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8/4/2020 c3 faoloniel
Thank you SO much for reposting this! From the Corner, as well as Semantics, by the way, are among the absolut best Hermione/Severus fics I've ever read - they are both extremely emotionally captivating, the character development is a pure joy, they are deeply romantic but skillfully avoid becoming too obvious about it, and the plots are so very credible - a combination which is a rare thing in fanfiction! Thank you for reposting; any maybe I can inspire you to resurrect Semantics also? Grüße aus Österreich!
8/4/2020 c1 4FawkesyLady
OMG OMG OMG I am so HAPPY to see you and this story back. You are one of my ABSOLUTE favorite authors and I've said way too many times over the past two years "This story was great but I can't point you to it" which of course I said with love and adoration for you and OMG you are BACK.

Thank you thank you thank you!
8/4/2020 c1 1inna chy
You're back! Seeing you posted is officially the highlight of my week. You have such good stories and you are a very good writer. I don't know why you needed to leave for awhile, but I am so glad that you're back! Thank you for sharing this with us.
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