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for Bottom Line - line series part 2

5/7 c38 2FranArian
David knows the deal... even if the Taddy Dragon is more likely to eat them with lashings of vinegar rather than ketchup.
4/23 c36 SuziH-J
Two sets of wet footprints - I am sure Ianto would have wiped his feet before coming back inside. Where is the other one?
4/23 c35 SuziH-J
Oh that little voice in your head - always has you second guessing if you did something. We all have that at some time.
4/23 c31 SuziH-J
Such a lovely day, to be nearly ruined by that woman.
4/23 c25 SuziH-J
How lovely is Ianto that he lets those people stay in the houses. It was no fault of theirs that they bought stolen property but someone less decent than Ianto would maybe have put them out.
I really hate his Da and Rhiannon.
4/21 c37 21PCJanto
"Cat in the cradle" Ianto has been push to his limited ,His father and Rhiannon should have stayed away. Now The volcano is about to erupt, Ianto ,Jack with Idris and his hoodlum are now declaring war
4/20 c37 26MissEmmaTorchwood
I'd say the sleeping Tiger has been awakened and now he is thirsty and out for blood... his claws are out and he is truly ready to roar!
4/20 c36 MissEmmaTorchwood
That old man needs to find the sharp edge of a hand-made shiv while he's in custody!
4/20 c36 21PCJanto
Paranoids my arse, Ianto was right on the money especially when it come to his father getting his thugs friends to come after him, What type of father or daughter would send thugs into a home where there grandkids are. Thank goodness for Shelby, plus Jack keen sense of awareness and lets not forget Owen. There were 2 set of wet foot prints, one down, where is the other one.?
4/19 c36 20DarqueQueen7
Shit! His Da is sending peolle after Ianto now? Ianto ought to send this guy back without his frank and beans as well..
4/19 c36 Eleana666
So scary! I would be petrified by this! Got to reread something. I have forgotten why they are after Ianto and family. These last two chapters would make Stephen King sit up and take notice!
4/19 c35 26MissEmmaTorchwood
I've turned around many a time to drive home and make sure my garage door is closed, even though I sat there like I always do and saw it go all the way down!

Besides, it's good to be paranoid when everyone is out to get you!
4/18 c35 2FranArian
Poor Ianto... I hope his Father and Rhiannon both get locked away forever (in general population with inmates who really don't like them and not beyond shanking an enemy)... Ianto deserves his happy.
4/18 c35 20DarqueQueen7
Poor Ianto is going to go nuts before this damn trial gets underway.
4/17 c34 Eleana666
Oh, I just loved those last words, “I love this man.”
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