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9/29/2020 c7 14Josephm611
Sorry for the review delay! I forgot to put this story on my review queue and then the other day I was like, "Wait, it's been a long time since I thought about this story..."
Ahem. Here I go.

Pandora... Rich girl! That first paragraph is already so sad. This isn't anything like the Reapings we're familiar with. One moment, you're living your normal life. The next, you're being taken away to the Hunger Games... It's good that we get reminders of the cruelty of the Hunger Games. It's dangerous to get desensitized, imo.
Gah you're making me sad. I don't want to see her family torn apart! I get soft very easily over tributes, and this is no exception. Ahhhh... She hasn't done anything to make me attached to her, but I if this were a fic about her, I'd already be rooting for her to win. Unfortunately, there are 23 others...

Antonio... Fire breather! That's fun. First impression: He seems calm and collected, an introvert that is fine around people yet never quite mixes in. There's a pensive aura around him that I quite enjoy. It's almost ironic against the backdrop of his fire-breathing, with the way his outer life is fiery and on the edge but his inner life is placid. I don't know much about him yet, but the impression I have is positive.

Serenity... Ballet dancer! "Fighting back tears"—it always gets me hard when people cry. I barely know anything about her and I'm already sympathetic. And she's an underdog! I tend to root for the underdogs. "Last dance" is so tragic and I'm even more sad than I was before. I knew I'd like her from the blog and it's definitely happening that way. Stop you're getting me in the feels ahhhh

Isen... Off the bat, he seems like the daredevil. Not exactly a bad thing, but I've seen them so much (both in submissions to my own story and in others) that I'm a bit desensitized to them now. There's a layer of insecurity here that I'm curious about. I'm hoping that it'll get teased out a bit more as the story progresses?
Welp. He's crying. And now he has my heart too. Stop it. Why is my weakness so common? It's tough to follow after Serenity, but I'm looking forward to seeing him again.

Win for me!: Faust
Win!: Elsa, Serenity
Ooh!: Alistair, Silvester, Pandora
Oh?: Antonio, Isen
Meh: Countess
9/12/2020 c7 2AlexFalTon
Pandora - There's not much to her, I think I liked Missy more than I do Pandora. She looks like she has some troublesome parents, and that's the routine and rich kind of gal. Not seeing her making it far. She kinda looks sheltered here, I could be wrong. Still don't think she's going to win.

Antonio - Got to admit, haven't seen a circus tribute in a while. Him being a fire dancer(or something like that, I'm not familiar) is pretty cool, so there's that. Also, he's a decent guy, and accepting his fate makes him stand out.

Serenity - She's a dancer. A nervous dancer who's scared of being the first one died. Well, she had a good boyfriend to tell her otherwise. Not a bad plan, maybe she'll make it far or even win.

Isen - So, he's some kind of prankster? Like, if Pranknation was a thing, Isen would be part of the cast. Well, it seems he's rather reckless and unintentionally harmful, but he's got friends he misses and does shit like pranks with him, so I'm pretty favorable.

Mine: Piper Brighton
Love: Countess Stonam, Isen Trivedi
Like: Alistair Arlington, Elsa Crimson, Antonio Razo
Neutral: Pandora Sommers, Serenity Heavengrove
Hate: Silvester Dorne
9/11/2020 c7 5Axe Smelling God
Pandora- I love to see that someone has a pet. It’s interesting to see a connection with someone and their pet and that she has this connection means a lot for many people. I can see that using the color pink as a defense to keep everything in her together and to have some stability. This is where we can see stems from her parents fighting and she tells them off.

Antonio- I like how we got a different look at street life on the east side. To be a street performer and having to survive off of his mentor was a nice direction to take it. That he has tattoos because he wanted to cover up the ugly parts of his life and show his devotion to Raja was a nice way of seeing it and to see that he has this strength to him. It speaks volumes about why he’s the way he is.

Serenity- I like seeing that we have a dancer in the mix. This allows for us to have a little freedom to see who she is and for us to get to know her better. Which I can appreciate and I can’t wait to see what you do with her as the time of the games go on.

