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5/15 c7 2Brad W
Well that was a sad and interesting change with Kikimora. It looks like Cam is going to have to stop thinking about all of the danger in the worlds and start thinking on what the best option is for Luz to learn how to protect herself from it. Running away isn't really a safe option when the enemies can just keep coming. Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
5/14 c7 9Katana of the Blade
This was really epic. I can definitely see all the work you put into it. And yeah, your version of Eda makes a lot more sense than the one supposedly "obsessed" with Hexes Hold 'Em. The fight with the Leshy was epic and Kikomori's involvement with it was very interesting. Also, some great character development from almost everybody.

That being said, you absolutely HAVE TO stop with the "will she/won't she" with Luz learning magic. Have her mom say yes or no, just GIVE US AN ANSWER! No one likes these run around stories where it seems like they take one step forward and two steps back. People like answers. Either answer, I can handle, but every single time it looks like Camilla is about to give the okay, only for something to freak her out and make her hesitate and be unsure, I want to rip my hair out. PLEASE just give us a solid answer.
5/14 c7 garonus56
Es genial ver que lo estás haciendo bien y siempre es un placer recibir una notificación de que tu historia tienen una actualización.

Este capítulo fue un 10 de 10.

Es interesante esta nueva perspectiva de donde estaría mejor Luz, ya que se ve que ella tiene un gran talento para la magia esto en el exterior puede llamar la atención no deseada, pero aquí en las Islas Hirvientes donde hay muchos usuarios de magia esto puede funcionar como un camuflaje para ella.

Esto lo menciono, porque he visto lo que le sucede a los humanos que nacen con habilidades especiales en el universo de Hellboy ejemplo: Elizabeth Sherman, entre otros, son buscados por un ser maligno o tiene una vida dura.

Ahora viendo que Luz Noceda tiene un gran talento para la magia también parece tener o el poder de absorber magia o el poder de ser un excelente conductor para la magia la que aria que esta se pueda conecta a cualquier fuente de magia y úsala ella misma, con este tipo de poder y talento podría supera en un futuro a seres como Baba Yaga fácilmente.
Por lo que aprender magia y posiblemente y unas clases de combate cuerpo a cuerpo por parte de Hellboy sería una buena idea para que esta pueda defenderse a futuro.
5/14 c7 MarauderPrime12
Damn fine chapter
5/14 c7 a6spike
Excelente capítulo té salió muy bien.

Sabes me he visto los comics de Hellboy y con toda seguridad puedo decir que Luz está más segura en las Islas Hirvientes que en el mundo exterior.

Esto lo digo, ya que aquí en las Islas Hirvientes hay gente que tiene los medios suficientes para defenderse de las creaturas paranormales y en el mundo exterior cuantas personas han muerto antes de que Hellboy y BPRD puedan llegar a la escena del crimen.
Otro punto importante es que a veces los padres mente a sus hijos a clases de defensas esto con el fin que aprenda a defenderse aquí podría aplicarse lo mismo con que Luz aprenda magia para poder defenderse.
5/13 c7 1Ultimatrix bearer
So cami world view being shattered, villains being established and a god of war 4 reference. Solid 10/10

5/13 c7 3coldblue2015
Thanks for updating!

It might have been months, but it was worth it for the plot and character's to develop!

Camila Noceda:

She just came to a scary and important realization...Nowhere her daughter goes, is safe from the Supernatural or Dangerous people. It heartbreaking for Camila to realize that, because all parents want their children to grow up safe and to their full potential. Camila thought she could give BOTH to Luz, but...she can't. Camila knows that Luz will find some form of Supernatural and Dangers that goes with it. Lesivok was part of Camila fears, but Luz can somehow use some Magic that not even the professionals BPRD and the Boil Isles...She just has to come to decision for Luz to either be prepared for the dangers ahead or ignore them and pretend to give Luz a peaceful life...I think Camilia will want her daughter prepared for the future and not be victimize by it.


Wow, I did not expect that character depth or the mythology apart of that. Keeping this "Hell Boy" related, Kikimora was part of Baba Yaga faction before she joined Belos. Why?...To prevent the Apocalypses. Is this out of Noble intentions? I think it out for survival...Humans might all die, but what of the Magical Creatures/Beings that exist, which hide in the Shadows? Probably not...Somehow, Belos convince Kikimora to betray her lover/husband, Levosik, and is working to give Belos power over the Titan. This chapter showed at the end, Kikimora has strong conviction and is a dangerous follower of Belos plans.


...This was bad chapter to prove to her mom that studying at the Boiling Ilse's is safe, but it might have more unexpected results. I love the Spanish Speaking dialogue back and forth, especially when Luz is 'Driving' the Owl House/Hooty...I get a flashback of my driving experience with my mother. Totally feel Luz pain with a micromanage/back seat parent. I am not a Spanish Speaker, but I understand for that necessary dialogue. I just wish for translation. Anyway, I love that Gus and Willow got to meet Luz mom and experience they're crazy adventure. I figure the NEXT chapter will have Luz have anxiety about the whole event. It is something that I look forward to.


