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for Bond of Two Clans

4/5 c22 Batman1998
The new story sounds very interesting I hope you keep it as Narutoxkasumi with maybe Shizuka, ino and yugito falling for him eventually but your story take your pick.
4/5 c1 Kea-MX
Naruto and Kasumi together
4/5 c22 Zhichart
Honestly I'd would wanna see as small a romance circle as possible so only one pairing with Kasumi would be the best. However slow burn on the romance would be my request for that romance, clear signs of care throughout the story but eventually getting together in a massive event.
4/5 c22 gudakoFGO
I like that idea looking forward to seeing it I'm cool with the harem idea have a wonderful day or night hope to see it soon
4/5 c22 tomoe-rinnegan
Keep minato and kushina alive and make it harem along with kasumi
4/5 c22 SageNaruto3881
Think you should Naruto and Kasumi should be paired up a harem is your choice
4/5 c22 SugamDewan
New Story idea is Good but keep it with kasumi and exclude temari .
4/5 c22 aspirintab
Good idea, I would keep Kasumi in the harem.
4/5 c22 Habu2010
That be fine
4/5 c21 4Alucard
I can honestly say I am glad you are doing this. The main reason I dropped this is because of all of the crossover characters. Now that you are redoing it I will be highly anticipating the new one
4/3 c21 amavgupta0
bro you can add in the Naruto characters but I don't want the genders flipped, see I don't want Sasuke female it is too common for people to use her and I don't get the feel from her you can use other characters instead whom he found in his travels with tsunade like koyuki, Yugito or other different characters which are not used much as ships and build interest in the story with the other nation characters the diplomatic issues and other things but your story was good just make some changes like he gets himself captured so easily if one of his love ones are caught and think of an alternate solution with the intelligence he has and don't rush the story
4/3 c21 Ryu wolf
Ah man, i was really looking forward to reading the next chapter. This version of the story is great even if there are some mistakes
4/3 c21 shedges19
how about naruto is half nara or aburame
4/3 c21 Xzplakq
Please don't delete the story. It's still good. This story gives me some inspiration to write it comes to Senju Naruto story. Please don't delete it. I'm sure many readers still love this story tho

Anyway look forward to your next story.
4/3 c21 SugamDewan
Will Be waiting for next update
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