Isen- I like to see that we have a little prankster in this group of tributes. It’s always fun having a tribute that jokes around and have someone who is able to keep up with this perception of being fun and lighthearted and I can’t wait to see what you do with him.
8/30/2020 c6 12jakey121
Alistair is such a bottom
you got twenty-four hours left get some Demetrius dick.
I loveeee that we get to see some settings we would never ever get to see in a normal SYOT. And the idea of the reapings having already been done and the announcement then made public… loveee it. It’s so fun seeing new things in SYOTs honestly. And then the 24 hours before being collected and the idea of how to volunteer. I wonder if anyone would try to run away or hide. I’m sure that’s bound to have happened.
Anyway. Alistair is very flamboyant and unapologetically himself which is fantastic to see in a tribute. I feel like he has the potential to get grating but there’s also a melancholy that you’ve begun to tap into that links with his desire to be accepted that could bring out other layers to his character. Not sure yet, but we’ll see!

Tess has a fun backstory and again I love the worldbuilding here. I think that is going to be my favourite part of these pre-reapings: getting to see all these lil scenes from the Capitol.
She’s got a sweet side to her and a determination to succeed for her gang or sisterhood or whatever it is. And also to give a huge fuck you to Pearl. I like the independence she has about being true to herself and yeah that determination is going to be an important boost later on.

I… don’t like Silvester.
I feel like you take away the fact he got to ring up the tribute centre and volunteer (again another scene I LOVED) he reads like a very typical volunteer who needs validation and to be seen by… volunteering for a death match. Yes. Great idea. Smart !
I’ve seen it before and it doesn’t read as anything fascinating and what makes it even more… been there done that is the fact he has a victor sibling. Ugh I’m not trying to be mean there’s just nothing here that I haven’t already seen so I’m hoping away from this scene, we get more personality than just angriness and bitterness over being an unloved family member.

Just fyi her first paragraph is formatted so its centred
Ugh this was so good. Elsa has such a sadness to her character that it’s actually really difficult to read but in the best sort of way. The prose here was legit poetry it was so good. Elsa is the sort of character that will either die really early, or has the potential to go all the way with the development that can be had with her melancholia and almost this ability to completely switch off. She’s so empty that there’s so much potential to give her something. There’s already glimpses of it – a brighter Elsa ready to fight and win for her father who is trying to keep up the smiles despite all the pain.
My favourite this chapter for sure!

Like: Tess, Elsa
Neutral: Alistair
Dislike: Silvester
8/29/2020 c6 6santiago.poncini20
Alistair is awesome. Love me some daddy issues.

Tess is a part of a gang? Interesting. She is unconfident in that she can win this, and i hope she can do well

POOR SILVESTER. He definitely deserves a better family, a better life, a better health. Poor Silvester. He also seems much like a normal career boy, which is also interesting.

Elsa is sad. She is definitely sad, and she probably remembers everything about her mother too. Poor her. She definitely deserves better
8/24/2020 c6 5Axe Smelling God
Alistair- I like him a lot. He seems to have the perfect life and everything is going well for him up until this point where he’s trapped and has to make it out in his own in this way. I can’t wait to see how he changes as they go through the process for the games.

Countess- You wrote her beautifully, I loved how you brought everything to the light. I’m guessing there’s a gold devil in our mix of tributes. If there is and we see a showdown in the arena I would be stoked. The wya you painted this picture was exceptional and the way that you brought out her old life in the forefront of her new life. It was exceptional and well thought out.

Silvester- well I can see why he’s angry that he’s being throw to the wolves by his family. That since his sister won her games that’s she’s the crowd favorite. I can see the anger but to hastily throw yourself into the games just to spite your father isn’t the sneer but I can see that he’s angry and that it’s something that should be unpacked.

Elsa- she seems so sweet and that she’s been threw so much. I can see why she’s so angry at everything and sad. She’s just taking everything in a once and is left with nothing all together. This was something that I wasn’t expecting at all and I can’t wait to see what we have to see from it all.
8/23/2020 c6 2AlexFalTon
Alistair - Dude's a cheery guy. Clearly flamboyant and gay, but the whole biking exercise club for women, well, he wasn't off the mark in that attitude and you don't necessarily need to be gay either. Eh, he seems like a cool dude - dad issues aside.

Countess - So, did she volunteer? The website says she was reaped. In any case, she joined a girls-only kind of gang, which is splendid and out of the usual when it comes to gangs, and well, her love for her sisterhood and her saying that she'll volunteer for them made me want to root for her. Born on the streets, has a family(sorta) and trying to get a better life for herself, no matter what. She's not a prick, so I'm officially rooting for this underdog.

