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for Hell's Boiling Point

11/19/2020 c5 3Mister. Enigma
Aww man, I was really hoping for him to appear:(

But still a great chapter and a great new title:)
11/19/2020 c5 11OMAC001
Great nod to Fullmetal Alchemist and great choice in bringing Roger! Can't wait to see the ruckus caused at Covention!
11/19/2020 c5 62mellra
Loved it! A very nice transitional chapter. Quick question though: in previous chapters you've established that Eda and the Boiling Isle's residents don't seem to have knowledge on human magic, yet it seems like they're at least somewhat aware of it in this chapter. Am I missing something? Anyway, also loved the Fullmetal Alchemist shout-out, and can't wait to see how the Convention goes down next chapter. Keep up the AWESOME work!
11/19/2020 c5 Guest
Don't mean to be a stickler but I noticed an inconsistency in this chapter. In the past few chapters you've made it clear that Eda thought that Humanity didn't have magic. But in this chapter you have her say that she met some human witches. So was she lying or what?
11/19/2020 c5 23Mr. Spinner
While this setup chapter was unexpected, it was not at all unwelcome. I think it was wise to have things settle before jumping into “Covention”.
I was happy to see Luz’s second handler; I feel like the guy doesn’t get as much attention as the power trio of Hellboy, Abe, and Liz. And the FMA tangent the characters went on was awesome!
I think Hellboy’s investigation into magic was well-written. And King coming up with the book from the season finale was an excellent canon appearance.
At any rate, happy to see this updated and eager to see how it moves forward into the covention.
11/19/2020 c5 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
11/19/2020 c5 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter
11/19/2020 c5 Earthly Entity
Things are starting to look interesting I wonder how everyone with the whole convention thing
11/18/2020 c5 darkmessiah17
Great chapter dude looking forward to the next one!
11/18/2020 c4 Guest
DoctorWhoDat ilike your story, i hope to see a order chapter soon
11/17/2020 c4 StrongGuy159
Cool story continue please.
10/12/2020 c4 62mellra
I really enjoy this story so far! You've done a good job of keeping the characters how they normally act while simultaneously blending the two fandoms in a way that feels natural.
One small suggestion: you mentioned that this version of Hellboy is basically his comic book self mixed with Sword of the Storms (thanks for that, love Ron Perlman). Could you also include elements from Blood and Iron as well? I feel it would be a good parallel to compare Earth's magic and witches to the Boiling Isle's. Plus, it'd be interesting to see how Eda would react knowing that Hellboy essentially fought and beat the goddess of witches Hecate.
Can't wait to see what happens next and what changes Hellboy will make to the Owl House.
10/11/2020 c4 2Brad W
I loved the conversation between Luz and her mama. It was so very real and sensible (given the context) to me. I wonder if Hellboy and Luz will ever have a conversation regarding "chosen ones" and "destiny" considering how that has generally been nothing but a tremendous pain for Hellboy's life. Maybe another perspective on it would help Luz with her need to feel special to deal with her father's abandonment? Finally, while Belos is aware of Hellboy and his lineage, I wonder if there are more players behind this machination to ensure that Hellboy remains in the Boiling Isles? Keep up the good work!
10/10/2020 c4 6Alliance Empire
I don't know how these two universe work together, but you made it happen. Show those Boiling Isle fools what Earth magic can do! And how Hellboy can kick all their butts.
10/6/2020 c4 indescribable10
Two questions
1. Eda said that every myth that the human world has comes from the boiling isles how do you think the BPRD and Hellboy will take that once or if they find out?
2. Is Abe being mistaken for a women gonna be a running joke because if so that would be hilarious.
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