 hours, they now feel a bit more at ease about the engagement.

Since Benny's sorta near the North Pole, I'm surprised that Rory hasn't mentioned anything about Santa Claus or Santa's Workshop to him. Like if he happens to run into Santa to ask for his autograph or to pick him up a souvenir from Santa's Workshop should ever come across it on his stay up north. Lol!
8/12 c10 MBAV fan66
Awww! She said yes! I'm so happy for them! Congratulations, you two! :D

Proposing in a plane while up thousands of feet in the air, is way more better than just having someone sky write it across the sky, while you're both on the ground looking up at it. Or they're both on the ground somewhere and are looking up at the sky to see a plane come flying by with a banner bellowing along behind it in the wind with the words on it. Saying "Natalie, will you marry me? Rory." or something like that, rather. Lol! Oh! And look! Krypto also got to be their witness for the proposal, too! Now, he'll have two masters! Although, Rory will always be his number 1 master to follow and protect, though. Lol! ;)

Now, Rory doesn't have to worry about needing to buy socks so often since Natalie knows how to mend and repair socks. Along with knitting and sewing other items, as well! Lol! And it looks like thanks to her, he's done picked up a new hobby, as well, too! Lol! Vinyl collecting! Lol! Which might be old school nowadays, but it's still somewhat pretty popular, though, among music buffs and collectors. Mostly with the more older generation who were born in that time, but there are a few from the younger generation who weren't born during those times that still enjoy vinyl records and listening to the music from that era, as well.

Well, I'm finally all caught up! For now, at least. Lol! Until you're ready to post the next chapter few chapters of it, again, that is. Lol! Which, I look forward to, too. ;D
8/11 c9 MBAV fan66
Even Rory's dad thinks he might be moving a bit too fast with Natalie. So, I guess I'm not the only one! Lol! But love can make you do some pretty wild and crazy things while short circuiting thought process for a while. Lol! At least, Krypto approve, though! Even if he's yet to met Natalie, though. Lol!

Ethan's probably gonna a bit miffed once he founds out that Rory had rewritten his copy of the case files about their supernatural adventures, just a little. So, that Natalie may never know about his time as a vampire for about a year and a few months. But it is Rory's copy of the files, so I suppose he can do whatever he wants with them. Plus, it's only a copy of it and not the original. So, I guess he's good if he wants to fib a little about how everything really happened in those adventures. Lol!

By the way, you got Ethan's and Benny's undercover cheerleader names wrong. They weren't Benica and Ethica. They were Betty and Veronica. With Benny being Betty and Ethan being Veronica. I just thought I'd let you know that. Unless, you purposely intended to do that. Then in that case, just ignore me. Lol! ;P
8/10 c8 MBAV fan66
At least, she didn't run away from him while thinking he's nuts or a weird-o. Lol! She actually seemed pretty supportive about Rory's "hobby". Even if she does think that he really meant just going to spooky or creepy looking places for kicks rather than actually hunting and stopping REAL supernatural creatures who are out to do harm to people. But she'll see for herself by what he really meant, though, eventually. For now, why ruin a good thing? Am I right? And when she does find out about the supernatural being real and that him and friends hunt down all the bad ones to stop them from wreaking havoc, then she can't say that Rory never told her that because he did. Or rather...tried. Lol!

Looks like Rory's dream of learning how to fly a plane and then being able to own one, is just gonna have to wait a little while longer. Because he's done bought himself a proposal ring and he plans on giving it to the girl of his dreams, today! Lol!
8/9 c7 MBAV fan66
Oooohhhh! So, THAT was Natalie's little brother, eh? The security guard that Rory met at the concert. Who've guessed that they're brother and sister, all along?! Lol!

That was probably the first real (and normal) fight that Rory's probably ever had before. All the other times he's gotten into a fight with someone, they were usually some sort of supernatural creature. And even then in those fights, he had to fight using a weapon or his surroundings somehow. Rather than just his plain old fist, instead. Lol!

Well, the Miles situation has been handled (for now, I imagine. lol) and the vomit mess has been dealt with and removed (thanks to the cleaning lady, Rose)! Now, Rory and Natalie can get back to enjoying their weekend fun together! ;D
8/8 c6 MBAV fan66
Man, Rory! You're moving kinda fast, aren't ya buddy?! Lol! I mean, most people usually give it a couple of months before moving in together and then maybe another few more months or a year before marriage proposal is next. Lol! I think his newfound love for Natalie is possibly blinding him a bit, also. Lol! You know, "blinded by love" and all that! Lol! If he does decided to go through his plans, then he better hope it doesn't come off as desperation to her and would instead cause her to look at him differently. As in a creep or something. But then again, maybe she'll still think he's desperate but instead of running for the hills, she'll be more understanding and will rationally turn him down on his offer, but would still like to give dating him a shot, though. Even it will be long distance.

