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9/11/2022 c41 12excessivelyperky
Oh, I'm so glad that Ophelia mentioned Mary! Hermione is now wondering how old Mary is and just how close they are...snicker.
9/10/2022 c40 excessivelyperky
No matter what Snape says to Hermione, if Ophelia wants both Hugo *and* Rose on trips to the Muggle world, it will happen anyway.

And of course the Weasleys will never honor a Dreadful Slytherin no matter how many of their lives he saved...because they don't have to.
9/8/2022 c39 excessivelyperky
Yes, Snape does need to pay Mary a salary; he knows how sour gratitude can go if pushed too hard (though he's very likely to never push as hard as Albus did, to the grave and after).

Rose and Hugo are darling, and Hugo's reaction perfect. Since they are a blended family, Hugo gets to pick the part that suits him and Rose gets to pick the part that suits her.

I do love how Judith is on to Hermione having something on her mind-mothers know!

And Snape being willing to talk in exchange for a real smile. Well, Ophelia conquered that territory quite a while ago.
9/6/2022 c38 excessivelyperky
Wow. Yes, Mary will have to feel her feelings now, and some of them will hurt. And she wants to be a real person and not a charity case, either. Ophelia is good at handwriting *and* at consoling crying people. It's wonderful to see her in action.

I love Rose as well. I wonder if the two kids have seen the Rudolph the Reindeer special where the Elf Hermie wants to be a dentist? (goes off singing, "We are Santa's elves...").
9/5/2022 c37 excessivelyperky
Fathers and daughters, loving and needing each other-what a wonderful theme for this story.

I don't blame Hermione for wanting reinforcements, but Harry's not it. Then again, the Muggle world was almost as bad to him as it was to Snape (and yet Snape is better with it, isn't he? Then again, Harry might need time, and a daughter like Ophelia, to grow up all the way).

Poor Mary, that potion is hard on her!
9/5/2022 c36 excessivelyperky
Of course he's not a sympathetic, tender hearted person! Snape will tell you that half a dozen times a day, and then blow his cover by caring for Ophelia, Mary, Hermione and Hugo.

And then tell himself that he only cares for Ophelia. And...then for Mary. And then...

Well, he's good at lying to himself about not caring. And yet somehow nobody believes him. Snicker.

And course Ophelia never, ever hears him when he says he loves (except for most of the time).

Oh, and Mary crying on his shoulder (but he'll totally deny it).

I wish Hermione good luck with the Weasleys, though. Percy would tell her that they hear only what they want to hear.
9/5/2022 c35 excessivelyperky
Yeah, did Ron really think he could sneak a hex against the man who killed Dumbledore? Or faced down four Marauders at once since he was 11?

I love how his brain gets all hurty with Snape being ok with his daughter playing with a Squib, though. And being friendly with Hermione's Muggle parents (when it's clear Ron isn't certain of their first names).
9/4/2022 c34 excessivelyperky
Er, why would he send Ophelia to Hogwarts? What's wrong with Ilvermorney?

But swimming is a very good skill to have anyway.

Ophelia had a wonderful day, and so did Severus.

So it was Ophelia's wish to go, and not a surprise Portkey? That's interesting, and bit scary.
9/4/2022 c33 excessivelyperky
Well, Hermione needs to watch out, because the WW *will* want to split up the kids-magical to the magical world, Squib to the Muggle one. She does have her parents very strongly in her corner, but that is not likely to work out well in a Wizarding court.

And I so love how Snape teaches his daughter how to swim, and I love how happy both of them are.
9/4/2022 c32 excessivelyperky
Oh, dear. Hermione can be sure of keeping Hugo no matter what the laws are; the real battle will be over Rose.

I love Skippy! And so does Ophelia.

I wish all the best for Missus Kelly, though, she's got a hard road ahead of her.
9/4/2022 c31 excessivelyperky
Snape did help Hermione, though she doesn't think so-now she has the idea to get a law passed to make divorces more reasonable along with child custody. Did she have that idea before? No. Does she have it now? Yes. Guess who helped her to get it.

As for Mary, she does have a life away from the coal shed, but it's not a good one. Only she can decide what kind of life and how long she wants it to be.
9/4/2022 c30 excessivelyperky
Whoa. Hermione said the one thing that will get Snape to help her, didn't he?

And she's right.
9/4/2022 c29 excessivelyperky
Yes, Mary was overwhelmed-I do hope she comes back.

And Hermione doesn't know any Muggleborn who chose the Muggle world, but then she was running for her life while Umbridge had her Commission. I bet there were quite a few Muggleborn who got jobs at Aldi's and maybe never came back to the Wizarding World. Just because Hermione doesn't know them doesn't mean they exist. Perhaps they're very happy not having the WW as part of their lives at all.

But Hermione needs to get legal advice Real Soon Now. Percy Weasley might be a good choice, since he has a good idea of how smothering the Weasley family can be and what's really driving this request (my bet is Molly Weasley).
9/4/2022 c28 excessivelyperky
Yes, Mary just thinks she has free will in this business, but she, too, will fall under the spell of Ophelia's Bambi Eyes. Hey, if that little girl can impose her will on the Dungeon Bat, Mary doesn't stand a chance.

Hermione's in trouble, though. I would bet anything that father have more rights than mothers in the WW legal system. Corrupting a child with Muggle ways is probably still on the books somewhere as a potential crime.
9/4/2022 c27 excessivelyperky
Oh, excellent chapter. Ophelia learned the secret hair-smoothing and the secret forehead kiss from having it done for her, didn't she? Sleepy little girls remember lots of things.

Squiffy Mary Kelly could sober up and be a grandma, if she knew that might be in her future.

And Hermione is finally beginning to see what is really there.
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