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for Bond of Two Clans

1/16 c12 A10riddick
Good chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
1/14 c11 AshBladeHentai
Damn this is a masterpiece and definitely needs to be read. And incredible job Author-san and keep up the amazing job you've done so far
1/9 c5 Guest
Mmmm aqui pude ver un poco mas de naruto ... pues no me gusto ..que quieres que diga ..ppff no controla sus emociones ...confia demaciado en las personas ...me ubiera gustado mas si fuera como la personalidad de tobirama...tiene buenas habilidades tiene muuuuchos jutsus pero solo utiliza el clon de sombras ...y que te apuesto que cuando jiraiya le enaeƱe el rasengan es lo unico que va a hacer ...igual que en el maldito canon ...
1/8 c10 Rairi Valelira
Yeah, perv just somehow knows what naruto just experienced in a mindscape and had all the time in the world to investigate on it. What kind of bs is that leap of logic? Sorry but that is just triggering
1/7 c1 frankiebayer2002
This is great plz update soon
1/7 c12 Person - Suggest
So I really enjoy the story so far. In the future, the Akatsuki members will be introduced, can you not make Naruto win every time against them. I feel as though, that would take the tension away. Akatsuki members are Kage level threats that can take out one thousand Shinobi. Also I know this is a Naruto story but give other characters, like Kakashi, Satsuki, Grayfia, and etc. Keep up the good work
1/7 c12 BJJF691
So who is pairing with naruto through CRA?
1/7 c12 Ryu wolf
Fantastic job with this chapter
12/31/2020 c5 DameNingen1
Your story lost all taste with this chapter..
12/20/2020 c11 ryuu no kage660
when will the next chapter come out
12/18/2020 c11 frankiebayer2002
Plz update soon
12/18/2020 c3 frankiebayer2002
Plz update soon
12/16/2020 c11 A10riddick
Damn great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!

Did you really have to do this at the end of the chapter?

What would be interesting is that somehow Naruto saves Kushina from Impure World but as a cost of it for her she gets de-aged and would become a possible candidate for the harem.
12/16/2020 c11 1NaruLemon Stories
Nice Update
keep writing and stay safe
12/16/2020 c11 Ryu wolf
Great job with this chapter
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