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1/3 c4 12Princess of Words
The four of them reading the Hobbit is a great ending! The Narnians flying through the windows was a nice twist, and I think you wrote the assassin's thoughts at his death quite well.
1/3 c3 Princess of Words
The Silent Assassin is a really interesting character! I like her internal conflict. Susan's neat way of foiling the
assasination plot sounds very much like something she would do.
12/30/2020 c2 Princess of Words
They are outwitted again, the foul assassins! I enjoy the different ways of thinking the killers have. Edmund's insertions after the Tisroc's name are quite funny and a nice twist on the "may he live forever" tradition.
12/30/2020 c1 Princess of Words
This is an interesting premise for a story! It's fun when the bad guys so seriously underestimate the heroes. Lucy beating him with his own weapon was a nice touch.
9/20/2020 c4 34ScribeofHeroes
I notice all the other chapters have "assassin" in the name, but this one. I guess his title has been dropped enough in the other chapters.

With Lucy's age and personality, I do actually think her voice would be the loudest even if she doesn't mean it to me and get through barriers easiest.

I bet Peter was wishing Edmund was there with him a minute ago.

Oh yes, always be sure to compliment those who are going to assassinate. (slaps face)

No! Don't plow through the middle of that group, Peter!

So the High assassin knows about the Silent's preference for trinkets rather than violence, but apparently all the others are eager for some though.

So, apparently Peter, despite his age, has impressed them all. Nice to be admired ... or not in this case.

I don't think that's your sword, I think that's something else, something bad ...

Nobody likes their client in this group!

I didn't realize Narnia was such a threat fabric wise! :O

This is the problem with hiring killers in person, I mean if they'll others for what you'll pull out of the purse, what will they do to you for the whole purse?

The high assassin seems to read Peter and his client well, but I wonder if he reads so well himself?

I'd be a bit worried about the door opening myself.

Yeah that's not a bodyguard, Peter.

I think everyone feels they've had enough unpleasant surprised today, Peter.

Well, Peter, I guess Edmund just answered your question.

I guess Edmund is a great strategist and helper.

Peter is circling him, the high assassin?

Hmmm ... He's disappointed his preferred, warrior target is slipping and blocking out of his strikes?

Hmmm ... This fight is getting interesting.

I wonder where Lucy is going? She is no coward, so it must be for a reason.

I don't know Pete, I feel like you're already in trouble.

Ah! Good thinking, Lu!

Woo! Susan's fast!

Well, apparently the High Assassin wasn't listening to or believing Edmund earlier.

Narnia, High Assassin, it's Narnia!

Well, of course the others were working with him too. Things can never be easy, but where is Oreius in all this?

Yes, he thinks compliments of Susan too.

Sue only has two arrows? Why does she only have two arrows?

(sigh) The High Assassin is enjoying this far too much.

Well, Peter wouldn't have done that, so that was probably not going to happen.

Hmmm ... he really has no love for his client.

Yes, he would only agree to those terms if Edmund were going to die anyway.

I think they are going to have words with you later though Peter if you survive this.

Wow, yes, trying things like this in Narnia is definitely dangerous. I wonder what things with wings got that bar off the door?

Oh there's Oreius, and there's the opening. My, oh my ...

So, you never experienced what you dealt out before now ...

Yes, you should have remembered that ...

Yes, merchant, you are in trouble. You would have been anyway ...

I don't blame them for staying together.

Poor things, long day with lots of death, though not theirs.

Poor Sue, not able to take a joke right now. I think mothering types have a particularly hard time after such days.

Wow, she really knew her older brother didn't she?

Yay! Lucy got Sue to laugh!

Oh my, those two youngest. (rolls eyes while smiling)

Oh my! How did "Lord of the Rings" get into Narnia?! :O And that is just how Lucy would summarize it. :D

Awww Sue, and awww Peter ... :D

Nice story!

God Bless
8/30/2020 c3 ScribeofHeroes
That's the gentlest question to such a situation I think I've ever read.

And that's the obvious question from Lucy.

