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for Percy Is Good With Trajectory Weapons

5/6 c6 bombbastik
Damn, this is entertaining!
4/18 c6 gurtuqyrtiuqrytu
its been a while since your last update but plz update
4/16 c2 Guest
are you sure that's a tri-dent?
4/6 c6 TheKingOfPrussia
Is this story dead? Would love if there was any update!

Have a great day :)
10/3/2021 c2 1ines1808
Ok, can't believe i have to say this but a Trident is a three pronged spear. Just because Aquaman's has 5 progs doesn't mean it's a Trident. It's more like a fork
8/26/2021 c6 wandering reader
I wonder if you'll continue this? I hope you would. The story is built by an interesting premise. So, I can say that it's promising. I hope you're well and will give an update soon.

7/22/2021 c1 170Qoheleth
Dear Hp:

I don't know where Chiron gets the idea that the Musae were virgin goddesses. I once researched this for a Subreality story, and my encyclopedia listed every one of them as the definite or possible mother of somebody or other: the Sirens, as you say, but also Orpheus, Hyacinthus, and the Corybantes, among others.


P.S.: Glad you liked "B-Arking Up the Wrong Hometree", by the way.
6/30/2021 c6 5WhereBeginningsEnd
This fic is so good! I love the minor changes to Percy's character, though he is still fundamentally Percy! The writing flows well and the dialogue isn't stunted and you're doing a good job of showing instead of telling which is a rare thing with most fics. I'm excited to see where the story leads after this.
4/16/2021 c6 Gryzz
I and I bet a lot of other people would love to see more of this story done!
2/5/2021 c6 Animegodofdarkness
This is really good and I hope u continue it
1/13/2021 c6 18IAmOutOfIdeas
This wasn’t short, it was microscopic. That aside, I’m really enjoying the story and can’t wait for the next update
1/8/2021 c6 Rod513
Please continue
12/29/2020 c6 goyalaayush890
Really good story line till now
12/29/2020 c6 goyalaayush890
Pls update
12/26/2020 c6 1PurpleBunny5540
Hey. I’m back. I was on this site during an emotionally hard time, and have been working up the courage to open the app again. It’ll be a while before I’m fully back, but I figured the holidays are a good time for new beginnings. I still think this story is awesome, maybe try blending chapters a little more so that they are a teensy bit longer?
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