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for The Viking and His Wife

6/2 c21 chars-aftercolony
i would move mountains just so you could continue this story
6/1 c21 AthyDrawz
I love seeing both Luffy and Nami building their trust from experience. They didn't know anything about there past, how they went through and they only knew from the stories they shared. I love it when Luffy's punishment are things to make sure Nami regrets but she learns things from it. They regret and they make up. Luffy's forgiving self makes everything so fluffy and cute. Thank you for this amazing chapter! I love everything written on this chapter. I literally squealed when I saw you posting a new chapter~!
6/1 c8 chars-aftercolony
You are a good writer. I mean that in the literary sense, beyond the realm of fanfiction.
5/20 c20 AthyDrawz
I have been waiting patiently for the next chapter to release and i'm very happy to see your name on mY notification list. I'm very grateful for your dedication to release another chapter. I love this story with all my heart and I hope to see this till the end. I hope you have a great day!
5/3 c20 supp.wara
Thank you for this action filled chapter! I was so worried about Nami during the holmgang, but I guess I was underestimating her. I love to see how Namitha and Lufner relationship continue to develop after this. It's okay if it takes forever for them to go on adventure haha. I enjoy learning about the characters and the world they're in. Take care :)
4/25 c19 supp.wara
I really love this story. The writing is so good that I get immersed in Viking Era. I like Viking genre and I love Lunami! I was so glad I found this story. I caught up to the latest chapter and found that it's been a while since the last update. Please tell me you will update it soon? I really want to read more of this Viking Lunami!
7/12/2022 c18 carodragneel
You can't leave me with this intrigue! I thought that something had been done to Namitha and that someone attacked Lufner, but when the gun was seen then I started to connect the dots and put on my detective outfit. So... the most possible thing is that someone has said something to Namitha (for sure and lies), but something so serious to the point of feeling betrayed by Lufner... Now... what exactly?
Now I will not stop reviewing and reviewing until you update, very good chapter, I enjoyed it from start to finish, especially how the entire crew begins to respect Namitha and trust her as a navigator, without a doubt it is a great step. And when Lufner said that he would punish her, I already imagined what kind of punishment it would be, since Lufner would never raise a hand to her, although of course, I did not expect Namitha to take killing him to heart lahfkfjfkf
7/11/2022 c18 2Adylia
waaaat what happened omg the cliffhanger killed me
7/11/2022 c18 Adylia
ohh nice a new chapterr :D I missed this
4/16/2022 c17 carodragneel
I don't care if this took you a century because every second of waiting was worth it. Before commenting on the chapter I would like to thank you for updating despite the situation you are going through, I don't know exactly what it is but with all my heart I hope you get ahead and everything is fine. Do not pressure yourself, just give your best and you will see that nothing is in vain, every effort has its reward, so encouragement and a big hug from a distance.
Now, about the chapter... Oh my God, I loved it! I was waiting for it for a long time and I even almost screamed when I saw that you had updated my two favorite stories, it was like receiving my Christmas and birthday present together. I was aware of the whole story of Jimbjörn, I was surprised that Luffy this time did not fall asleep with the story, but still he was interrupting all the time (And with each interruption I laughed). I can't lie, I really wish Jimbjörn would join the band, he would be a great ally. And that moment of Luffy and Nami JAKSBDKFB I LOVED IT. Especially Luffy's joke that if he wanted to see him jealous, I love how you developed your marriage, it's such a healthy and beautiful relationship, I like how they mature together and the way they understand each other, I love it.
Thank you very much for everything, lots of encouragement and obviously I will follow this story until the end because I am anxious to know what will happen. Kisses!
12/10/2021 c16 carodragneel
Thank you very much for updating, it was a great chapter! Of all the possible people I did not imagine that it was Jinbe, at least until what followed when he defended Nami from the attack, without a doubt it is something that he would do. I will be looking forward to the update, I want to know what happened to Jinbe. Come on, even Zoro wants to know! Hahaha
Postscript: I anticipate saying ... Merry Christmas! and a happy new year!
10/18/2021 c15 Guest
You should post your stories on other platforms as well(definitely ao3). All of your stories.

Your take is original and I like character interactions/building in your stories, you'll be able to reach a wide range of audience(get a meaningful feedback in return).
8/28/2021 c15 Asia Supremacy
SUSPENSE! *duh duh dun*
8/27/2021 c15 Guest 2
Ooh, now you're making me curious
7/8/2021 c14 zahra.fahira76
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