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for Naruto the Owner of a Un-Heroic Quirk

6/1/2021 c9 Blaze1992
Okay weird but okay.
5/26/2021 c10 nobody really
good theory
5/20/2021 c10 21NewMystery356
Somehow, I do NOT think Naruto will get those pranks out of his system... Would Naruto giving all the guys in the locker room confused boners count as a prank, or sexual harassment?
I can’t wait to see Naruto and Midnight interact~
5/19/2021 c1 6Musical Dragon Rider
I feel SOOO BAD for the Naruto or any guy that was born with feminine looks. Like if you have the attitude of a girl/gay person then I guess it alright but if you're really trying to be a guy and just got unlucky being born with feminine looks? Plastic surgery?

Not that I have anything against those kind of people, just expressing my thoughts. I've met some people like that and a few of them are acquaintances or friends of mine.
5/19/2021 c10 Roman
Hola buenas , muy buena historia, cuando la próxima parte ?
5/19/2021 c10 Guest
YES! Finally! I was hoping you would update your MHA stories eventually
5/18/2021 c10 selberxbp12
Me avia olvidado de esta historia
5/18/2021 c10 djtdagreat
Now this caught my interest I can't wait to see more
5/17/2021 c10 Guest
I'm so happy to see an update, even though this is one of the weirdest stories with Naruto having very feminine characteristics from the quirk, it's just so fun to read
5/17/2021 c1 Juancho117
por gavor continua la teoria
5/17/2021 c10 Drizzydrakebbl
Really like this story so far good job. please continue your stories
5/16/2021 c1 Kurama69
Quick question, are you going to be updating Naruto the Owner of Team 7’s Mystery Shop?
5/16/2021 c10 Jjcarra
We back
5/16/2021 c9 ikusatsunagi
Naruto x Midnight best pairing xD
5/16/2021 c10 5Max Moreno
That's a bad naruto. He must go to horny jail.
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