Things are heating up with more mysteries of a Leshy/Lesovik, a Slavic Mythical figure of a Forest Deity attacking them and mentioning Baba Yaga...Is it strange that I want Luz to survive her encounter with Baba Yaga, but Hellboy to not meet Baba Yaga? It is rather interesting to read Hellboy also deal with Camila Noceda worry for her daughter and knows this experience did not paint a good impression on Luz mother...But I think Hellboy noticing something else is causing Camila worry about all this...Still, something odd and Baba Yaga is connected to the Boiling Isles in someway now.


1) Is Luz some form of Magical Medium of some kind or is set up as Magical Medium for some ritual?

2) Can we expect Hellboy or Kate to have talk with Camila about the dangers of the Supernatural on Earth and how likely Luz will face dangers back home?

3) Should we expect Belos to attempt to kill Hellboy, with his connections to Ogdru Jahad?


1)...I still think Luz might be sacrifice, but she could be used in a different way. She can use Magic...but nobody knows why. Perhaps that Luz is a natural Conductor/Medium to absorb Magic for some reason and her body can release that energy. It is just a idea to consider and probably be less dark for Luz, given she not sacrifice and is a item to CONDUCT the Titan Magic for Belos use.

2) Either would be good. I just hope Camila Noceda really thinks how dangerous the world of the Supernatural is on Earth and Luz fascination with it...Camila going to have to figure out to have Luz embrace all Magic and Supernatural she interested...But Camila hopes that Luz learns the dangers and avoids going into a situation that is more likely to kill her. Probably recognizing the Signs and Avoiding ancient Demons/Deities that could destroy her.

3) Hellboy has the RIGHT HAND of Doom, is a Key to Hell. Something that Rasputin and the Ogdru Jahad wants Hellboy to open...Belos, does not want this. Why? Perhaps not only Earth, but the Boiling Isles is connected to the Apocalypse. That having Titan Magic is something to use to prevent this Apocalypse...Although, it would be safer to kill Hellboy and seal away his Right Hand of Doom to never be used. I have to admit, I do look forward to Hellboy and Belos dialogue on the Ogdru Jahad and Hellboy connection with being a Key to open a doorway to Hell. Why Belos so interested? What makes the Titan Magic so special to STOP Hell and Apocalypse? What is Belos true motivations? So many questions and probably so little answered.

Keep up the good work, stay safe and stay healthy!
5/13 c7 25Mr. Spinner
Wow, this was an ambitious undertaking… and it paid off in spades!

Eda’s plot did an excellent job examining her character and her motivationswell done on that front. And Roger is just the sweetest monster ever.

But how you connected the plot to Hellboy characters was inspired! I mean, so knew you HAD to reference Baba Yaga with Hooty’s legs, but this was far and above anything I could have expected! And how you brought in the demon hunters was quite clever.

Camila’s personal arc here was both heart rending and very well-executed. Her revelation at the end was a marvelous piece of writing.

But the ending there almost made my heart stop. That was a brilliant tie in to folklore! And the plot thickens even more.

Ooh, I can’t wait to see how you handle the next chapter!
5/13 c7 721The Cowardly Christian
Thank you!

It's so wonderful to see an author make a REAL crossover!

So many just don't have the guts to go all the way...but not you.

I hope you do Bring Baba-yaga into this...but even if you don't...this chapter...totally worth it.

(to be clear, I'm talking about you bringing in Leshy to the Owl house and having him completely FUBAR the episode...but in a natural way that just FLOWS with the world...again, thank you.)
5/13 c7 11OMAC001
Great chapter! Kikimora as Leshy's wife was quite the genius move. Not to mention we learn a little more about Belos' plans. Good character development for Camila and Eda too!
5/13 c7 6Cross177
Hoooooly crap.

I think you just made Kikimora a helluva lot more prominent character than she is right now in the OG Owl House canon.

Especially as a Baba Yaga.

I do wonder if we glean see the OG Baba Yaga here. This is getting a lot more exciting.

However, I wonder how Boscha meeting Hellboy in a fight might trigger something. Or by the very least blow up her Penstagram page.
5/13 c7 16animefan29
Best line goes to Hooty. And great writing at the end. Gives a guy chills with the emotion.
5/13 c7 30awsomerebel55
This was an awesome chapter. I loved that you brought more creatures that could be seen in the Hellboy universe. The fight was amazing and the idea that Belos attempts to stop Armaggedon is very interesting. I can understand how Camilla is feeling. Coming to terms with the fact that there are monsters and magical creatures roaming on Earth can pop up from time to time is something that can terrify someone. I'm interested with how Baba Yaga and Eda's meeting went. Hellboy will have his hands full in the near future with Nazis, Baba Yaga and Belos coming after him. But I bet he'll find a way to save the day.
5/13 c1 Dasgun
5/13 c7 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
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