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for The Voice of Carol's Blood

8/9 c1 32ladybrit
This is an engrossing chapter. Great plot with loads of tension and no doubt future surprises.
8/7 c4 Beverly
Fantastic and story! Enjoyed and loved it. Thank you for sharing!
8/3 c4 58broncomap
Very enjoyable story. I loved the device of a newspaper article to sum things up.
8/3 c2 broncomap
Mrs. Dankworth is quite a character, nicely drawn, as is the relationship between the Dankworths. The tension mounts.
8/2 c3 52shari
Dankworth and Sylvia deserve each other. She pushed for poor Carols murder expecting him to change. Well she didn’t get all she wanted or did she?
8/2 c4 Phoenix
Another great saga. Thank you for writing and sharing!
8/2 c1 broncomap
Nice start to an interesting premise. Looking forward to the next installment.
8/2 c1 52shari
We all know Chester wouldn’t hurt a sweet girl that was sweet on him. Ducksworth doesn’t seem the most trustworthy of a human. To busy trying to use his money and so called status to hide behind
8/2 c4 57lostcowgirl
Interesting & different story. You've created quite a pair in the Dankworths. Matt reacted as I expected. He never allows anyone to hurt his friends & doesn't wish undue misery on even the wickedest. Thanks for another of your tales of early GS.

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