And that's a overly detailed, but in the end relieving answer from Susan.

Well, we learn a lot about this girl right off the bat, and how "is" she going to sneak around in all that stuff unless of course she goes about it like the close assassin, but pretends to be a guest instead of a servant. Would Susan really let even a "guest" get so "close" to her without a guard, though. ;)

So she's a newbie, and a reluctant one at that!

Uh-huh, this is going to be harder in that dress and jewels.

Knew it! Yes there are "silent thief," I mean, "assassin."

Wow, she is good, even in all that wealth. :o

Interesting, she has absolutely no appreciation for private property or even privacy in general, but she does have it for human life. How interesting to be so devoid of one, but have the other. I wonder if the High Assassin knew all she was planning though.

Was Susan wrapping a present?

The Silent Assassin's not cut out for this job.

I have a feeling, under different circumstances, these two would get along well.

The head assassin does seem to have assigned his newbie the mode most removed from the actual kill, but now she's been caught in the act she likely won't be as removed from the death as either of them planned her to be, which the Silent assassin is finding problematic. The actual situation is never as simple as the plan.

I did think Susan's behavior was rather suspicious despite all her assassin's reasonings to herself to explain it. Surely, Susan not being stupid, an uninvited and unrecognized guest in her private apartment would be seen as a possible threat.

Generous Queen, Generous Queen Susan even to her assassin.

That was rather a poor joke, Sue.

That was a fast acting sleeping draught!

I'm glad there was one assassin, who might become and has already acted somewhat like a friend. :)

My, my, the pain of that close assassin seems to be bringing all sorts of things to light! I imagine with this emerging pattern though they would have come to this conclusion by themselves, however.

How did the Robin and one he reported to know the body on the shore was one of a late assassin before Lue or one of her guards told them, did the Close assassin give a good description?

On to Peter! Awesome chapter, I think this one is my favorite in this story. :)

God Bless
8/25/2020 c4 Anonymousme
Forgot to add this earlier: About Silent, I have a feeling that she might make a great light-gray character, so to speak, to where she has a semblance of loyalty to Narnia and its monarchs and holds some affection for them, but would work for somebody else if the pay was good enough. And if it wasn't a very nasty job. But then over many years of working for and with them she slowly, gradually changes to become more and more loyal (and possibly moral?) and then in some big crisis/confrontation she realizes it... As a solution to what to do with her, I suggest something like: You will live in the castle, period. Such-and-such places will be off limits, you will have to do/not do blank, if blank then blank - basically semi-free life under observation and surveillance. Hope this helps! Also...in real life sword fighting, using a sword to block another sword was not good. It could dent or break one or both weapons and that was, well, obviously pretty bad. One of those little-known facts that have a load of relevance... ;D
8/25/2020 c4 Anonymousme
I think my favorite of all the assassins was Silent. She wasn't arrogant (like Knife) nor mocking (like Edmund's) and she had what I would like to call empathy, though I'm not sure if that's the right word. Great story! :)

P. S., I added the star and period symmetrically on either side of my name because that's my Webtoon name and I wanted it to match. ;)
8/21/2020 c4 64Sophia the Scribe
Nice! I run into that problem too-trying to write about things I realize, suddenly, that *I don't know*! Nevertheless, I think you did well with Peter's sword fight and its conclusion. I'll be delighted to read whatever you write next!
P.S. Of course The Lord of the Rings exists in Narnia ;)
8/21/2020 c2 34ScribeofHeroes
I'm afraid the man from Colormen sneaking up on Ed now is not going to change his mind.

Ow! That's quite a rewrite of what is usually put between the parentheses by Colormenes in reference to their Tisroc.

Oh Dear, Ed ... don't wish for that now, though it would be good if they "did" follow the example you have set.

lol. Peter is right.

Ah. So Susan has already reached Peter.

Yeah, I wouldn't feel comfortable sending anything to end up that temple either ...

Awww ... Peter ...

