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3/5/2022 c31 1Pogonia And Medusa
So delighted that you haven't given up on reposting this wonderful story!
3/5/2022 c1 Sunahara
Loved this story when I first read it and am glad you're reposting it!
3/5/2022 c31 PencilDragon
I’m sorry to hear you are injured (and probably quite painfully so)! What a treat to have so many chapters from you back to back. Thank you for sharing!
3/5/2022 c31 3Nocturnus
How I love this fic. I have it in my e-reader and read it at least once a year.
3/5/2022 c30 moriah
What an absolute joy to wake up and find four added chapters to one of my favorite stories. And on a Saturday no less! Catching up with my favorite couple, Ophelia, and Mary Kelly with a cup of coffee is a great way to start the weekend. I am sorry to hear about your arms and I hope you start feeling better soon.

PS Have you heard of the otter. ai app? It transcribes your spoken words into text. You still need to edit, but it might be easier/more comfortable than typing it all out.
3/5/2022 c1 2NovaMater
"It seems it has fans"? I should say so, being one of them! And now here I am reading this delightful story again, for the fourth or fifth time! I guess I. know how my spare time will be filled this weekend! Thank you for reposting this!
3/4/2022 c15 13excessivelyperky
Having the courage to be angry with her father means that Severus is raising Ophelia right. A scared child knows better than to say such things.

I'm glad Hermione is coddled when she's sick; that's the way things ought to be.

And even the Dungeon Bat isn't immune to the Bambi Eyes pf Doom. So they're going to the zoo.
3/3/2022 c14 excessivelyperky
I am sensing that sometime soon Hugo and Ophelia will get to play with each other...
3/3/2022 c13 excessivelyperky
At least Hermione was polite this time; much nicer than she was before, probably from seeing Ophelia acting like a normal little girl with her daddy.

And yes, it would probably be good for Ophelia to be around other children, but not the rough or mean kind.
3/2/2022 c12 excessivelyperky
Snape is not the first, or the last, father to fall victim to the "I love you" and the happy face of a daughter. But it's the first love he's ever really received, and he needs it just as much as Ophelia needs him.

It's sad he needs a Pensieve to remember anything nice about his childhood, what little there was.

I had to laugh at Lucius, though. Severus has *so* much on him besides why Malfoy needs the potion. Azkaban level stuff.

Ok, so Hermione plans to be kinder and more polite. Let's see if she can manage it...
3/1/2022 c11 excessivelyperky
Falls over laughing. This game of Telephone would be funny it if didn't hurt so many people.
3/1/2022 c10 excessivelyperky
At least Harry isn't joining in the 'we must all despise Snape' mob.

And Severus understand Ophelia very well; the warm glow will persist, of course, till he becomes used to it.

Because all he has ever needed was love.
3/1/2022 c9 excessivelyperky
Yeah, Judith meant well, and now she'll think he's horrible too.

Oh, well, no real surprise. Hermione gets that kind of thing from her mother, I'm sure.
2/28/2022 c8 excessivelyperky
I love that Snape's Patronus is different now. Frankly, it's just as well that most of Hogwarts leaves him alone.

When people try to kill you, they shouldn't force themselves on your socially afterwards. After all, they might change their minds and try it again. But...Hagrid wasn't one of them.

It sounds like Judith is going to investigate everything for herself; but then, Hermione won't believe her unless it's bad anyway.
2/27/2022 c7 excessivelyperky
I love how Ophelia loves potions, and I absolutely adore how Severus loves his daughter.

What Judith doesn't know is that Hermione has spent the formative years of her life learning that Gryffindor is *always* right, Slytherin is *always* wrong and that's it good to hate a teacher who saved your life, because he didn't fawn on your overwhelming genius.

Plus, we all know how well any Gryffindor reacts when they're wrong. Because they can't possibly be wrong, and if it looks like they're wrong, it must be the other person's fault.

And as we saw, the only person who ever apologized to Snape was Voldemort, so only *bad* people ever apologize to Snape. Therefore, Snape must have done something wrong and it's ok for Hermione to hate him.
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