Silvester - I feel like he could've just been more reasonable and just TALKED about his problems with his parents rather than VOLUNTEER like a little drama queen. That was just so stupid and I don't think he's ready to go to a death game. Besides that, he has the advantage of having a Victor for a sister, but I don't think he'll listen much, will he? Not a really good reason for risking your life - this envious attitude of his.

Elsa - Okay, sad and depressed, being unwealthy and losing her mom can do that. Still, her dad is here and Elsa is willing to fight for him. It was nice that Elsa's POV ended with some hope and it just makes me want to root for her too.

Mine: Piper Brighton
Love: Countess Stonam
Like: Alistair Arlington, Elsa Crimson
Hate: Silvester Dorne
8/23/2020 c6 14Josephm611
We're starting off the intros! WOO!

Alistair: His name just /works/. The setting is so fresh and lovely—you can't have a cycling class in the districts! And that quote! Oh my goodness, it nearly got a laugh out of me. The way his life and relationship are described makes it almost seem like life is good and nothing bad ever happened. What Games? Games aren't real! The way the Reaping is conducted though... It's so chilling how... inconspicuous it is. Like you're going about your day and suddenly you're being collected. This set up for his intro really works in his favor; it really emphasizes how wrong this all is. But looking at the list of tributes, Mathias and Cassandra weren't on the blog—replaced by our volunteers! Gah... that last line too. It really makes me feel for him.

Countess: Tess is such a good nickname. I'd struggle to take "Countess" seriously. But compared to Alistair's section, it feels like a whole different world. Gone is the beautiful Capitol, where everything is right and normal. I love the dichotomy. Is this a gang? Or just a bunch of misfit girls, trying to survive together? It's interesting that she still has a family, though. Usually the "gang" (for lack of a better word) tributes are orphans or something. And I was right about her being Westside! Still, though... I don't have a good handle on her personality, more just backstory.

Silvester: Oh dear... I really didn't expect to see this in a Capitol Games, but I guess it was inevitable. Once again, we have the Victor's relative that volunteers. I don't know... at this point I've seen it so much that it barely registers to me. But he's a secret volunteer? Since the system is so different from the Reapings we know well, this feels fresh—which helps with the trope-y feeling. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt since it isn't his fault he looks like a Career kid from before the rebellion. And his aggressive breakdown... I feel so bad for him. He's unlikely to win, just looking at the odds, and ah...

Elsa: I remember being interested from the blog! "It hurt too much to smile"—that line is already endearing her to me. But this picture of depression... Aw... She's shutting people out and it's sad to see. And she doesn't even know she's been Reaped! Reading this makes me sad... she's realizing what she missed out on all this time by shutting herself in. I'm a fan of tributes that care for their families since I'd consider myself a family-oriented person, and this spin on it... ahh she's definitely my favorite in this chapter.

I wasn't going to do a chart, but I really like Elsa :)
For anyone lurking in the reviews, I do charts like this to avoid having a "dislike" section, since I never dislike any of them as characters. I have an "ugh" section for the ones that are horrible person and I hate them for that.
Win for me!: Faust
Win!: Elsa
Ooh!: Alistair, Silvester
Meh: Countess
8/23/2020 c5 Josephm611
I'm finally catching up on reviews! And we're back with Lazarus! It's coming back to him, and I vaguely remember finding him interesting? And Alandair? With a woman? Elizabeth, I presume? Yet Alandair suspects her! Honestly I'm a little invested in this sub-plot, and it's a pity we won't hear from them again until the epilogue.

So! I do blog reviews, even though I hate doing them. They're fun to read for the writer. Let's get started (ugh here we goooo)

Hercules is a strong start, being a volunteer from the Westside and also predicted to win. Self-Loathing and Superiority-Complex are interesting together, as are Analytical and Emotion (which also plays funny with Stoic?). Though it doesn't really click, I'm getting a strong, outwardly cold vibe from him that I'm looking to see soon!

Amaranthe is a name that reminds me of D9 or D11, but it sounds nice. She seems like an Enneagram Type 7, fun-loving and boisterous. I love how she's the first girl on the list, taking the spot of the D1F, since she really does have valley prep girl vibes that coincide with the D1F stereotype.

