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for A sick Shego

10/16 c5 88bcbdrums
awwwww... shego finally admitting she needs help. that must have been hard for her, but it shows how badly off she really was. and wow she must have been delirious to admit to loving him... but i'm so glad she did! and LOL at that line, "once drakken realized it wasn't the sickness talking." he would totally assume that.

i'm very glad you finished this!
9/2 c4 bcbdrums
i liked the moment where shego yanked the water glass out of drakken's hands when he was trying to help her drink, and then she ended up spilling some. it showed her volatile and defensive personality... like she was saying, "i can't take care of myself" even though she knows she needs help.
8/27 c3 bcbdrums
oooooh that was a rough twist. shego not wanting to be sick because of psychological trauma! poor thing... now i'm really looking forward to seeing where it goes. i hope you continue!
8/27 c2 bcbdrums
dude, she went OUT while sick? shego come on, you don't have to be THAT strong... poor thing.

just seeing her suffer is making me feel sick and stuffy myself. wonder what's gonna happen next...
8/27 c1 bcbdrums
poor shego! yikes, that illness sounds awful. wonder what's going to happen... and lol at drakken and kim compromising on ruining the invention but not the lair.
8/25 c3 148Gothicthundra
Such a cute fic... will you continue or no. I know your currently working on your Darkholme one... but this was great!
8/7 c2 5WB1996F1
I'm really interested in where this story goes, keep up the good writing!

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