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9/22 c1 ksouza3
I love how you were able to keep your fic within canon. I love Hermione's bubbly personality and Charlie's smitten thoughts. Such a cute and heartwarming fic. Thanks for writing!
9/6 c1 Demyxprussia
can you please write more about their love story! it's so awesome!
9/3 c1 8Barmy-old-Codger
Hello. I see that 98% of your stories are single chapters, BUT, PLEASE ... add a few more chapters to this fine start. Thank you in anticipation.
8/15 c1 9LillianMarie2
that's really cute. you should make a couple more chapters. please?
8/9 c1 1angel897
fun to read
8/6 c1 18CallaRose4ever
I love it. In fact, it might be interesting to see a sequel to this where Dolohov escapes from Azkaban and comes after Hermione. I can see it now... the pack who has become friendly with the witch and Charlie both convince her to stay in the area. I would personally give Charlie the chance to shine by him taking Dolohov down with his service pistol. LOL. though Hermione would also get a chance to shine by protecting others or taking down one of the people working with Dolohov. oh, I wish you would do it. LOL it would be a quick lighthearted read I think.
8/6 c1 Shola2001
Charlie was the best thing about Twilight. Ther aren't enough stories about him so really glad to see this one.
8/6 c1 JosieNightOwl
Love this story, wish there was another chapter x
8/6 c1 AliciaDawnCasey96
I'm really excited for this pairing!

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