I wonder what's up with the security guy and why he decided to clock Rory, like that? Actually...how was he even able to find him, in the first place? Lol! Guess know when I read the next chapter! Won't I?! Lol!
8/7 c5 MBAV fan66
Aw! Poor Krypto. I felt bad for him when he felt a bit disappointed when Rory told him he wasn't coming home that night. All because of some girl. But at least, Kyrpto isn't a judgy dog, though! So, he'll cut the lady who's keeping his master away from him for the night, some slack. At least, until he's able to meet her in person, that is, to see what kind of person she is. Lol!

Looks like Rory's slightly crummy day just got ten times more better, now! Lol! He's done finally met the girl of his dreams. For the second time in his life, that is. Since he doesn't quite totally remember meeting her at the last Single Tear concert he attended back with Ethan and Benny when they were teenagers and on the run from the three vengeful vampires who wanted them dead. Lol! Rory and Natalie are gonna have their own after party in private at the hotel, now that the concert is over with. He was ready to spend no expense just to impress her and get her to stay for a bit longer so they can get to know each other even more. That and either one of them weren't probably all that fit to drive, either, after their drinks. At least, Rory wasn't, that is. He was already starting to feel the effects of the alcohol starting to get to him. He might've not been drunk but he was at least buzzed, though. Lol!
8/5 c4 MBAV fan66
Rosseter and Beauchamp sound like the work place bullies there at McMurdo-Abbott. And it sounds like they're trying to cut corners on their Imperial project, too. By only half designing everything to it's minimum requirements to save time and money on it, just so they can call it done and get paid the big money they'll receive once it's complete. But you can't cut corners when it comes to architectural work, though. It's just not safe for the people who would wind up living there or using the building to run their business out of. I bet too, if something does wind up going wrong that they'll try to put the blame on Rory, instead of owning up to their mistakes and bad quality of work ethics, too.
8/4 c3 MBAV fan66
Ah, reminiscing about past adventures with your best buds. There's nothing better, huh? Lol! While making plans for the future, 5 to 10 years from now. And I see you still managed to squeeze in the Oregon Trail idea a bit, huh? Even if it is just as a memory that they're discussing. Lol! But at least, the guys are making an effort to stay in touch with one another even after high school with them miles apart from each other, too. That's what I call a tight bond of friendship! :D Most people tend to lose touch with all their high school friends after graduation, when everyone either goes off to college or just jump right into getting a decent paying job without going to college.
8/3 c2 MBAV fan66
Ah, no luck in trying to score a date with Benny's secretary, Barb, to a Single Tear concert. Too bad, Rory. But now worries, though! It's her loss for not wanting to attend a Single Tear concert with the most coolest guy, around! Lol!

Rory's missing his best buds company today. He has no one to talk to except for maybe his other fellow co-workers but that's only when it involves work, though. And he would like to talk about something that doesn't involve work or things at the office. Like, music, movies, video games, cars, etc. So, for now, everything at the office just seems more boring to him without Ethan and Benny there to joke around with. Maybe Benny will be back before he knows it after finishing his away assignment for the company. Chin up, Rory! The day's still not over yet! Lol!

By the way, I forgot to say this in my other review for chapter 1. Since there's 8 chapters, so far, I'm gonna take my time and read one chapter a day in the morning. That way, I can still have time to work on my own stories in the morning and the rest of the day to do whatever. So, expect a review from me every morning until I finally reach chapter 8, that is. Lol!
8/2 c1 MBAV fan66
A bit of a downer morning for Rory, huh? But the day is just beginning, though. So, he still has the rest of the day to go smoothly for him. He's not gonna let some early morning Debbie Downer thoughts ruin his day! Rory the optimistic! :D Lol!

Rory's living a pretty cushy life, now. Along with his best canine pal, Krypto, there by his side. When he's at home, that is. Lol! But still! He can always count on Krypto being there to cheer him up or to help brighten up his day when he's feeling blue. They're just a couple of bachelors sharing a condo together and enjoying the good life, while they still can!

This story's gonna be all about Rory and his early years of being an adult! Or at least, him and his road to finally finding the perfect girl to settle down with, that is. Lol! And I can't wait to see how it all goes, too! :D

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