Ow. That's not very nice to your handwriting, Peter ... :)

I'm glad his comment just made Edmund snort this time. :)

I'm glad the boys are getting along. :)

How did this assassin get a sword made for a great king of Galma.

The great assassin's priorities seem not to be in order.

I think maybe the Cherry Dryad needs a talking to and more instructions.

Oddly enough, I feel dirty after reading that thought of the Close, lying assassin.

He does seem to know how to effectively lie. Of course, these are all his own thoughts on himself, an admitted liar ... so ... (shrugs)

I think the idea of Narnian stairs being different for different creatures is charming.

I'm glad somebody interrupted this Close-assassin.

Niknak seems a funny, but believable name for a dwarf.

I imagine the short if nonthreatening answers the dwarf gave have the often long-winded Colormenes already thinking him rude.

I think the laying of hands on sword's should come with a swift warning about prison cells in the bottom of the castle if it's not in response to a gestural or verbal threat to cause physical harm.

I kinda thought the labor division would turn out that way despite Peter's offer.

Well that "was" a providential thing for Peter to say right before an assassin tries to kill his brother!

Poor Ed. (Pat, pat, pat)

Two are more difficult to lie to especially when they are of different stations? I wonder why that should be?

My goodness, and assassin with a work-ethic. Now that's a scary thing.

You seem to be a death-obsessed jerk before you became an assassin then.

Is the high assassin truly an assassin or more of a sure-bet dueler then?

Ambitious aren't we?

Umm ... He "has" already been on the battlefield Mr. Close Assassin.

Well, that "might" be a somewhat fair assessment of many scholars ...

Reading a book full of lies, when you know they are lies, might in and of itself teach you something ...

That must have been quite a drop and fall.

Okay that was "almost" a funny joke about the Fawn-servant, mostly not funny because of who is telling it to himself here.

Yeesh! (shivers) Strangling seems a terrible way to kill somebody somehow to me.

Well, apparently, "you're" not very welcome unlike many servants ...

You are in trouble now.

My my my, you don't seem able to take what and your superior and peers dish out!

I like the reference to "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe" there. :)

So, Edmund does indeed "do" the responsible thing even if he's grumpy about it inside. :)

Yay! Heeeeeeere's Lucy! :D

Whelp, yeah, I think both siblings have noticed some warning signs then. Lol.

A very unpleasant fellow.

I like how you show the two youngest siblings relationship here. Well, at least their meeting Susan there, which insinuates she'd still standing. :D

Great chapter! :D

God Bless
8/18/2020 c4 5Scarlett Cash
I really enjoyed this! And speaking towards your disclaimer, the last chapter was my favorite - so I would claim it if I were you ;) Thanks for a great read!
8/18/2020 c4 4SouthwestExpat
I'd call it morbid humour - the assassins' continuing inability to find any of their targets made me laugh at least...and the ending, showing it was not their own skill but the grace of Aslan protecting them, was an excellent finish!

And if we only wrote what we knew...well, learning new things is part of growing as a writer :)
8/18/2020 c4 69Ariyah
I'm surprised there weren't more Narnians in the Great Hall. It is the Great Hall, after all, and at least a few guards should be expected. Very happy to see that Birds got involved: I feel like they tend to be forgotten.
Also, the Narnian library has The Lord of the Rings?!

8/16/2020 c3 Anonymous
This is a great story! I could totally see it being canon.
8/16/2020 c1 34ScribeofHeroes
LOL! I love your disclaimer! :D

Hmmmm ... I think maybe the sovereigns should have four or five guards with them when they go to the shore or anywhere outside the castle and maybe on the crowded ballroom floors and on their judgement seats too.

Awwww ... Porpoise!

Isn't it "usually" the male relative who gives in before the female one when a smaller relative begs to do something dangerous? ;) Poor Edmund trying to be compassionate and Susan's "gut" alarms probably still going off.

Lucy- "Let me?"

Edmund- Response and mic drop.

Lucy took it well though.

Susan would be in charge of decorations. ;)

Hmmm ... Colormenes kicking up a fuss ... suspicious or just normal?

Hmmm ... I'
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