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10/4/2020 c4 3NestorHdez
Sorry for any mistakes.

First of all, thank you very much for bringing us one more chapter in this series. Excellent in your writing so that it can be translated into other languages and that it is enjoyable even for those of us who are not fluent in English.

I loved how Luz tried to make Hellboy and Eda aware of what was really happening (both her current situation and the story of the red boy) and how it was all a misunderstanding. I'm even happy to see that you managed the characters according to the personality they should have according to the events where the story takes place, especially Eda, who despite worrying about Luz is clearly still somewhat reluctant to be belittled.

I was worried about how you would develop this, mainly because in reality there would be nothing to stop Luz from returning to Earth (I refuse to tell her the human world) after knowing the blunder she had committed, but I'm glad you put that touch where only the 2 of them can't get through it.

It was very gratifying to see how that bomb fell on her, imagining a fraction of the pain her mother must have felt when she thought she would never see her again. Putting it in context that way of thinking and acting was very similar in the last two episodes, where by an impulse of “heroic” stupidity, she put her life in serious danger, which could end very differently if she meant nothing to Eda or had the interest of Emperor Belos.

And I'm not kidding, maybe it can be justified by the power of the Protagonist / Script, but really the only reason Luz is still in a piece is because she has a relationship with Eda. I don't know if this bombshell with her mother will make her think at least 3 times before acting, but I hope that she takes this into consideration when writing to Luz in the future and that she remembers that someone else can be hurt by her actions.

Likewise, perfect handling with Mrs. Noceda, even though I feel sorry for how her hopes fell when she knew that Luz would not return home, but she let off steam with that rebuke she gave to her daughter and Eda (magnificent I must add). Personally, I hate how Fandom calls her a bad mother for wanting her daughter to get out of her comfort zone to face the real world and make friends. I add here and anywhere I can, a TRUE MOTHER who loves her child will try to guide her child towards a better future.

Clearly Camilia Noceda indulged her daughter in her hobbies, but she, being a single woman and with a job as a nurse, unfortunately could not see that this would cause problems for her daughter until the calls for attention began. She did what she thought was best for her daughter and it infuriates me that they call her bad for it and even worse that they put Eda as a better mother]: [

I'm also glad to see that she put a bit of history for Luz's fondness for wanting to be special, that if she feels and things like that simply make you love the protagonist more despite her mistakes. Very well done.

Putting my anger aside I wonder if the BPRD will have more presence on the Island, being honest I just think they stay to study the portal and the magic that makes it work or in a more daring way send undercover agents to investigate everything that The Island has to offer everything related to magic and the most obvious, data on the "demons". Let's face it, it's a very tempting thing to be ignored even if it is behind Hellboy's back.

The only bad thing I could say about the episode is two things, Willow, Gus, and Hooty. I have to say that their interaction in the episode was a bit strange because of the way they act, maybe it was their nerves, but I feel like they were only there to make Camilia understand that Luz finally had friends. And Hooty did not peep, I am not complaining, but what happened there? The whole chapter was in the Owl House, maybe one was still unconscious, but you should have mentioned it even if it is in a casual thought.

Still, I have to say it was an excellent episode, very enjoyable from beginning to end where you write exactly what it takes to make reading enjoyable and smooth. Hopefully Luz evolves and is able to learn magic faster so that she is not seen as fragile, she also has more motivation to want to show that it is safe (also as a fan of W40K I have heard to the core that humanity is despised).

Finally, in truth and I say that I REALLY recommend that you read this theory that talks a little about Belos. I really think it can inspire you to give yourself some ideas for your story. It's in Spanish, but nothing that the translator doesn't fix, and I really highly recommend it.

10/4/2020 c4 30awsomerebel55
Amazing chapter. I can't get enough of it. I've reread it like four times.

I loved how Ms. Noceda was written in this chapter, she is such a caring mother and despite having more than enough reasons to ground Luz for the rest of her life she still wants her to be happy and is willing to take this one step at a time. She was very understanding and willing to do what she could to make Luz feel better while also seeing that she was getting out of her shell. I wonder how she would feel when Amity enters the picture.

Luz will have to prove herself to her mom and to everyone else, but I don't think that this'll stop her from learning some magic.

Eda and King don't really respect or like Hellboy and the BPRD, which is understandable. I can only assume that their opinion on them will change later on as they spend more time with Hellboy.

