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8/24/2023 c46 2TigramIngrow
To już koniec?
7/14/2023 c46 Mariposatx
I just wanted to tell you how much I've loved From the Corner and Semantics, they are my comfort stories and I've probably read each one well over 10 times. Ophelia and Mrs. Callaghan are my all-time favorite OC's, such wonderful characters and so perfectly written. I live for seeing Snape finally get the love he deserves, and both of those characters do that beautifully. I miss your works so much, and I hope the reason they are down is because your life has gone in a better direction somehow. You are my favorite fanfic writer and I hope you are continuing to write somewhere, but if not, I hope you are doing something that makes you happy. Thank you for your stories, they were all a wonderful gift!
6/6/2023 c46 1PeterPanandWendyBird
Ughhh I love this story! I’ve read it over 5 times over the past 5 years. I went to read it again only to find it removed. I’m so glad to see you’ve reposted it! I just hope you haven’t given up on reposting it! …you could, in the wise words of Taylor Swift “Drop Everything Now!” I mean, that is an option! Can wait for the next update!
5/27/2023 c46 junewilliams7
hello! please say you haven't left us or Ophelia...
3/28/2023 c46 Amarilli
I love this story. So sweet.
2/12/2023 c46
As always, I love this story! It is beautifully written and sweet, without changing Snape’s essential personality. Will you please post the rest of the story? Thanks!
1/21/2023 c46
One of my very favorite Snamione stories! Will you put up the rest of this? I would really love to read the ending again.
1/18/2023 c1
I love this story so much! You wrote Snape as a father beautifully. Please continue to send out chapters, or consider publishing again! Hope to hear from you in 2023.
1/8/2023 c46 dmeb
Even a longer hiatus is okay to wait for in such a well crafted tale, but I can't help from hoping that you are well, and have not forgotten this :)
12/26/2022 c46
Binge read the whole thing. Love the slow burn!
11/27/2022 c46 Martisz
I love the moment Arthur spoke up. Especially that it included a tip for Ron how to become a better father - one that is doable.
"Mummy had always just put her to Madame Sylvie, had explained that she would be back (but not when) and had often mumbled that she should get rid of the brat and just keep the money. Of course she didn't mean herself with the brat. Maybe someone else. Ophelia never was sure." I love that Ophelia doesn't know she was 'the brat'.
I love hugging habits of Severus Snape as seen by Mary.
I like how much the question shaken Severus - much more than Hermione.
11/25/2022 c1 Guest
So happy this is back! Been wanting to reread for years! Can't wait for Acquittal - it's one of my all time favourite fanfics!
11/19/2022 c46 13excessivelyperky
Aww, Severus doesn't want Ophelia to feel like she comes in second; well, that's a reasonable fear since Hermione already has two children. But he'll unbend. Eventually.

I do like it that Molly is on Hermione's side this time, and thinks Ron should take care of his own children and not just dump them on the latest girlfriend. I also hope Ron realizes that he's never getting back together with Hermione, either.

I hope that you are all right and doing well, too.
10/9/2022 c46 persimon
I looked for this story for YEARS! I'm so happy that it didn't get deleted 3 Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing it again!
9/23/2022 c45 excessivelyperky
Hermione may well be thinking, 'hey, in for a penny, in for a pond, and if I'm to be hanged for crime I didn't commit, I can fix that.'

I do love how Molly turned on Ron and will asking more questions about where the H *did* he go when he was supposed to be with his children? (could there be a second girlfriend?).

And so Severus returns, because Ophelia is waiting.
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