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1/24 c6 MarauderPrime12
Excellent chapter
1/22 c1 Guest
Say will we be seeing johann krauss and lobster Johnson in this story too?
1/20 c6 30awsomerebel55
Quite an intense chapter. I was looking forward to this chapter. The addition of the Nazis is an interesting addition. I hope the they do not try to bring in the Conqueror worm this close to the beginning. The conversation between Hellboy and Eda about one of his adventures against the Crooked Man did a good job to solidify the idea that demons from Hell and the witches from the Boiling Isles are mostly at odds. I look forward to the next chapter and how Hellboy's identity will probably shock the isles to their core, not just as the bringer of the end but as a demon that wishes to be human and fights against his own destiny.
1/18 c6 716The Cowardly Christian
I was looking forward to this chapter and you did not disappoint!

...and thank you for bringing in the Nazi's! Hellboy without Nazi's is like Luz without magic...
1/17 c6 2Brad W
Hoo boy, not only do we have the Emperor's Coven to deal with, but what I am assuming is also Thule Society Nazis as well. I wonder just what it was about Amity that made it so they wanted to kidnap her? Her sheer magical potential or perhaps something more? This sounds like the start of an Amity rescue arc that results in dead Nazi's and sooner developed crushes for little Miss Blight and Noceda! Keep up the good work!
1/15 c6 Guest
Dude this was awsome so glad to see another chapter say speaking of nazis will we be seeing kroenen in this story I really hope so because he is a total badass and it would be awsome to see a fight scene between him against bellboy and eda.

Also can’t wait for when amity starts crushing on luz and hellboys reaction to it it’s gonna be hilarious
1/14 c6 7Katana of the Blade
This was a great chapter. Wonderful interactions, plenty of funny moments, an excellent fight and a more peaceful resolution than last time. But now Hellboy villains are coming in, too. Quite the twist. I can't wait for more.
1/14 c6 3coldblue2015
Thank you for updating and Happy New Year!

Hellboy/Anung un Rama:

Well, the Covention was interesting...Hellboy found some shady characters that he was familiar with and was mortal enemies with, but he did not get good view. Only a idea...It rather interesting to read Hellboy and Eda Clawthorne on the discussion of Magic, Witch's and Demons; some that haunt Hellboy and fill him with some bitterness. I do love that Roger the Homunculus got to fight Amity abomination creature. Hellboy and Lilth Clawthorne are not friends and he made it clear that he is going to protect Luz no matter what. What was great that Hellboy reported the incident to Camilla and Eda/Snaggletooth agree to be the test subject on Luz Magic compared to herself.

Eda Clawthorne/the Owl Lady:

It rather interesting to see her ideas on Emperor Belos is interesting, but she had to admit that Demons and Hell could cause Humans to gain Magic and lead to...darker places. I have to admit, that I like that Eda and Hellboy sort of bonded well with each other and are slowly working together. Eda has issue with Lilith for good reason, but she has a task to protect Luz and demonstrated some good maturity. I have to admit, Eda is doing everything she can to have Luz gain opportunity to learn magic.

Lilith Clawthorne/the Raven:

...It sucky name, but she likes to associate with Ravens. I kind of hope Emperor Belos to show his Demonic Knowledge and connections. Lilith does not have solid ally with Hellboy, but she seems to think of a way to work around that and try to get Eda. As much as Lilith can deal with Eda, she probably fills guilt and I kind of hope Hellboy finds out about this. Sort of Hellboy becoming more involved with Clawthorne sister drama and possibilities in Season 2 of "The Owl House" could work around Hellboy removing their Curse.

Roger the Homunclus:

He really is insightful and the Clawthorne sisters, more specifically on Lilith. Probable even Roger comparing their relationship with his own brother relationship being somewhat...unstable and dangerous. He views her as bad sister. I like that Roger and Luz teamed up against Amity use of Abomination Magic, but also look on the insight of Roger fighting... He is smart fighter and is willing to work well with others. I think you did a great deal of justice with this character.

Amity Blight:

I like her in this chapter. She really is under pressure to live up to her family and also try to stay to the standard normalcy as she can...Then comes in Luz Noceda and her whole world is turned upside down...From bullying to friendship to becoming a crush. I like her development. Even Hellboy kind of soften up around Amity, just a little for now. I have to admit, I look forward to Amity finding out more about Humans, Hellboy and the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense.

The Nazi's:

Okay, I do not know all "Hellboy" characters. I have to admit, if anyone needs a group to fight and kill, it the Nazi's. That why I like "Hellsing Ultimate", given the chaos and death that Nazi's bring. Still, this opens up a interesting angle with Luz Noceda...They view her use of Magic as a WAY to escape the Boiling Isles, which they are trapped in. It rather interesting that they fear and hate Hellboy, but I wonder if the Nazi's are possible ingredients for a Ritual or something...for the Titan/Emperor Belos plans


1) Will invoking Hellboy true name be felt by the Witch's/Wizards of Boiling Isles?

2) Is Emperor Belos or someone else keeping the Nazi's in Boiling Isles for some purpose, such as ingredients for ritual or something?


1) The way Demon true names had effect on Eda Clawthorne, I kind of hope that when Hellboy true name is spoke...that it is felt by every Witch/Wizard on the Boiling Isle. Like the name echoed or spoke once brings fear and apprehension about possible End of the World feeling. Something they cannot explain, but a feeling that makes them scared.

2) What better use for Nazi's then being sacrifices? I like the idea for the Nazi's being used or held hostage at the Boiling Isles to become ingredients to someone Ritual or something else. It could be Emperor Belos, the Titan or a different power. Possible even someone that WANTS Hellboy to be well known in the Boiling Isles so that Witch's and Wizard know of his presence and the darkness/blood shed that brings.

Keep up the good work, stay safe and stay healthy!
1/14 c6 nightmaster000
BRILLIANT! As always absolutely brilliant work think you played out this episode wonderfully, and plus we get the surprise twist of a new threat coming into the picture very nice.
1/14 c6 3Mister. Enigma
Fantastic! I love how you mentioned the crooked man and made the comparison of Earth witches and Isle witches, well done!:)
1/14 c6 11OMAC001
Whelp, it wouldn't be a Hellboy story without Nazi shenanigans. Thought for sure it was Kroenen, though I guessing Müller is similar, yes?
1/14 c6 Earthly Entity
when I saw the word Nazi I pictured the millennium guy from Hellsing a bridge yelling Nazis iin shrilly voice in the background XD
1/13 c6 1tomahawkESP
I honestly thought that the nazi was gonna be Pestilence! One of the four horsemen of the apocalypse! And it was some kind of end of the isles kinda thing!
1/13 c6 darkmessiah17
Amazing chapter dude looking forward to the next one (would love to see a fight between Hellboy and Lilith!)
1/13 c6 4Gamelover41592
this was awesome and great way to flip the script :)
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