So the Emperor knows who Hellboy is, but from the sounds of it he doesn't want Hellboy in the Isles. Which makes me wonder who would be the one that wants Hellboy to stay in the Boiling Isles. If there is a fight between Eda and Lilith, I really want to see Hellboy getting in on the action.
10/4/2020 c4 Earthly Entity
I'm curious how luz mom interacts with hooty
10/4/2020 c4 11OMAC001
Love the fact that Belos is the big bad here! Can't wait to see his big plans!
10/4/2020 c4 Austin
Ok this is a really good chapter and ohhhh boy mother and child reunited but ohhhh boy did the verbal assripping from Camilia come in hard.
Especially of what Luz did was stupid, and Eda oh wow...she got scared straight.
I can almost imagine Camilla pulling a protective mom instinct if she sees a monster or whatever about to attack her daughter while Hellboy and/Eda is knocked out for a moment.
I can see her grabbing a gun and yell "Get the fuck away from my daughter!" And starts firing at said monster.
Because that's what I can see her doing if push comes to shove as you dont mess a mother and her child.
If one does beware of her wrath...and also her boss music in this case for Camilia which is the Spanish theme in Pirates of the Caribbean on stranger tides.

But then comes of other stuff as well because I can see of Camilia bringing some earth food over to Luz in case she is feeling homesick over some food.
Hah imagine if Luz's friends get a taste of some earth food they will get hooked on to them.

But now comes of Belos knowing who hellboy is especially of his real name...ah shit...things are going to get real very soon.

But question I just thought of something...since Luz an all time fictional nerd fantasy and perhaps Sci fi...
How much you gonna bet she knows of the likes of Lord of the rings, simillarion, warhammer, warcraft etc.
Because I can see of a Lord of the rings Xover if you will as imagine of Luz seeing certain foul creatures from lotr or the simillarion such as the Balrog...a Demon of the ancient world and recognizing them...
I can see her go "B-b-b-balrog." She said softly stuttering in fear.
Eda looks at her in confusion. "Bal-what?"
Luz screams in absolute fear "BALROG! RUN!" Just because the girl knows her lore concerning of the balrog how they are basically fallen angels of flame and shadow...that's how much power they have to be feared.

This is a suggestion and a curiosity on how far does Luz know of stuff.

But also another question is there any new stories coming in the future? Or what?
Because I'm curious if your beasts of ragnarok story will continue or be remade due to the current updates of the monsterverse aka Kotm 2019, graphic novels of the monsterverse, and soon to be Godzilla vs Kong in 2021.
This due to the fact of new titans being introduced in the monsterverse with lore or mythologies of their own.
So again I'm curious of how that will go in your ragnarok story remade of course?
10/4/2020 c4 3Mister. Enigma
Will we see Jeremiah Witkins, "The Crooked Man"? Please?
10/3/2020 c4 1Batman4u
FYI, Hellboy’s horns regenerate and he files them down with an electric grinder once a week*. If he doesn’t grind his horns, they’d gradually grow back in 2-3 months.

With Hellboys stuck in the Boiling Isles, he might be forced to let his horns regenerate so people don’t think he’s a penniless bum.

Possible humor if demons think big horns are attractive. Hellboy’s horns are huge, the size of MCU-Loki’s helmet in Marvel’s “Avengers”, so demon females might ogle poor Hellboy or flirt with him.

Boscha: “Ara ara, look at the size of that boy’s horns! He’s practically a coat rack!”
Hellboy: (blushes)

*Also, there’s the possibility Hellboy’s horns might regenerate faster than normal as Bonesborough is so magically saturated, returning to full size in only a few weeks.
10/3/2020 c4 7Katana of the Blade
This is an awesome story! Really interesting and addressing really deep things between Luz, her mother and the missing father we likely never thought of. And I was quite surprised when Luz' mother actually snapped at Eda like that. Incredible work, really looking forward to more.
10/3/2020 c4 3DragoonSensei
This chapter was an awesome rolercoaster.
This will be fun
10/3/2020 c4 23Mr. Spinner
You finished out this arc marvelously!
Ed’s and Hellboy butting heads is really fun to read, and his gentleness with Luz was really heartwarming. Not to mention, Luz’s reaction to the real consequences of her actions felt very much in-character for her.
And speaking of in-character: You wrote Camila Noceda absolutely magnificently! Your interpretation perfectly matches my own impressions of her as a mother. She’s firm but fair, and she’ll defy gods and demons if it means protecting her child.
And Belos is familiar with Hellboy’s story and identity. THAT is something I didn’t see coming. And it makes me very eager to see how that unfolds.
My guess for the force keeping the two on the Isles: either the Blood Queen Hecate or the TITAN itself. Or maybe Baba Yaga...? That’s all I got.
Masterful work as always!
10/3/2020 c4 3coldblue2015
Wow...This is a great chapter!

Hellboy/Anung un Rama:

...You sent exciting chills down my spine...The Emperor knows Hellboy true name and seems to have seen this prophesized by the undead Titan...If the Titan is truly dead. The beginning of this chapter was great and I love how you answered my Question in previous chapter. This is great and mixed in well with Hellboy origin story. It seems that Eda and King are not that impressed, seeing Hellboy more as bully/weapon to fight other magical creatures. That could change. I did like that Eda and Hellboy had some decent dialogue with them warming up to each other. Eda and Hellboy don't like each other, but they seem to have a common goal to protect/guide Luz. Hellboy and Luz are BOTH stuck in the Boiling Isles Dimension, but the BPRD can travel in and out of the Dimension. You surprised me with Camilia Noceda and sort having her character development in this chapter! Also, I love the detective skills slightly showing with Hellboy and his experience of knowing that the bad guys have more knowledge on him and Luz.

