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3/19 c11 Yog-sothsoth
Ah. Maybe Shirou would finally become Shirou. I do so hope he takes the deal. Nothing ever goes truly wrong with them, anyway
2/28 c6 Crainium9
An alright premise with an incredible amount of plot holes and no real hook to continue reading
2/24 c11 Fictional Skill
I eagerly await the next chapter. Can't wait to see where this goes next.
2/24 c1 2LukeSky001
Interesting fic. Hope to see where it goes.
2/24 c11 Cactus28
Well, I like these chapters, as for the “time” you took to post, I personally understand. And I do hope you take care of yourself and your family…if you have one and no offence meant if you don’t, but I don’t mind waiting long periods of time, so long as the author feels they’ve released work they’re proud of. So that’s all I can personally ask.

Now, I do ask that you have fun as well. Until you post again, I will happily wait. Have a good…whatever time it is for you, and anyone reading this.
2/10 c11 raidaxk
Oh I really love the dynamic between Issei and Shirou.
2/3 c1 3musashi566
Interesting. Not the type of story I would usually read but it was interesting enough to read till the lastest chapter. Looking forward to more.
1/29 c11 Fertas
Great story, hope you keep it up.
1/28 c10 moose master5543
homie you don’t know how to write like just reading this so annoying, it’s filled with a bunch of stupid shit that doesn’t do anything for the story/plot and i hate how shirou is so useless and weak i mean my dude it’s fucking shirou a modern day magus who was able to reach to throne even if it was through being a guardian he could still keep up with cu and fight him and even was able to hold up pretty well to other servants. so seeing shirou getting bodies so easily and being so hesitant and not doing anything is so lame and boring, maybe if the writing out of fights were more interesting and intriguing i could let the boring fights slide but both are so mind numbing.
1/24 c11 4Parselmaster
Interesting point. Let's see how this goes. Thanks for the update.
1/21 c1 Slitherx679
Word of warning to any new readers, this is SLOW paced. Like not just plot progression wise but also consumption wise. There are currently 67k words and 11 chapters. I’m being generous when I’m telling you this could have the same progression and quality if it was 45k or less, because even thought a character has, has a paragraph dedicated to it. But if you like this go for it. If you don’t, then don’t.
1/21 c7 Slitherx679
I know your doing this much to make us like the character. But holy fuck do I hate them purely due to the fact that everything is being told about them in the most roundabout way. Like damn. This shits making me infuriated
1/21 c6 Slitherx679
I extremely dislike how you make everything 5x wordier than it needs to be. Whilst thoughts are good to have, you’ve included far too many thoughts. It’s difficult to feel like I’m reading anything of substance.
1/16 c11 yeet
great chap man!, Glad your still updating
1/16 c11 pietrodeglie
Kosētsu Shirō, thou art maidenless.
I'm already loving Mephisto, keep it up!
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