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1/13 c6 darkmessiah17
Amazing chapter dude looking forward to the next one (would love to see a fight between Hellboy and Lilith!)
1/13 c6 4Gamelover41592
this was awesome and great way to flip the script :)
1/13 c6 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
1/6 c5 Billthesomething
I'm shipping Hellboy x Camilla
1/5 c3 17TALOS X
Best Crossover Ever!

The battle was awesome and the reaction of Luz meeting Hellboy it was well describe!

I really imagined that I was watching an episode of the show
12/3/2020 c4 16Lord Zeppelin
It's probably an unpopular opinion, but I actually prefer character moments over action scenes in stories like these. Comparing an contrasting characters is what makes a crossover compelling.

Also, I don't know if you know, but it's been confirmed by the show that Luz's mom's name is "Camila" and not "Camilia". Apparently, the initial credit was a typo in the first episode, so we've been getting it wrong this whole time.
11/26/2020 c1 The Spider X
Good story can't wait for more
11/23/2020 c5 Guest
I DoctorWhoDat i like your story and I hope to see another chapter
11/23/2020 c5 719The Cowardly Christian
Thanks for another great chapter!

Happy thanksgiving!

God bless you and be safe!
11/22/2020 c5 Guest
hopefully we get to see the blood queen.
11/21/2020 c3 16Lord Zeppelin
Amazing chapter! Loved every bit of it! Took me forever to finish it though, lemme tell ya!
I agree with your end author's notes on crossovers. Stan Lee's words are always ones to live by, IMO.
I love how it's a sort of Logan situation in that someone made comic books based on Hellboy's adventures and Hellboy points out an inaccuracy about the comics.
Can't wait to see how this continues and to see how Hellboy fits into the series of events of the series.
11/19/2020 c5 2Brad W
Yay, Roger the Homunculus! Happy to see him included, and a given chronology (though the years may be updated) of when this all takes place during Hellboy's exploits considering this is supposed to be Roger's first "official" mission. The bit about Roger wearing pants got a good chuckle out of me. I wonder how the Convention is going to go now with Hellboy coming along as well? Keep up the good work!
11/19/2020 c5 7Katana of the Blade
Well, it's nice to get a few chapters every so often of seeing Hellboy adjust to the Isles, see what he makes of it. I was desperate waiting for him to finally give the okay on magic, so it's nice to know she's more or less got it.
11/19/2020 c5 3coldblue2015
Thanks for updating!

Author Notes at the beginning of the chapter:

I appreciate the creative direction. Take your time and pacing, the Election was and still is a headache that will take a...while for people to get over. It not all great, but it has happen and we all need to move on. Anyway, I do like that he have Interlude and pause before we get to the next action pack part of the story/arc we get into. Do your own pacing and feel comfortable with what you write.

Also, thanks for the response at the BOTTOM of Author Notes to my Questions/Suggestions. I appreciate the good humor and the time to actually consider to respond to my Questions/Suggestions. Keep the responses short, sweet and just the way you like it! :)

Hellboy/Anung un Rama:

Hellboy will always hate politics and now it seems Abe and Liz are gone to work on other cases. I do like that Roger the Homunculus was great and we get to read what this character is going to bring to the table. I do like the idea of a Hellboy teaming up with Roger. I do like that Hellboy went searching for answers about Magic and how it works in the Boiling Isles. Good news- Luz is Soul is not being corrupted/taken from her. Bad News- it seems that the Emperor is keeping a eye on him. Neutral News-...How is Luz capable of Magic if she does not have Bile Organ like the natives of the Boiling Isle? Questions for another time. Hellboy and Lilth had interesting dialogue, both standoffish and digging through information. It seems that Eda has reliable delivery boy in Hellboy. I do like that Hellboy is always considerate of Camila Noceda feelings and having her daughter safe is her priority. I just hope for some Drama a the Convention and Hellboy true name being dropped to cause some trouble.

Roger the Homunculus:

A underrated character in the Comics and I was sad he did not appear in any Move, animated or otherwise. I have to admit that this interesting to read what Roger capabilities are and perhaps...wear some pants without looking odd. It must be hard given he has appearance, but he did capture Eda attention. I do like the idea of Roger and Luz having a bonding moment. Even Roger going further with Luz and explaining his tragic origin...Roger may not be human, but he is a good person and wise being. I just hope Roger get some more parts in the story and read his abilities. Who knows? Maybe Roger can ABOSRB/seal away some Titan Magic to gain some new powers...

