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10/23/2020 c1 Riptide752
Interesting story looking forward for more
8/18/2020 c4 2merendinoemiliano
Interesting chapter
8/15/2020 c3 merendinoemiliano
8/11/2020 c2 Aalinaco
Youre right. This chapter didnt answer... lol.

Question is, is this Pre-cataclysm?
8/11/2020 c2 Connor Worsnop
another good chapter here's for hoping Jeanne goes for Beast Master Hunter cause nothing's better than have tamed Core Hounds
8/10/2020 c2 merendinoemiliano
Nice job
8/10/2020 c1 Aalinaco
Small question on how you intend to do this, as there are many versions of the gamer system.
My main one is if she can get a second class/ subclass such as Warlock, Rouge or the like. (Personally i think those two mesh best w hunter.)
I have other questions... but they will probably fullfill themselves next chapter.
8/7/2020 c1 Omega97
This story has my interest.

How frequent is this story gonna be updated, and which expansion does it take place?
8/3/2020 c1 frostmane101
i hope this goes far there are so little wow gamer stories at lest that i can find.
8/2/2020 c1 merendinoemiliano
Nice job Trough I would have used another race

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