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8/3 c1 36RobertCop3
YES! Out of left field, comes another chapter in my favorite fanon lady bromance that should totally be canon! Written by the gal who writes, and straight-ships them best.

As always, I like how well you capture their voices, though this time their conversation really shows off just how close they are. And not only that, but you took one of SNK's worst ideas ever and made something worthwhile out of it!

So many moments in this that were hilarious and touching. Mary's concern for King taking a backseat to her own dilemma, the description of the dream itself, and then King's affirmation that you don't have to be a straight man, or a lesbian, or bi to like breasts. They're the great equalizer.

And Occam's razor: the simplest answer is usually correct. Even though I know you wouldn't write anything explicit, you could still make an interesting story out of Mary's revelation, considering what we've learned in Discord chats. ( ;

But whatever other ideas come to you, I look forward to reading them.
8/3 c1 Akaikounoichi
Oh my God! That "Not even Mai" it's wonderful! I loved it! So I can imagine that in a beauty's rank for Mary and Kingy Mai's position is very high!
8/2 c1 131jojoDO
Oh my god i love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I LOVE. LOVE LOVE! Ahhh asddfhdjflndgf jgobf

Nothing gives me life like Terry x Mary, and this was just a.. fantastic... FANTASTIC slife-of-life moment between these two gals who are strong as sisters. But the thing i love the most is that you stick to your guns, and despite all their aggressive type of gay humor, you make it EXPLICITLY clear that Terry is the man for her. Now. Forever. Always.

I just love how comfortable they both are, talking about these things. Mary confiding about the embarassing dream, and King being able to interpret its meaning with solid advice. And the advice was AWWWESOOME. Boy that's my kind of advice :3

I think my favorite part was the motorboating part. It was just so cute how King was like "well he does that to you right?" and Mary was like "well... yeah" I just loved that so much, like she's unafraid to share the intimacies that she and Terry enjoy, in confidence with her best friend. Ahh! Love it.

Okay I'm super ranty but I hope this review is sufficient for you. I can't accurately state how much I love this! Terry x Mary 4ever!
8/2 c1 iwewia
Hah! SNK Heroines' Terry appearance does feel like a dream since the trailer dropped. We were mistaken to think that it was fanservice for us - it's was all for Miss Mary!

Kingy's friends calling her to talk about honest and weird things is a highlight of the friendships for me. It truly takes a strong bond to communicate these experiences and they're genuinely funny. The dialogues flow so freely with them no matter which topic they talk about. It's a joy to read!

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