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7/25 c23 17Deonne
I found this a really interesting story to read, I do have to admit that I’m kinda glad you glossed over the hunt.
6/18 c7 Guest
Right, I'm off, author. You were too flowery for your own good. Your plot looks kinda neat, I'd probably rate your fanfic pretty high if I could wade through the trackless swamp of overwrought words.
6/18 c6 Guest
Your prose is tiring to read, author. It's nice and flavory but bit too much effort for not enough profit for the reader.
6/18 c4 Guest
Your prose is weird and vaguely offputting, author. Other than that it's good so far.
5/28 c23 Whysys
A great read, thank you. Loved the authors note at the very end, we all do experience loops at one time or another
5/14 c23 Sarath KS
I was still contemplating leaving a review, but after reading the author’s note in the last chapter, I just can’t help but say:

Thank you!

This fic helped me get through a rough spot in life I was seriously doubting I could get through.

From the outside, It doesn’t look like it should be a very big deal, but, nobody can guess that until they actually go through it. And sometimes it’s hard to explain what you’re feeling when even you can’t understand the whole thing. You start doubting if it’s worth all the pain you’re going through. But we have to remember that there will always be at least one person in your life that actually cares about you. Who wants to see you smile, to see you get through all the suffering and will greet you on the other side with a warm smile.

I’m leaving this review so someone else who needs to read this might come over this and know that they aren’t in this struggle alone. That there are others who, though not completely, still understand at least part of what you are going through.

5/11 c23 1Nauro Redcliff
Thanks for the story. A lot of cool and original things in here.
5/1 c23 11stevem1
This is a very well written, roller coaster ride of a story. Well done author.
5/1 c23 Guest
5/1 c7 stevem1
Scrimgeour may be under a lot of stress but his behavior is inexcusable. He’s the wrong man to run the Ministry.
5/1 c3 stevem1
I love this story. The love triangle explanation that Harry came up with was idiotic, and with a half a brain cell he should have realized how it would impact Hermione in the public eye. But Harry was never one to think two steps ahead.
5/1 c1 stevem1
This is a brilliant start and a brilliant idea for a story.
4/15 c23 17jlluh
This is very good. You're an excellent writer. I'm going to critiques you as such.

I thought some of your transitions into flowery language were a bit weak, but you arranged the bouquet well indeed. Your characters often spoke in the same voice, especially in terms of their humor, but the humor was funny.

I'm favoriting this story.
3/28 c23 DocJackson
I was really happy with the ending of this story. Then I read the last A/N and now I'm crying. Thank you.
3/4 c23 2SpSt
I absolutely loved this story. it was original and well written.
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