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for The First Time

9/6 c7 shirley waldrip
Where have you been ? You know more about Matt and Kitty than Matt and Kitty know about each other. Your insight into the love they share is spot on.I look forward to many more stories about Dodge,Matt and Kitty. You are something special.
9/2 c7 29RBGirl
My job has kept me out of Dodge lately so finding this little jewel completed was a real find. I really enjoyed watching them so young and so in love. (and lust) It was definitely adult and this adult enjoyed it 100%. Waiting for a sequel. I have to say you can't have anyone better in your corner than Singer Me. Welcome to the world of M&K.
8/26 c7 Guest
You sure know how to write a story ! I'm not sure someone in their seventies needs to read such adult love stories. I may have to study it closely many times to give an opinion. If you have any other stories lying around feel to send them along. I am sick of the Weather Channel.
8/26 c2 Singerme
8/26 c7 Phoenix
My oh my! Nothing like a good ole smutbiscuit in the middle of the day. Very tasty! Thank you for writing and sharing. Looking forward to more stories from you.
8/28 c7 52shari
This a sweet story about first loves. Serous love. Doc was sweet and understanding of kitty’s need to talk to him. Good job
8/27 c7 57lostcowgirl
You do an excellent job of showing a young couple, Matt & Kitty, moving toward the next step in their relationship. I saw how you deftly balanced their physical attraction with their desire to not ignore the needs, both physical & emotional of the other. It was a story well worth reading, including a hint at pregnancy prevention back then. While this story depicted how Matt & Kitty felt about each other & Doc as father figure, I found adding Newly detrimental to my enjoyment of the tale & totally extraneous. During those 1/2-hour years Matt had no problem leaving Chester in charge & Chester was as aware as Doc about how Matt & Kitty felt about each other.
8/19 c1 guest
COULD go there?! Whew - it is hot in here. You did a wonderful job showing the young Matt and Kitty's love blossoming... Thank you
8/6 c1 Faficlover12
Well, you were right, it has gotten quite warm in here! I like that you have taken into account those pesky little details we have all learned to ignore in order to call this fiction. I had never heard of Malden. Good to know it existed if to no other reason than to enforce my fantasies. Really enjoyed this. Would love a sequal!
8/3 c1 110SingerMe
You did a wonderful job and it was my pleasure to help you any way I could. You did good my friend. Now that you know how to navigate this site, don't be a stranger. We can always use more stories about Matt and Kitty.

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