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3/31/2022 c43 PencilDragon
I like Hermione’s parents!
3/29/2022 c43 Guest
I can't wait until the next chapter I hope Snape is particularly vicious.
3/29/2022 c43 Blumenkasten
Awesome, so many updates! Thank you!
3/28/2022 c42 2azulkan2
Still love this story.
3/28/2022 c42 5Same as Smithback
intense and awesome
3/28/2022 c42 TammySMS
This story is so much fun. I cant wait to read the next chapter and can already hear all the words Hermione will say. 3
3/28/2022 c42 3BeyondRubies
No! Molly can’t do that to sweet Hugo!

I need this resolved quickly. I can’t keep sitting on the edge of my seat, here! Lol
3/28/2022 c42 3zSpirall
I really want Missus Kelly doesn't leave. I love her for this little mix match family ...
I understand why Harry did it. But still he should have talked to Hermione about it. And then molly... He's not dying. People lived with out magic just fine. And I'm kinda sad to see this stigmatism against muggles...
3/28/2022 c42 Guest
Molly is such a self absorbed drama queen.

Mary doubts Ophelia’s parentage, rude.
3/28/2022 c42 Elvie1989
Oh Molly…sigh. Hugo doesn’t need any pity, he is a happy little boy.

Hugo’s storyline is always a great example of what happens when family thrust their ideas and wants onto children. It rarely goes well. Thankfully Hugo has amazing champions in his mother, sister and grandparents Granger.
3/27/2022 c41 zSpirall
I really love this story of severus as a father. I'm super excited to see an update. I had this as followed and favorited, but I guess it somehow got taken off... so glad I found it again, and just in time.
can not wait for another update. hopefully sooner then later...
I just love their father daughter relationship. It's so sweet.
3/25/2022 c16 54erm31323
Such a sweet chapter for both Severus and Hermione.
3/25/2022 c41 Martisz
"No self-respecting Slytherin (not even an almost 5-year-old) would plant herself in front of the door and stand there, with her hands on her hips and glare." I love Ophelia's method.
I like Hermione's letter to Severus.
I love that Hermione assumed that snape was at her door.
I love Mary's answer to Snape's proposition. This is not as simple situation as he thought it is.
"I'd like them to live with me and Henrietta."Wow, that’s sudden.
I love how Snape wants to use Ophelia to convince Mary to take the potion.
I fully understand Hermione's reaction to Ron's request.
It's so obvious he did not think this through. He probably just imagined than with Henrietta and the children he will create Burrow 2.0. And Hermione was able to shatter that dream so easily.
I can't wait to see the Grangers' plan.
I love Ophelia on a mission too.
I adore that Hermione appeared when Severus was trying to deal with Mary.
I think Severus would have asked for help if loosing Ophelia was on the line. Probably as a last resort but if everything ele failed he would have done it to keep her.
I love that he admitted it too!
""Can you keep a secret?" he asked, having bent down, whispering in her ear.
She nodded viciously. "You know I can."
"I can keep a secret, too," he replied with a smirk. "And where we're going is a secret."" I love this interaction.
I like Hermione's visit to the Registration office.
I like that now Hermione has a plan and even a back-up plan.
I like that Mary baked a cake for Ophelia.
I love Ophelia's reaction to the turtle.
I adore that Hugo is going to make a birthday card for Ophelia.
"Did Daddy even understand how great he was?" That’s so cute!
"Nobody in their right mind would allow for two siblings to be raised separately." I agree, the problem is I'm not sure if one could describe the law-givers in wizarding world as "in their right mind".
I like that Lily taught Severus how to swim.
I love that the idea to pretend to be with Snape crossed Hermione's mind.
I like what Severus talks about in his sleep.
"There was a sun. That much he saw. The rest – might as well have been – anything." xD
I love that Ophelia teleported them to Grangers'.
"And it was for her own safety. And for the continued well-being of his own heart." I love how much he worries.
It's quite satisfying to watch how wrong Ron is about basically everything in this situation.
I love that Severus main motivation to agree to go to Grangers is spite.
I like that Hermione is going to stay with her parents.
I love that Severus sat with Mary and listened to her.
I was so happy when Hermione came to Harry for help and then he disappointed me.
I think Severus will agree to help Hermione with the Weasley. The thing she has in mind is very similar to his thoughts about revenge.
"No, she had to hug him then because he really thought she would run away from the best Daddy anyone could ever have? How stupid was Daddy sometimes?" I love Ophelia.
"She went pale – and her mouth opened and the vial clattered to the floor.
And Ophelia was suddenly very scared" This is such amazingly tense moment.
Even if Mary seems perfectly fine, this entire thing still freaks me out The fact that Severus is equally clueless make it better.
I like Hermione's thoughts about Harry's reaction.
I like the changes Mary brought to the apothecary.
"She could do magic and he could do the rest of the things. And if another wizard wanted to harm Hugo – she would protect him. And if she had a problem with her teeth, he could fix it for her.
She smiled to herself. This was perfect." 3
I adore that Rose wants to immediately tell Hugo because one shouldn't wait to share such great news.
Rose's annoyance with Hugo is endearing. I adore this scene.
I love that Severus's reaction to Hermione asking him to be there for the confrontation with the Weasleys is basically 'is my dream of revenge truly happening?'.
I like how the dinner atmosphere changed after Ophelia mentioned Mary (I wonder if Hermione remembers who that is)
3/25/2022 c41 65notwritten
Cute ending. Keep smiling. :-)
3/25/2022 c41 Guest
wicked thanks love it, stay safe and well.
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