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8/23/2020 c6 guardian of grayskull
I like the Kiva Emperor form's debut! And whatever Kivat 2 did to Hermione, it woke her up, the question is what did it do to her? Maybe it gave Hermione the same power as Harry, just a theory. And Ron getting the hell beaten out of him is long overdue. And, who is the mysterious figure watching Ron?
I know all will be revealed in time, and I did enjoy this chapter.
Scale level:8,529,796,721,789,731.
Star rating:1,396,217,484,399,356.
8/23/2020 c5 guardian of grayskull
Oh, I like this chapter very much! Ron as Dark Kiva was something that both shocked and surprised me. Having Ron become Dark Kiva is a genius idea and he is bad as Ginerva and I always suspected she was using Harry to become popular, and the fight between Harry and Ron was long overdue partly due to Ron's jealousy issues which have been a factor at times and Luna is worried about Harry and what is this power that Harry's seeking? I believe whatever it is, it'll help him control his Kiva form in the future.
Scale level:834,953,595,168,964.9
Star rating:996,897,987,247,786.
8/23/2020 c4 guardian of grayskull
Garulu's advice is one of my favorite parts in the chapter, telling Harry to follow his heart but what did he mean that the time was almost here? And how it affects Harry will be interesting to see. Kiva's final fight against Bellatrix was impressive! And the mysterious figure who appeared to Voldermorts followers well, his identity being a secret for now makes sense. And Hermione choosing Harry over Ron is another part I liked, and her fears about Voldermort's blood controlling Harry is put to rest, and the end of the chapter is a cliffhanger, which doesn't bother me cause it makes the story interesting.
Scale level:684,456,218,330,146.9.
Star rating:993,228,943,279,320.
8/23/2020 c3 guardian of grayskull
I like Kiva's Garulu and Dogga forms, and I can be patient for Kiva's finisher form. But Bellatrix's snake form that I didn't see coming! And Kivat telling Harry that he isn't like his enemies worked and having Luna know that Harry's Kiva is another favorite part I like, and Luna is one of my favorite characters. And round 2 between Kiva and Bellatrix was so awesome! Also, the banter between Kivat and Luna was another part I enjoyed, and I said this before but never underestimate Luna because she can surprise people when they least expect it!
Scale level:925,848,241,148.3316.
Star rating:8,981,318,929,857.52.
8/23/2020 c2 guardian of grayskull
Oh, I really enjoyed this chapter! Kiva answered the questions that Luna, Hermione had, but when Kiva answered Ginerva's question well I found it quite funny well it was. The conversation between Kivat and Harry about Fleur and Bill, he knows he can trust them since they helped him deal with the break up with Ginerva, also I love Kiva's bike! One of my favorite parts is when Fleur asks about Kivat, and Hermione waking up Castle Doran and having Harry wanting to tell her how he feels, and it's alright that Hermione doesn't remember Harry being Kiva for now.
Scale level:91,642,900,914.6.
Star rating:8,861,037,709.72.
8/23/2020 c1 guardian of grayskull
Well, I like the story already! When Harry caught Ginerva with Dean, part of me thought he'd use his magic but he decides to be the better man and just ignore them. Also when Kivat appears before Harry is one of my favorite parts. The first time Harry becomes Kiva is just very amazing and awesome! Also, Another part I like was the article about the mysterious figure and Harry telling Luna where Kiva hangs out at, even I wonder how Luna and her friends will react? I believe Luna will be understanding about Kiva, and yeah Harry is the perfect choice for Kiva!
Scale level:42,9850,1988.84.
Star rating:88,2489,3852.92
8/22/2020 c6 James Birdsong
Good two chapters
8/20/2020 c4 James Birdsong
Good four chapters

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