Not gonna lie, I both love and hate his fc. Like yes? But also no? I can't decide. His quote seems upbeat and fun, almost like a slightly more caring version of Amaranthe? Distrustful is interesting, though. Maybe an actor, or the "I'm friends with everyone but no one really knows me" type.

Serenity is very Capitol/D1 and I love it. I already kinda love her based on the vibes I'm getting—I'm a sucker for anything wholesome and she seems very wholesome. Gah I can't wait to meet her; I feel like you're gonna make me love her and then brutally murder her and I'm already scared for her (and myself).

PSALM! What a wonderful D1 name! He gives me major stuck-up Private School vibes and I hate it. Everything about him is the sneaky, slimy politician, and I usually don't like these characters very much? Sneaky slimy people just bother me in real life, and I think he will too.

Pandora! Another wonderful name! I'm not a huge fan of the quote, but that's too shallow of a reason to hate a character. I'm struggling to form a cohesive image of her in my head, so she'll be one of the kids that I'll have to read before i can make a decision.

Oh... Silvester. Not a fan, tbh. Not that I dislike him as a character; I just don't like him as a person. That quote suggests that he's ultra competitive, which is good for Hunger Games but annoying for a person? And he's also a volunteer, which is interesting. We'll... see.

Piper feels very... not-Capitol? She seems to be the fiery rebel girl, which I probably would like more if I haven't seen too many of them in my submission inbox for my current open SYOT. I like the spin on "rebel" meaning "anti-District," which is a cool idea that Capitol Games can explore. Plus she's rich, so she hasn't suffered the same way the Eastsiders have.

Um... Votheri? Are you okay? He has "ahahahaha the world is ending and I'm a mess but let's have a good time, eh?" vibes, which some people like but isn't my cup of tea. Plus he's hostile... and self-serving... and detached... I don't think I'll like him as a person.

DAHLIA THAT QUOTE! She seems like a hilarious clueless rich girl who'd be super annoying in real life but super fun to read. And her placement! I hope she doesn't go out that fast; she looks fun! Docile is an interesting trait to have on top of all these things—all bark but no bite?

And now we enter the Eastside with Wilhelm! He screams "villain" with his Strengths and Weaknesses, though easily offended... yikes for anyone that crosses him, and from a writer's perspective, I'd be willing to bet that someone will cross him. I can easily see him racking up a huge kill count...

WE GOT A PRECIOUS LITTLE GIRL! Maybe I shouldn't be excited since almost every SYOT has one, but this is Capitol Games and everything feels fresh and new. She seems like a quieter spin on the trope, I guess, but for the most part her vibes line up with the stereotype. Excited to see the details that distinguish her.

And we have our little boy! For some reason, the little boys are almost always creative, so I guess he feels a little stereotype-y too at this point, but that's obviously an early statement made with almost no knowledge of him. I'll have to see more.

VANYA that quote! So she has no issues with being a wolf—that moral stance is so interesting to explore. She also seems like a villain. Are she and Wilhelm going to band together to kill the others? Like a pseudo-Career pack. I almost hope not since having a pack of hunters is pretty standard and I'm hoping to get some non-standard stuff in this story, but we'll see.

My boy Faust! He might not have the most interesting name, but I chose it with the lore and meaning behind it in mind. No comments, since I already know all about him.

Elsa is a nice Capitol name. Looking at her entire post, I get "I'm depressed but you don't have to know haha" vibes, which I don't see very much in stories but I /do/ see a lot in real life. She feels very real as a whole, and I'm excited to see more.

I really like the name Aleron Almendro for some reason. His quote seems very... self-unaware, which lines up with the vibes from the S/Ws. Lecherous! Ruthless! Selfish! UGH I don't like him but I'm also super fascinated and I like his fc so... we'll see?

Danae gives off Enneagram 6 vibes—loyal and obedient but also skeptical and questioning, although optimistic does break that image a bit. She seems a bit mysterious, thoughtful but rarely open about what she's thinking. Not the most groundbreaking character, but I like normal.

ANTONIO! Is he a gang member? I feel like he's a gang member. I'm super curious about him, though I can't say I /like/ him yet. His S/Ws feel very world-weary and detached, with some kind of fire but not passionate.

COUNTESS THAT NAME! It's almost as if she was a Westsider that ended up in the Eastside? I'm struggling to get a cogent picture of her, though, so I can't really form any opinions yet. I'll wait until we meet her.

