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10/25/2020 c10 11OMAC001
Was wonder where Lion was during this adventure! By the way, is Lapis still in the mirror or something?
10/22/2020 c9 OMAC001
Can't wait for the Jailbreak!
10/6/2020 c8 OMAC001
Wait, so Steven doesn't even know about Fusion yet? Man, is he in trouble.
9/28/2020 c7 3Spartacat10
Amethyst was apparently part of the earth war? That's new. Still interested in seeing how thing's play out.
9/27/2020 c7 11OMAC001
Looks like Steven is getting hints of the past earlier than canon!
8/29/2020 c5 arthur26
Are Jasper and Peridot coming before Lapis gets released from the mirror?
8/29/2020 c6 arthur26
I don't really have much to add because I've just started reading your series from chapter 5, but I would like to see a little alteration to Lapis' arc in your rewrite.

In Jailbreak, she doesn't fuse with Jasper but only throws her really really far away. Then she starts bonding with Steven, Connie, the gems and others. However, she finds Jasper during Connie's first mission after finding her and gets poofed and taken away.

When she reforms, Jasper forcefully fuses with Lapis to form Malachite. Malachite is the one that fights Stevonnie and escapes. Here, Jasper will be the dominant one in this AU.

In Chille Tid, it will be revealed that Lapis fails trying to subdue Jasper and is hurt even more as Jasper gets full control over Malachite's powers.

I know it's too much material for a single review on a rewrite but I hope this gives you some ideas of your own. In the meantime, I'll take a better look at your series. See ya! :D
8/29/2020 c6 OMAC001
Interesting take on Steven's familial relationships.
8/23/2020 c5 OMAC001
Peridot is not having a good day... Also, is Steven okay?!
8/14/2020 c4 OMAC001
Well, that was an awkward twist. Make a friend then kill them... Of Course I remember how this turns out in canon, so...
8/10/2020 c3 3Spartacat10
Jasper and Peridot are appearing this early? Interest earned; things appear to be kicking off quick and the story seems to be going in it's own non-canon direction.
8/9/2020 c3 11OMAC001
Looks like the Gems are about to encounter Jaspar!
8/6/2020 c2 OMAC001
Love the intros to the group!

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