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for THe Vampire Hero: Morbius

1/12 c4 Random65
1/12 c1 a person
This was a very good fan fiction, even for my first time, which you would expect to be kinda judgemental. (The reason I didn’t include my name is for internet safety hope u understand) I liked it, and the punctuation is the only room for improvement. I would totally visit and read your fan fiction again, so keep creating!
1/12 c4 3Megatronus Uchiha
I see less morbius and more Alucard
1/12 c4 9Ranger McAleer
Love this fic. Kyoka and Izuku are sweet.
1/12 c4 StrikerTheFallen
Another well written chapter. I do look forward to these updates. Cant wait to see the next chapter. Keep up the great work!
1/12 c4 wolves567
Very nice, always enjoy the Vampire Izuku stories
11/28/2020 c3 Ranger McAleer
I'm enjoying this so far. However I do have one complaint if minor, I feel as if Izuku is handicapped too much. I mean he's popping blood pods for every time he uses his quirk for something minor. To use his speed he needs a pod cause he's drained same as with his strength and summons. Like big summons and using his power for ages I get but in my own opinion I feel like he should be able to use his power more before he needs to replenish himself. Looking forward to the next chapter.
11/10/2020 c3 Guest
Bro your stories just get better and better! Keep up the amazing work!
11/9/2020 c3 SentinalSlice
This is interesting and pretty well written. The o lot problem is your capitalization. You aren’t capitalizing your stand alone I’s or “I’ll”.
You also don’t always capitalize the first word of a sentence or dialogue.
But other than that it’s pretty good.
Anyway, please keep up the great work!
And stay healthy too!
I hope this helps.
11/9/2020 c3 TeraelinII
the devil was a part-timer reference that was a good short anime nice work it's efforts
10/20/2020 c2 1EbayUserGreen
worth the wait
10/19/2020 c2 Guest
Why I always think Temari is same Temari from Naruto.
8/11/2020 c1 2merendinoemiliano
Some scenes could use some more work, but overall cool. See you soon.
8/8/2020 c1 StrikerTheFallen
this definitely got me in some feels. this is definitely going to be a interesting fic
8/7/2020 c1 1Knighthunter911700
Interesting, truly interesting concept. But I feel like Ochaco would have had a more likely chance in getting kidnapped rather than Jiro, because Ochaco would be all alone and has no parents living with her.

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