Camilia Noceda:

This was really her chapter...She is aware of what going on with her daughter and her daughter lied to her. She was in a tough position and we find more of her background origins. The man that fathered Luz called her a mistake and Camilia is right to get payback with that man. She is a super mother that was overwhelmed by everything. We also find out that the BPRD were truthful to her on what happens on MOST their cases...Luz was very lucky/fortunate to not be a victim or dead by now. Luz having friends...really made Camilia want her daughter to have more and get what she need. She set out her ground rules in this chapter, but I bet she knows that her daughter will use more Magic in the future.

Eda Clawthorne/The Owl Lady:

Ha! I love the sassy she brings...even when Abe Sapian pointing a gun on her head and telling the BRPD that she is not hosting a House Party. We also found out that Eda was married...probably in Las Vegas. It seems that the Boiling Isles perspective on whom capable of using Magic is different and requires a Magical Organ...Not so, because I wonder how Eda would feel about Mortal or Demi-Gods using Blood and Sacrifice to achieve higher power with the proper knowledge and rituals. I have to admit, I love that Camilia made Eda feel nervous...she never dealt with concern mother/parent. Hellboy is confused by her, because Eda character all over the place for being a caring individual, free spirited and a con artist.

The Emperor:

Alright, he is the main villain or the Titan is...I love the idea of a Titan Emperor and Hellboy and Owl crew fighting that beast. I do look forward of Lilith meeting Hellboy, but it seems that the Emperor has plans for Hellboy...and Luz Noceda. Something about Hellboy and Luz that are important for the Emperor agenda. He is very knowledgeable and knows Hellboy true name...


1) If there was slight romance/pairing for Hellboy, who would you choose- Eda or Lilith Crawlhorne?

2) Are we going to see the BPRD give Luz some help on knowledge on the Occult/Magic at all?

3) Have you thought of Luz Noceda developing a Psychic ability as the story goes on?


1)...Yeah, I am a sucker for romance. Again, I am for Hellboy and Eda, but I am open to other ideas. That why I put Lilith as another idea for Hellboy. It would be interesting to read that development for Hellboy to feel some love, but with what character I do not know. Lilith works with the Emperor, so Hellboy will question her and get to know her more. Eda and Hellboy are going to protect Luz, so they will have some character interaction. Hellboy is OLDER than both these witches and I do like the idea of Witches falling for Demons...All that Supernatural Theme Romance.

2) If the BPRD can pop in and out of the Boiling Isle Dimension, I do hope they can help Luz. I would love it if Abe, Liz, Kate or any BPRD agents could help with Luz knowledge on Magic and the Occult...Most likely the BPRD would give Luz some lessons on WARNING signs/signals that her life could be in danger...Still, I could see Luz getting more Books on Runes and using different styles of Magic. Not to mention Luz could find ways to identify Magical Creatures and spot their Weakness's.

3) That another possibility. Hellboy hates Psychics, but the idea of Psychic Abilities have a wide spectrum of skills...Maybe Luz could accidently develop a Psychic ability as time goes on such as Remote Viewing or Psychometry. Nothing too powerful and sort go back to why Hellboy does not like most Psychics, but he would go easy on Luz. Remote Viewing could be something Luz could develop through Dreaming or Meditation. Maybe one day Luz touches a object and finds the history/connection to object with visions coming to her mind, which is Psychometry. This is just a idea.

Keep up the good work, stay safe and stay healthy!
10/3/2020 c4 719The Cowardly Christian
Wow, your really doing her mother's character's justice, great job!

you know what would be funny?

If during 'Grom' Hellboy sees the second half of Amity's letter unfold and reveal she like's Luz...

Amity sees that he sees and looks horrified...then Hellboy just smiles, puts a finger to his mouth and winks...reassuring her...
10/3/2020 c4 darkmessiah17
Awesome chapter dude looking forward to the next one hope it comes out soon, so at least Belos knows of Hellboy's true identity, I'm surprised the rest of the Boiling Isles don't know about The Beast of the Apocalypse, hell are they aware of the Ogdru Jahad or their children the Ogdru Hem?, (also I would love to see a fight between Hellboy and Lilith).
10/3/2020 c4 1tomahawkESP
Are you gonna ship Camille and Eda? Also, are you gonna have other human wizards come in just so that Eda can be shown that humans can be wizards? Yo, I can’t wait!
10/3/2020 c4 4Gamelover41592
awesome work on this chapter and a lot of epic stuff in and deep moments looking forward to what happens next :)
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