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8/11/2020 c1 2itsfridaysomewhere
I loved this. Great work!
8/5/2020 c1 43smuffly
Curiously enough, in my current Psych rewatch, I have just reached this episode - and now I can think about this as I watch it. Because this story was absolutely perfect. And I don't think Shawn was too soft - it's very much a side of him that I love too, and it often comes out in moments like this one, usually (but not exclusively) with Juliet. He's a kind man at heart and this board game and pineapple solution to Juliet's sadness is so very much how he would handle it.

We all know how these two really feel about each other, and that makes the whole thing so poignant. I loved their restraint, and Shawn's blushing attempt to cover for his tiny lapse. It reminds me a lot of one of my favourite speeches - the moment in Shawn 2.0, when he is selflessly telling Juliet to enjoy her trip with Declan, even as we can see that his heart is breaking.

Also (speaking as someone who plays for a living!), Hungry Hungry Hippos was the ideal game to choose for this story.

I think this might be your best one yet.

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