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for Bond of Two Clans

4/8 c25 BJJF691
Lol, it's not the specific characters to be chosen, it's just me thinking how you will bringing them into the pairing. You do pretty good job at that actually. The first list is pretty much girls with claws against each other and I wanted see how you go about it. So when it change, for me, it just kind of being off for me. Yeah I know it makes me an asshole and bitching, but I am not criticizing writing. I am sorry if you feel like that I made you feel uncomfortable.
4/8 c24 twisting tempest
not gonna lie I read all 250k words of this story today I am disappointed that u are ditching it after coming to such a crucial point in the story I felt that this story was really good and the only thing that really needed fixed was the fights cause they were kind bland and short honestly u could continue this story and alot more people would probably be happy but that's just my opinion
4/7 c25 amavgupta0
I want it Yugito only there are so many stories as harems I would like at least 1 story without harem or you can add at least one more girl like Shizuka both are perfect or follow others opinions but this is my opinion so I hope you consider it
4/7 c25 chisa782911
You know, it's funny, I didn't plan to follow the new story, but there is a saying... "a talker falls faster than a lame" I say it partly for myself, because I said I wasn't going to follow the new story, but how I saw that Chisato is going to continue so yes, I will continue the new story.

The one that was following Reincarnated Sitri Heir because Akeno was in "possible" in the harem and now it turns out that he won't be.
4/7 c25 4Monster King
Awesome job
4/6 c24 BJJF691
Yup same old move, make people excited with first notice with the line up of who in harem and then kill their excitement when changed. Same old same old move.
4/6 c23 Krunchy Burger
Including Chisato in the harem is upto you. But please include Shizuka. Fanfics with her as a pairing are very rare, and a complete fanfic with her as a pairing even more so. If you decided to include both however, then that's even better. The more the merrier
4/6 c22 Krunchy Burger
This story has potential if done right. Eagerly waiting for the first chapter. I would also like it if you include Kasumi in the harem. Well, that's just my preference. The choice is ultimately yours.
4/6 c24 Habu2010
4/6 c24 atengawchok
Kasumi and Chisato only, forget the others!
4/6 c24 Monster King
Awesome work so far please continue
4/6 c23 6Bhuvan Nagaraj.D
what about shion she is rarely used
4/6 c23 shedges19
who do you want to be naruto father clan
4/6 c23 MAH
You can make satsuki uchiha in the harem
4/6 c23 Keamx
You should make Naruto's father an uchiha oc, instead of jiraiya or minato. havent seen any stories like it
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