Isen has a fc I've seen recently, and that association is hard to break. I'm not really liking the "challenger" vibe I get from him since those personalities usually grate on me in real life, but it doesn't have to be that way in a story. Still, I'm having trouble thinking about him and not the other tribute with that fc, so... I'll wait too.

Margot is a beautiful name, and looking at her post, I feel like she has a horrible backstory that's made her the cold person she is today? She looks like she wouldn't hesitate to kill, which makes her a real threat.

Preston looks so... normal. He kinda sticks out. And he's younger—mature yet annoying? Stuck-up as an Eastsider? And his quote! I'm imaging some of the people I knew in high school right now. One kid in particular was a little narcissistic yet upbeat and a little oblivious to it, and Preston gives me those vibed.

Feronia feels like a trope I've seen before, fun-loving and crazy, friendly and "Boom!" I really struggle to write characters like this, so there is a bit of a bad taste in my mouth, but I'm excited to see you develop her!

8/23/2020 c5 12jakey121
Short but sweet fifth prologue continuing our glimpses into the lives of the characters you’ve created. Very good!

Hercules: Nice Capitol-esque name. Picture is solid. He sounds like a problematic male and those characters are never my favourites because they aren’t meant to be liked at all. I mean superiority complex but insecure makes him come across like one of those guys that moans a lot and shifts the blame onto everyone else. Mysterious is…a reach. Not my favourite.

Amaranthe: hey sis

Alistair: Alliterative names can be a hit or miss. This is defo a hit I love it. Defo gay and I love it lmao. I can get a clear sense of the kind of chaotic playful kid this guy is and whilst it’s not my favourite trope, it’s going to be fun to see his interactions for sure.

Serenity: Love the first name. Last name is a nope. LOVE that pic. Her quote is depressing af. BUT GIRL. C’MON. THOSE TRAITS ARE A SERVE. She’s so pathetic like not cut out for the Games at all and that’s why I live for it. Creative is a favourite of mine. And all her weaknesses make her out to be a giant softie. Ugh. She’s either an early death or she’s gonna breakkk.

Psalm: I love this first name? I don’t know why. The rest of his name and pic is meh. Defo a politician – the quote and the traits just paint out that picture. Like a proper shady character. He’ll be fun.

Pandora: Again a great first name but not my favourite last name. Fantastic pic. the quote is a bit much imo. Who tf is missy. BUT LIKE WITH SERENITY WE’VE GOT CREATIVE…. TICK… WE’VE GOT SPACEY…. A HUGE TICK. Yo and idle is so much fun too? Magnetic? She’s more of a personality than Serenity but omg I love it.

Silvester: good fanciful name and that pic is so extra. Those traits are basically the same thing I said about Hercules. I don’t do problematic men lmao

Piper: average name and pic. very strong-willed and gonna speak her mind. Will be fun to try her best to stick to her guns. They’re the type that can grow annoying quickly but also the ones that can have super fun development.

Votheri: the picture makes me so uncomfortable. So uncomfortable im moving on

Dahlia: good first name, no the last and that pic LMAO. And that quote is… fuck my life is she jar jar binks that’s ridiculous stop it. She’s a dislike just because of that quote lmao sorry

Wilhelm: allterative name that for me doesn’t work as well as Alistair’s. he’s gonna be a cutthroat character that’ll be great for drama purposes. Not likeable but definitely cut to make it far.

Minerva: love the name. don’t like the pic. but she’s hella cute and like some others not cut out for the games at all. it’s good to see she’s focused and patient and has a good head on her shoulders to maybe help her out mentally

Charleston: goooood name. I don’t like pictures that look like a quick google image search like ‘boy with green hair’ so it’s not for me. ANOTHER CREATIVE THO. and I love airy and forgetful, it gives this really spaced-out image to him that is cute with chatty. He’s funnnn

Vanya: very very good name and that picture is great. Her quote is so extra and trying to be poetic lmao. Not my favourite traits but that’s ok because tho she isn’t a likeable character, I can see layers and complexity and that’s what I want from these folks

Faust: meh name pic is cute tho. idk why I like him but those traits paint a really cool, layered image of his character that might be fun to play with. Like self-deceiving is funnn. Yeah excited for him.

