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9/19/2022 c46 3BeyondRubies
This is one of my favorite stories! Please continue updating it. I adore Severus as a father and I really want to see more of his burgeoning friendship/relationship with Hermione.
9/19/2022 c44 12excessivelyperky
Yes, it's probably just as well Ophelia didn't come (though Hermione should have been a little more clear in her note. Ophelia would have been ok at the neighbors' and had fun with Hugo and Rose).

Now the Weasleys have arrived. Let the games begin!
9/17/2022 c46 3zeroSpiral
Amazing update! So cute!
9/16/2022 c46 LukaGreen
Hey! I'm glad you are back! I hope you are Okey and nothing extremely bad (since bad things cannot be avoided, unfortunately) happened to you in all this time

I've never said this before but I love this fic and I'm always looking forward to the next chapter
9/16/2022 c46 3Nocturnus
I like the way Mary Kelly point to him what it's needed.
9/15/2022 c46 VVw11
yay for a new chapter! so great as always!
9/15/2022 c46 PencilDragon
Abandonment issues all over the place in this chapter. Makes for interesting reading to see it from different perspectives.
9/15/2022 c46 11BowieQueen
I admire him putting his daughter first. So important..loving this.
9/15/2022 c43 12excessivelyperky
Oh, this is good! (rubbing hands gleefully). I'm glad that Severus and Mary clarified what they were saying to each other, and Hermione's dad is very wise.

Looking forward to the next chapter. Yes, Snape should be there (though Ophelia should be hanging onto him glaring at anyone who is mean to Daddy).
9/15/2022 c42 excessivelyperky
You know how to set up your Evil Cliffies, don't you? First of all, the revelation about Ophelia's mother, and then Molly going off her nut and jumping into a situation she really should have held back from.

I'm fixing popcorn for the fireworks in both households.
9/15/2022 c46 Blumenkasten
Yay, new chapter! Still loving this!
9/14/2022 c46 Sampdoria
THank you so much for the update.
9/14/2022 c46 1Pogonia And Medusa
So so so wonderful to see this story come up again in my story alerts feed - and such a sweet chapter. I have to chuckle every time Severus relabels some kind or wholesome impulse as revenge or points-scoring in order to justify it - willfully denying any goodness in himself. So adorkably opaque. When will someone point out that only Molly and Ron agree with him? Please, keep posting!
9/14/2022 c46 Lizzy Gray
Thank you for posting another chapter on this lovely story! I enjoy reading it so much and really missed it the last couple of months. You continue to voice the different characters really well, I'm sucked into the story each chapter after the first few lines. Hope you are doing well and I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
9/14/2022 c46 24Ghostwriter71
Another excellent chapter. Your writing style continues to amaze flows so well, so perfectly. Just like a poem from Keats or Poe. Well done!
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