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12/8/2020 c1 64MissScorp
Hi there! I was never a fan of the relationship with Eve simply because the writers didn’t give us reason to be (can’t even blame it on covid since they had other opportunities they could have fleshed this out). It’s unfortunate because it makes us not like or trust Eve and always see her as a manipulative drain on Malcolm.

You do a good job at bridging what the show didn’t by showing Eve hesitate over being a key and wondering if they are there at that point. She gives a key back in the end but that bit of hesitation shows more towards her having any honest feelings for Malcolm than the show managed.

Malcolm wanting to keep her separate from his work reflects his own traumas. He internalizes a lot and keeps his feelings to himself— a Whitly trait since that’s how his mother and sister can be. Jessica being chill is also not something I’d think in regards to her but I can see her being less intense with Eve than Malcolm.

Nice piece!
8/5/2020 c1 46Not A Droid
It's a very sweet story.

It would be interesting if she outfitted her bed with the same straps Malcolm has in his bed. Just a thought, if you write any more about this pairing.

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