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6/3/2021 c14 rosalbina12
Sorry sorry if i disturb you but i noticed that chapter 13 and 14 are not good. can you please correct because the story is wonderful and it is moving me
10/14/2020 c14 mullallygurl
Great series!
8/31/2020 c13 3alix33
You meant for Abbey to say "it's sizzling rice soup".
That scene where President Bartlet gives Charlie the Paul Revere carving set will always have me blubbing like a baby, or the recently laid off (on 18 August 2020, in the afternoon, South African time) 49 year old copy editor I currently am.
8/27/2020 c13 30Blueowl
Wow. It seems like he's getting closer to confronting something big. I hope he can successfully do it before they have to leave.
Looking forward to more.
8/12/2020 c12 3alix33
I adored having learned what Josh and Debbie have in common and that they're developing a relationship.
8/12/2020 c11 alix33
I had to Google "Tennessee Walker" and Google gave me "Tennessee Walking Horse" but I am not sure I learned anything.
8/12/2020 c10 alix33
Is what President Bartlet just did, dump drafts of his speech, even if he did abandon it, in the trash, legal? Aren't they some kind of official document that has to be kept and or archived, just because they were in the Oval Ofice?
8/12/2020 c5 alix33
Where did Abbey, probably not a medical student yet, even get expensive scotch?
Jed would have said his father is not allowed to call "my fiancée a whore".
You meant "fiancée's warning".
Abbey's parents sound fantastic.
8/11/2020 c8 30Blueowl
It's a real shame his father never faced earth justice, though I suppose he has more to face in the after life.
Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.
Looking forward to more.
8/9/2020 c4 3alix33
Way to go, Notre Dame!
Yum! at the menu of that breakfast Abbey cooked them.
Did you mean for the president to say "live up to someone else's ideals"?
I am a second generation journalist (but possibly only until 31 October, when I will have finished my notice month if it turns out I am laid off. I am currently involved in a layoff process according to South African labour legislation) but right now there isn't a member of the White House Press corps that I do not hate with every fibre of my being.
Oh God, poor little Ted Hackett! (I assumed that is his surname.)
And poor Danny Concannon.
8/9/2020 c3 alix33
Oh wow. SO well done, Mister President! I am SO proud of you and absolutely distraught I couldn't ever vote for you.
8/9/2020 c4 30Blueowl
Not everything happens for a reason, but everything can be used for good. Glad Jed's words are helping children and the good adults around them take positive action.
8/9/2020 c2 3alix33
I had to Google what a "horsewhip" looked like and now I am cringing on Jed's behalf.
How did Josiah Bartlet not become an utter monster as an adult after his father (who is so vile, I don't have words to describe him) just sodomised him with that axe handle?!
Young Leo in this chapter sounds absolutely amazing. As does Mrs. Landingham.
Way to go, Jed Bartlet, at showing the world your brain, that self-same brain your brute of a father is mad with jealousy of (not that that excuses a single thing he did to you).
8/9/2020 c2 30Blueowl
Wow. Glad he had Jon who got help. Leo is right. His father is evil.
8/4/2020 c1 Blueowl
Wow. Toby is ruthlessly persistent. Glad Jed has the support system he has. I hope to see more on this story. Abuse is something too many people bury and hide.
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