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for InsaneGrandma

8/2 c1 Guest
BAHAHAHA! I love it! Andre’s Grandma is ICONIC! You should write a story where Maya Hart visits her cousins Henry and Piper in Swellview. Then shit gets real when Dr Minyak kidnaps Piper again and Maya gets to help Kid Danger beat the shit out of Minyak and save Piper
8/2 c1 Endurance obilo
Andre grandmother yells alot And write a story about Todd and Shanelle teaming up and getting revenge on the game shakers kids. And write a crossover story with Sam and cat and Haunted Hathaway and Sam cat and dice winning a trip New Orleans. And write sex story for zombies 2 please and thank you.
8/2 c1 11PhineasFlynn24

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