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for What's a Gamer's Life Without A Little Bit of Drama?

11h c4 Guest
Grammar took a bit of a dip this chapter.
14h c4 SparDaa69
Oh man, I really love this story. And it's nice to see you again.
10/14 c4 Arya Mahandaka
Author, could you make a sheet about Aaron Stats, Abilities, Weapon, etc?
10/14 c4 AkihitoTheExiled
Good to see you still kicking comrade.
I was worried you stopped.
great Chapter btw.
keep it up.
10/13 c4 4DG2
Nice story so far. I think the dramatics make it even better lol.
10/13 c1 DG2
Half of this are just system stats. Cut some of that stuff out
10/13 c4 Uday Sra
10/13 c4 Arclight001
i am really glad we got another chapter of this. Surprised he actually fell for someone though i though his eternal love was for dramatics only. Gonna make it hard for him to leave this world later on though.
10/12 c4 JohnCake14
For a moment i thought fanfiction messed up again with updates but you really updated this.
10/12 c4 Han-Daewi
And finally an update
10/12 c4 Han-Daewi
Noice Omake x)
10/11 c3 TheUnknowableOne
pls continue writing this
3/20 c3 League OTP
Not gonna lie, that bonus scene was pretty baller. The story is pretty good too, he's already powerful but he's hiding his powers for dramatics, which is kinda fresh.
2/28 c3 JohnCake14
Still waiting.
Great fanfiction.
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