Elsa: nice normal capitol name. good pic. detached and methodical doesn’t imo work with endearing and hopeful… can you be detached but hopeful? Spacey is cute but it’s the strengths that let me down atm

Aleron: name is okay as is the pic. oh god no he is A NO like one of those men that blames girls for not liking him and just… no. kill him pls

Danae: name is cuteeeee. Some great traits there with lots to work with. Especially drawn to fractured.

Antonio: just no sorry. Can you say someone literally made to win?

Countess: LMAO THAT FIRST NAME. I kind of love it idk. She’s cute tho I love spontaneous but with insecurity there too. Another with some endearing and interesting traits to see develop further.

Isen: name is different which I like. Could be irritating later on, a bit like Piper, but could also be a cute kid see interact with others. Will hold out judgement

Margot: love that name. morally grey is interesting when you pair it with this idea that she’s trusting of others. Broken hints at a strong backstory, hope it doesn’t overwhelm her character. She’s mysterious which is interesting

Preston: I don’t like that his name basically rhymes but its also kinda cute. He seems like one of those kids that thinks he’s more mature than he actually is but as his weaknesses say just comes across… annoying. Not for me.

Feronia: love that name for a capitol tribute. Picture is too much. But I love her traits so much. Hedonistic is a yes and then there’s melancholic which is SO interesting. yesss


Favourites: Serenity, Pandora, Feronia
Like: Psalm, Minerva, Charleston, Faust, Danae, Countess
Neutral: Alistair, Piper, Vanya, Elsa, Isen, Margot
Dislike: Hercules, Silvester, Votheri, Dahlia, Wilhelm, Aleron, Antonio, Preston
8/21/2020 c5 5Axe Smelling God
Lazarus- I loved seeing into his mind and what it means for us to see what this can bring out of him and what goes on in the Capitol. This would surely be something that I wouldn’t be expecting from him and what he would have to bring to the table.
Hercules- the name is okay but it fits into the theme of this story. I love self- loathing and superiority complex.

Amaranthe- the name is very unique and I’ve never seen it before. I love the quote, so much sass and unshrinking is new.

Alistair- ugh I’m here for the sass and I love seeing playful tributes.

Serenity- that quotes speaks a lot about her being a free spirit and not caring about what happens to her. Being a pacifist won’t make it past bloodbath but there’s always hope.

Psalm- Hello King!

Pandora- I haven’t seen this name in forever, I use to see it when SYOTs first rolled around. Love the face claim and love the diversity. I love magnetic and spacey together.

Silvester- the name is unique and a fifteen year old volunteer and they’ve only had five games so far. That’s interesting and I can’t wait to figure out why he did it.

Piper- I see that she is a little rebellious and fiery. These tributes are always exciting to see and I can’t wait to see more.

Votheri- seeing false as a strength is interesting and I want to see what makes him this way. Also seeing that they’re self- serving is a nice choice.

Dahlia- I laughed way too hard at her quote, but I loved it. I like how she has people pleaser as a strength while Psalm has it as a weakness.

Wilhelm- well seeing business-Davy as a strength is interesting and makes sense for the Capitol. I want to know how this will help him in the arena.

Minerva- a sweet baby angel only thirteen years old. Being complacent isn’t the best and I hope she can grow out of it.

Charleston- I like his quote it’s so true and having unpredictable as a strength is nice and forgetful I see as a strength.

Vanya- this quote is so deep and I love everything about it. Single-minded is nice and I haven’t seen it before and irascible is a nice choice.

Faust- the name is okay, I love this quote and I wonder what he did to say this.

Elsa- well I get what she’s saying but in this scenario you have to fight it out, unless you want to live out your life in that arena. I love awkward tributes they’re the best.

Aleron- I like this name a lot and he seems so insecure with his quote. Also being childish is not something you want to be in this world.

Danae- I like this name a lot, and I love a tribute who thinks and is looking from the outside in.

Antonio- he seems like he would be scary and I see him and Hercules either teaming up and being unstoppable or killing each other quickly.

Countess- hello queen!

Isen- witty tributes are always fun to read and I see what he has to say is nice and being troublesome is nice and funny to read about as well.

Margot- I can see that she has something up her sleeve and I’m excited to see what it is. Morally gray is a new one for me but excited to see it.

Preston- well someone is a little full of themselves from this quote. I still love it nonetheless.

