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10/8 c15 ardnaseel
You're welcome!
10/5 c12 10HonestBee
I'm still loving your team interactions! But I'm worried about this "very bad kind of surprised"...hmmmm.
9/30 c11 HonestBee
Aw, poor Ewen!

Neat idea about the Kevlar vest for Eliot's wolf, they've been great for police dogs!
9/28 c10 HonestBee
Pet friendly rooms and private manly hugs. Love these little gems!

Glad they have Eliot back to normal, but now he's gotta face the fallout from the "shoot Eliot" idea. I don't think he'll be able to convince those two that that will EVER be a viable alternative.

I have missed this story so much, but I got distracted by things other people seem to to believe are important, so now I have to get caught up. Hopefully soon!
9/3 c9 HonestBee
Now that I was not expecting, but how wonderful to involve everyone in helping Eliot. Poor guy, he never gets a break!

And will his family have a nice discussion with him about the whole "shooting Eliot" thing?
9/3 c8 HonestBee
Oh dear, sweet, fearless Parker! How I love what she did! 'Course, she'll probably get a chewing out from everyone, not least of all Eliot!

Funny that the throwing clothes thing really did work, though probably not in the way the old story intended.

I love the last few paragraphs: the image of a deadly nightmare wolf being tripped up by clothing and kind of almost rolling into Parker and her petting and lightly scolding him like he was nothing more than a puppy. So much emotion and trust in that part.
8/31 c7 HonestBee
Eliot is not having a very good night...I'm glad he's still in there and was able to keep his wolf from attacking the child long enough...I think there's still going to be some guilt there later...

I like the way Hardison was able to track him, very clever!
8/31 c6 HonestBee
Well, that's not good at all! So the cursed werewolf can sort of transfer his curse? Eliot would never forgive himself if he hurt his people. And very interesting detail about Abby's ancestry!

It's a good thing I have more time to read today, on to the next one!
8/28 c5 HonestBee
I love the talk about the dominance things and how Parker and Hardison can look Eliot in the eye and he feels no challenge. I'm wondering if somewhere down the line someone might start thinking of Eliot as a weak alpha because he lets his people push him around...of course, I'm sure Eliot would school them to the contrary!

And I also love that both Eliot and Hardison realized Parker was losing a bit of her hard-won confidence because of the way the other wolves have been acting.

And regarding last chapter: gallowglass totally fits the old Eliot.
8/13 c3 HonestBee
I read this chapter and completely forgot to review! I LOVE the idea of Eliot and Parker running together and Parker doing Parkour. That so fits her! And also that Parker doesn't feel the need to keep up a conversation, just companionable silence. Very sweet.
8/13 c4 HonestBee
It's great seeing Eliot's old friends show up and their reactions to Eliot's pack, and Parker and Hardison's reactions to them as well. I really hope that they can work out a sound solution for these brothers.

It's terrible to think of the length of time this poor man has been cursed and how much his brother must be going through finding out after all this time that his brother is alive, but that it may be the most merciful thing to do to kill him. What a difficult choice!

I love that you brought in just a suggestion of my story, and that Eliot respects Parker's privacy so much that he'll never tell her he knows her last name. I always thought Hardison was the type to snoop just a bit more, but that he'd never reveal those kinds of secrets to anyone else.

Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!
8/12 c2 HonestBee
More chapters! I will get through, I promise!

This is shaping up to be very intriguing and I can't wait to see what this lone wolf is up to. Though I do have suspicions...Once again, I love your characterizations and the interplay between the members of Leverage, all those little details that show us how they get along with each other and how they think! And Hardison's threats to the info broker were delightful!

I will be back soon for more!
8/3 c1 HonestBee
Yay, I found reading time!

GREAT back story here, and I can't wait to see how this ties into the modern day. I did a little internet searching on the Wisconsin legends to bone up. I love legends and stories like those (and Bigfoot), and how they originated so this ought to be fun. Well, not fun for the characters, but you know what I mean!

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