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4/22/2022 c26 13excessivelyperky
Another victim of the Bambi Eyes of Doom...Severus had no choice, and falls into a long line of fathers who do things they never meant to because of those darling shining eyes.

Ophelia is doing more good than she can imagine.

Alas, Ron is still looking for a More Improved Hermione who will be as attentive to him as Henrietta is now.
4/20/2022 c44 Martisz
I like how angry Ginny is at Harry for his behavior.
I like that Harry is aware that Weasleys will react badly and that's why he decided to tell them.
Although he should have consulted this with her first.
Look at that - Ron didn't tell his girlfriend that he wants his children to live with them. I'm shocked (not).
I also find hilarious the fact that Molly also doesn't seem to like this idea.
I love that Mary intends to mother Severus too.
Molly means well but her actions are rather thoughtless.
I love how Mary sees Severus.
Hugo explaining to Molly why him not having magic is a great thing is amazing. My favorite part is how much Ron's stories serve as a reasons for him to not want to go to Hogwarts.
"She winked, or tried to wink, and had to scrunch up half of her face in order to do it (it was hard!) but Daddy understood and winked back (without scrunching up his face – how did he do that?)" That's adorable.
I like Hermione's letter.
"They honestly thought he was there to help them? With what?" I love Snape's attitude here.
4/17/2022 c25 excessivelyperky
Oh, my, every father recognizes the monkey-cuddle and the hair kissing (Hermione would, too, if she wasn't so determined to put Snape into the wrong). But even she is beginning to realize that Snape is an actual Person.

And then we have a problem when Severus and Ophelia get home.
4/14/2022 c44 ChrisUSA
Good story
4/13/2022 c44 2vampirville
"Sin embargo, sé por qué estoy aquí "
Simplemente genial, adoro a ese hombre, cariños para ti.
4/12/2022 c44 ChosenInWinter
I’m looking forward to seeing how this meeting goes. Hehehe. Snape should prove helpful, im sure.
4/12/2022 c44 Blumenkasten
man, I love this story.
4/11/2022 c44 5Same as Smithback
ohh d wonderful hell
4/11/2022 c44 Guest
This right here: "He never even considered using magic either." is perfection. Can't wait to read more! ️
4/11/2022 c44 Guest
Any take down of shrieking Weasleys is a joy to read. Looking forward to it.
4/11/2022 c44 time.means.nothing
Really enjoying this and looking forward to the next update!
4/11/2022 c44 PencilDragon
Oh Hermione and her mother have more in common that just the Glen in their eye when there’s an injustice to stand up to!
4/11/2022 c44 3BeyondRubies
Oh dear! He’s integrated himself into their household and he doesn’t even realize it yet!

Thank you for the update! It means a lot!
4/11/2022 c44 RhodaBush
More soon please,
4/2/2022 c24 13excessivelyperky
Of course Ophelia is jealous of the other little girl when Sirfather is talking to her. Five year olds aren't always very reasonable. So of course he puts her up into his lap and hugs her, because that's what a Daddy does.

And Mr. Granger sees Snape for what he is, and who he looks at and who looks back at him.
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