Feronia- well I can see that she’s fun and a little firecracker and I love that.
8/21/2020 c5 2AlexFalTon
Lazarus seems like an interesting enough character. Ambitious, polite, honestly, he just seems like a regular businessman I'd be uncomfortable being around with. Maybe as he continues this political adventure, I'll grow to like him.

Also, thanks for accepting my character.
8/21/2020 c5 6santiago.poncini20
Blog review!

Hercules: Hmmm, i dont know what to think of him. He is self-loathing but has a superiority complex. I also dont think mysterious counts as something that can be used as a strength btw.

Amaranthe: LOVE HER. I love ditzy characters, and she is also hedonistic. And sheltered, so win win.

Alistair: Lindss guy. I like dramatic characters, so i will like him. Cool dude. Humorous i like too

Serenity: OOF. Her quote screams giving up and depression. Hope she gets better.

Psalm: Palm delle beach. I like him. He wants to become president, and he might do it. I also like that he is a people-pleaser. Cool trait

Pandora: She is taking care of someone? Interesting. She seems like a good gal, but she will probably die early btw. I just dont see her going far. Nice faceclaim tho, real good

Silvester: DELUDED I LOVE. I love delusional characters, they are always interesting. I like him, and his facelclaim seems cool.

Piper: The rebel. She is the first one to not look capitolite. Hmm, i wonder how much a westside girl she is. Also Aleron will make rebels look bad for her lol.

Votheri: The faceclaim is too capitolite, and the phrase too. He is false and detached, gotta love.

Dahlia: Lol at her quote. She seems like a goldigger, like a normal capitolite would be. I like her, she seems nice. Ignorant tho lol

Wilheim: Self-absorbed, gotta love that trait. He seems like a cool dude. A bussinesman, maybe. Interesting

Minerva: The youngest one, oof. She is a innocent gal, and i hope she doesnt die painfully if she does.

Charleston: HE MUST WIN. I like him a lot. I dont know why, i just do. I love his quote. Pls let him win. PLS

Vanya: The district hater, maybe? I think she may have a way to get far in the games, tho maybe the districts wont let her.

Faust: Hmmm. Another people pleaser. But he is self-deceaving, and that trait has left me curious about that. How does he deceives himself? hmmmm

Elsa: no elsa no, you gotta fight with your winter powers and kill them all. Just kidding, but really, she is another one who has given up. I hope she gets the strength to fight later on

Aleron: Pls kill them. Painfully if you can. He deserves so. Except you can arc her. In that case, go for it.

Danae: She seems like she is very calculative, and maybe a bit ready to do the did. I like her

Antonio: OOF. They can Antonio. They can. He is numb, which i am interested about, but he is also callous, so idk. Sorry if the reviews gets crappy, i have an exam today and i want to make this quick.

Countess: I like her quote, and her faceclaim too

Isen: DESPERATE I LOVE THAT TRAIT. I love that trait so much btw, its lovely.

Margot: Creepy facelclaim, nice name. I like the trait overthinker, it may lead to her demise.

Preston: Mature i like. I also like annoying, since for some reason i usually find those characters funny. I may like him

Feronia: I love her. Clingy love, hedonistic love, Rambucntious love. Also melancholic love. I also like her faceclaim and her name a lot.

Nice chapter and blog! Loved it
8/21/2020 c5 12IVolunteerAsAuthor

I’m so proud of you for doing this! I’ve known you wanted to do this for a while and I cannot WAIT to see what you do with these characters.

Your world building is amazing; but I’m sure you knew that because even when you weren’t dying you were doing that religiously. Your writing as a whole is so good to me though but we’ve talked about this lmao.

I can’t wait for the first introductions!
8/17/2020 c4 14Josephm611
Ooooh! It's Belladonna! Her name was familiar; I had to check back to remember who she was, and now I'm hyped to see her!

I'm already sucked in in the first paragraph—so she hates Destiny and is suspicious of Alandair. The WHITE ROSE SOCIETY IS HERS? Om gosh, that went to a 10 so fast. And it looks like she might be in love with Alandair? All this political intrigue! I love it!
So she is in love! This paragraph is so lovely; I had to reread it—it was so good. And this new woman! A prostitute of sorts? Or an escort?
Oh... I see what she's doing. She's trying to use Elizabeth to seduce information out of Alandair. I'm so here for this—what's going to happen! I LOVE it when the Capitol subplot is front and center, and I can't wait to see it!
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