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for Half-baked Hero

10/6/2022 c4 elixirmaster
This has to be one of my favorite powers ever. Good idea.
10/6/2022 c1 elixirmaster
What a great power.
9/26/2022 c4 j01010100
This is hilarious. With this story and path to munchies, I think I need to start looking for more worm stories that revolve around food.

Let them eat cake.
6/12/2022 c4 Weyland
What a fun little story. I for one would love to see more. Well written and very entertaining.
5/24/2022 c4 Sebine
5/24/2022 c1 Sebine
So she is Manton limited
3/14/2022 c3 13Steve2
Happened to find this story and am glad that I did. It was great! I wish there was more and if you would like to continue it or need help with it, or even give it up for adoption, let me know.

Fritter line earlier. Fantastic.

Note: if you haven't read it before, take a look at another food-themed Taylor cape in The Path to Munchies.

As for your story, some ideas that popped into my head include:
- Does Taylor ever go to Eagleton to battle the Machine Army, if only to show Shadow Stalker that she's a bigger "predator" than Sophia is.
- Does Taylor ever wind up at an Endbringer battle where she ends up transmuting Leviathan, or at least the non-core part of it.
- Does Taylor ever wind up meeting the S9 only to have her power kick into high gear when the Siberian is around, create everything into cake, and make the projection eat the cake to get towards Taylor, only to slow down with a case of the yawns and then fall asleep. And when subsequently woken, the projection is now fatter, and has zits.
- And with the S9, Taylor makes chocolate cakes that are just to die for. In fact, certain capes in that S9 crew will kill anyone who tries to kill the Cake Maker! Dammit, Jack! Don't tempt me!
- Does Taylor get a weapon system designed by Armsmaster that she wears on both arms that she can point to someone and little discs shoot out, are transmuted by her power into sticky cakes that expand in size and act like a bio-version of Containment Foam. Editable by those engulfed in them, but it takes time.
- Does Taylor help a certain massive-powered hero gain a new perspective on battles in that he doesn't need to be seen as the most powerful, and instead need to gain insights into losing weight since he is pigging out on those fabulous cakes! This in turn impacts what Endbringers do in the future.
- Does Taylor help Cauldron by somehow getting an asteroid the size of 300-story building cubed impact the world that Scion's real body exists on? That asteroid was transmuted to Pound Cake naturally. And if that didn't do the trick, Taylor included a few thousand other asteroid that impacted the world Scion was on that cracked it in half and blew up.

Anyway, it was fun to think of those. I hope you continue your story. If I can help, let me know.

Well done!
9/16/2021 c4 Blaze1992
8/12/2021 c4 Guest
Please no!

Don't let this delicious... I mean glorious story end here!
7/21/2021 c4 Caver Floyd
The section with Tattletale was my favorite. The cake has stranger powers. Funny story.
5/15/2021 c4 33Azure Lightning Emerald Cloud
this story premise is bonkers and i'm loving it. I hope you return to it sometime, because it's one of the few wholesome parahumans fics that is also freaking hilarious.
4/13/2021 c4 Guest
Atom Eve power
4/6/2021 c4 Guest
Next chapter...

First Serve?
Second Helpings?
Post-cakegasm Realisation?

There's so many options for you to choose from!
3/23/2021 c4 2StormMagi
This is wonderful and I hope you keep it up
3/7/2021 c4 Fredrich
I love the humor; can’t wait to see where the story leads!
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