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for Blurring The Boundaries Of Friendship

9/14 c35 Guest
I enjoyed the story and am glad everything worked out well in the end. Thanks!
9/14 c35 Amymikk
Awwww it’s such a shame this is the end but it was a beautifully ending and I’m so love your writing your amazing. X
9/13 c35 11startnowdobetter
I can’t believe this is the end! Such a beautiful story, made up of gorgeously written chapters. I’ll definitely find myself rereading this at some point in the near future! Can’t wait to see what you publish next! Xx
9/13 c35 XxCarterFanxX
I've loved this so much, I do hope you'll continue this one day :)
9/13 c35 25ImGonnaBuildCastles
I loved this- this was such a cute ending
9/13 c35 CarlaConnor Lover
First of all your chapters have not been week they’ve all been amazing so don't go putting yourself and your writing skills down and yes I'll admit that I wasn't expecting this to be the final chapter of the story (even when I'd started reading it!) but I kinda like the ending where it's just Carla, Peter, Simon and Aziza against the world and I enjoyed reading this story very much so I want to thank you for all of the effort you put in to make it what it is today and I am really glad that the story itself has a happy ending xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
9/11 c34 Amymikk
So glad you updated and they have fitted right into the role of mum and dad and that going to be once spoilt child especially if she’s adopted peters puppy dog eyes. Great chapter can’t wait for more. P.s Simons reaction was cute. X
9/10 c34 11startnowdobetter
Another magnificent chapter! I can’t wait to see more family chapters, I adore them!
9/10 c34 8boyfriendorcarer
love this so much
9/10 c34 XxCarterFanxX
Great chapter :)
9/10 c34 CarlaConnor Lover
Awwwwww this is adorable and I’m so glad that Carla and Aziza were allowed home so soon especially since Aziza was a big baby and Carla needs lots of rest to recover. I found it cute when Simon met his new baby sister and I’m glad that he likes her even if she is boring in his opinion. I loved the ending and I cannot wait to see what happens next xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
9/9 c33 XxCarterFanxX
Loving this :)
9/8 c33 11startnowdobetter
This was such a brilliant chapter! Such a pretty and unique name. Can’t wait for more x
9/8 c33 Amymikk
Awww great chapter Carla did amazing and love the name I’m glad there both okay and can’t wait for more. X
9/8 c33 CarlaConnor Lover
Awwwwww gosh wow well I wasn’t expecting that to happen in this chapter but I’m glad that it did as you’ve written the labour and delivery chapter perfectly and I love it so much. Every single time I read one of your birth chapters their always seems to be a load of comedy which I love as it’s super funny to read. Can’t wait to see what happens next and I love the baby's name by the way very special xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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