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for Naruto the Owner of a Un-Heroic Quirk

9/8/2020 c7 Cody Harms
make More please because it is awesome
9/8/2020 c7 youngdrgn
Thx for the chapter, I really enjoyed reading it!
9/8/2020 c7 coki13566
hilarious chapter.
poor Bakugo, hahahahaha!
could Naturo change his gender?
9/8/2020 c7 AnimeFan13579
Ha poor Bakugo can't wait till the encounter with Mineta and Kaminari Mineta will probably look like he did when came back from internship. Wonder if the shock will be enough to short circuit Kaminari so get an early introduction to jamming whey.
9/8/2020 c7 Dasgun
9/8/2020 c7 HayakuHayaku
I know the pain too Bakugo
9/7/2020 c7 ShadowBloodedge9396
Poor Momo being in the childhood friend zone, lol. And very funny reaction from Bakugou, I can’t blame Naruto for enjoying a guy questioning everything because they got turned on by a trap, lmao
9/7/2020 c7 2NarutoKurai
Jajaja ok... Entonces Naruto disfruta hacer que los bravucones duden de su sexualidad... Es 100% más genial jajaja ya que puede transformar su cuerpo para obtener la energía vital de sus objetivos... Y por lo visto Naruto utiliza mucho su inteligencia en lugar de su físico... Claro debe ser fuerte y saber luchar pero el por lo visto hace uso mayor del músculo más poderoso del humano... Si cerebro.
9/7/2020 c7 AGConstantine
"Neither am I.", bruh, i lost it at this sentence
9/7/2020 c7 Draegoon
well Bakugo just got super messed with, and in the best way possible. can't wait to see more of this amazing story. best trap Naruto possible.
9/7/2020 c7 1Guardian of the Inheritance
Good job keep it up
9/7/2020 c7 Shaedy Hoe
What is there to question? Haven't we already established that Katsuki crazy ass is gay? *cough* KiriBaku *cough* Also, wouldn't it be absolutely HILARIOUS if there's a love triangle between Naruto, Katsuki and Izuku?
9/7/2020 c7 PasiveNox
9/7/2020 c7 SlyFox9
It been a while since you last updated this story. This is the first time I’m seeing Bakugo have any attraction towards someone. I kinda want to see how Izuku would react if he knew what Naruto did.
9/7/2020 c7 Samuel Santillan
For the first time I feel sorry for Bakugou, his first love ended very quickly, it almost seems like a record
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