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for Bottom Line - line series part 2

5h c25 56Lady Emma Wentworth
I feel badly for the poor tree to be abused like that but I am quite sure it understands Ianto's need to exorcise old daemons and it will forgive him.
21h c25 1FranArian
Poor Ianto... so messed up by his horrible upbringing...
10/18 c24 SuziH-J
Thank goodness it was just a misread number, I had visions that Rhiannon or her Da had somehow sold them the place. So glad that was not it. And aren’t all kids the same, latching onto the words you don’t want them to say & then saying them in their oh so quiet (not) voices.
10/18 c24 56Lady Emma Wentworth
This is so funny! I love the way the entire thing just degenerates into hilarity all around!
10/17 c24 1FranArian
So... house number was different, but how did they have keys to get into Ianto's house? Something still doesn't feel right about the whole thing. I continue to smell a pair of large, nasty rats known as Rhiannon and her father.
10/17 c24 20DarqueQueen7
But the keys they have opened the door to the house! How did they get inside?! I still believe they were swindled by Rhiannon and the murderer.
10/17 c23 56Lady Emma Wentworth
WHAT? Is this one of those real estate scams where these two say they have documents showing they have an original claim to the property?
10/16 c23 1FranArian
Sounds like Rhiannon and her father have found a new way to start shit by trying to sell off that house that they have no legal claim to. Ianto's lawyer really needs to help get them under control.
10/16 c21 20DarqueQueen7
Rhiannon and her dad sold Ianto's house! He needs to call the cops himself!
10/15 c22 56Lady Emma Wentworth
Sounds like it's going to be a truly wonderful family weekend! Wish I could stop by!
10/13 c21 25missemmatorchwood
Ha ha ha! Who knew the great, brave Captain Jack Harkness could be such a soft-hearted baby!
10/12 c21 20DarqueQueen7
Damn. Time to get Jack on the same page now. The bitch has lied and said that the children have met their grandfather. The one that murdered their grandmother? And why is Rhiannon still around? Time to be rough!
10/9 c20 25missemmatorchwood
I am glad the photos didn't ruin Ianto's memories of their special day... sort of wish we could see them too!
10/9 c19 20DarqueQueen7
GOOD! That old man deserved to die in jail. Can't wait for the next chapter! D.
10/9 c19 25missemmatorchwood
From the mouths of babes... Mica is so eloquent in her simplicity.
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