Eda Clawthorne/the Owl Lady:

Still in character and you are doing a good job...I just wonder if Eda encountered humans that were capable of creating Homunculus. Alchemy should be possible for humans and perhaps a Human could create Homunculus. I have to admit, whoever Eda hanged-out with in the Human Realm was not a normal human, but not magical in Eda eyes. It really matter of perspective and Eda does not have the greatest memory for certain things, such as King pointing out the Book- "The Unauthorized Boiling Isles History".

Lilth Clawthorne:

She really does not know who Hellboy is and is pawn of the Emperor...I do hope that she gets a bit wiser that she is being used and looks into researching Hellboy. Hellboy stone fist would be her clue. I do hope that we read more Lilith and Hellboy dialogue, just digging out Information on what they need and trying to manipulate the other. Hellboy is not going to give into Lilth demands, but fake an alliance. Luz likes Eda and Hellboy likes Luz, so Lilth will hopefully get in a fight with Hellboy in future chapters.


1) Does Hellboy know he supposed to summon the apocalypse on Earth?

2) Is there any chance Hellboy will temporary summon/use Excalibur sword, given his bloodline connects him back to King Arthur?

3) Are we going to have Erzebet Ondrushko, Hecate, and the Harpy-Hags appear in this story?

4) Will the Dead Titan speak to Hellboy through Telepathy or through a Dream?

5) Should we expect Johnson Lobster to appear in this story?


1) That is a interesting and intense idea...Hellboy dedicate his life on protecting humanity, but the reason he was born was to destroy humanity or the Earth. It something to consider in his personality if he does or does not know. Right now, I think he does not know BUT has some ideas as to what his Right Hand was meant to do...

It would also be great for Hellboy to sort of open up with his Luz, Eda and Camila finds out about this, but Hellboy continues to see the good in humanity and fight against his fate. Sort of showing the tragic and heroic side of Hellboy constantly dealing with that fear/hating the idea he brings the apocalypses and fights against it.

2) Magical sword...Need I write more? They are just awesome and being held by Hellboy, makes the situation EPIC! Still, it is interesting idea to add more Hellboy origins. This is from his mother side of the family and it is interesting that Hellboy does have Royal/Magical bloodline that connects him to King of the British Isles. The Arthurian Mythology that exist in "Hellboy" Universe. It would be great if Hellboy did have a Magical Sword to go up against something that is stronger than him and Hellboy needs tool/weapon he can use to win a battle/fight. Not to mention Hellboy mother being mention and more of his origins.

3) I hope we do get "Hellboy: Blood and Iron" in this story. Sort of like Erezebet had a CONNECTION or Portal to the Boiling Isles and used some of the Magical Creatures as ingredients for her Potions or Rituals to become a Vampire. Not to mention Hecate, Goddess or Demon of Witchcraft, that Eresebet sold her soul to gain Immortality/Beauty. Sort of like Luz experience of what happens to encounter a Human who does SELL her soul for power/magic and potential Erezebet trying to gain Luz blood for her beauty/meal. Harpy-Hags...Well, it would be interesting to read more on the Harpy Hags with their connections to the Boiling Isles, given they are Magical Creatures and perhaps give Erezebet and Hecate a FOOT HOLD in the Boiling Isles dimension.

4) That is possible...Maybe it is the Titan that is the puppet master and manipulating events before our eyes, both in Cannon to "The Owl House" and in this story. Hellboy and the dead Titan communicating with each other would be a great scene and re-cur for several chapters. Sort of pushing the idea of Hellboy connection to the Supernatural, Detective work and experience. It would be interesting to read how you would write the dead Titan communicate with Hellboy...Ghosts do exist or perhaps the Titan is not truly dead as it seems.

5) We need more "Hellboy" Characters, so why not the Lobster? He was awesome vigilante in the 1930s and is amazing Ghost, if not one the most powerful Ghosts in the "Hellboy" Universe. It would be interesting to read Johnson Lobster appearing or is somehow working with B.P.R.D. and communicating them; given that is the Lobster ability as a Ghost with possession of Mortals, Cards or Messages he can put on objects.

Keep up the good work, stay safe and stay healthy!
11/19/2020 c5 30awsomerebel55
This was a pretty calmed down chapter, but that's a good thing. Not every chapter needs to be action packed. The addition of Roger the Homunculus was a nice thing and I can't wait to see what happens next for him. I like how you've made Hellboy rely more on his brains while still using his brawn to throw down with anyone that gets out of line. I liked that he pulled out a gun on Lilith and it would be interesting to see what Hellboy thinks about Lilith and Eda being sisters. Now Hellboy's going to be on the hunt for the one that's responsible for holding him and Luz in the Boiling Isles, which could be from some powerful demon to Hecate, Rasputin, Baba Yaga, or the Ogdru Yyahad. I'm looking forward to the next chapter and the battle at the Covention.
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