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8/24 c4 Guest
Part 2: accidentally pressed enter.
Backstory: Mostly everyone she knew was slaughtered in a raid. She then was recruited by Death Watch to be a hunter for them. She has been assigned to kill a republic officer. She now waits in the shadows for her next kill.
Relations: all slaughtered.
Likes: Those who have good intentions, her mandalorian helmet, finishing those with bad intentions.
Dislikes: Those with bad intentions, overconfident people, having a physical illness.
Strengths: Her wit, resourcefulness, knowledge of weapons, extreme strength when enraged.
Weaknesses: Lack of strength when not enraged, fragile structure, has many allergies, PTSD.
Known for her determination when put under a hard task. Mainly known for her massive failure when trying to eliminate a force sensitive when she showed mercy.
Score: 6
Tracking down the republic officer.
Arm themselves before hiding out.
Run in, get a weapon, run out.
Survival skills and some Melee work.
Not straight away, it would take a lot to get her to finally trust her ally.
Quite distressed which follows on to her shy/aggressive nature in the games.
It is possible.
The count himself for putting her in this.
Her boss Qui-tel, a fellow mandalorian. Known for being strict and giving her scars every time she failed.
Dragonuis, her co worker, stabbed out her right eye after showing mercy.
She’s in the business as it was her only choice.
Get more weapons so she can kill those who have abused her.
By showing the count that she isn’t his pawn maybe a sacrifice for the people who care for her.
I don’t really know on this one, it’s highly likely she would survive the bloodbath and may even win it but due to he flaws holding her back she may not, your choice I guess.
Maybe one with another tribute where they are the only person to reach out to her. After neglecting their help, she finally comes to turns and comes out of her shadow.
A spear, like the one that Marvel used in the film.
I guess that’s it for now, I might do another,I ‘m reserving a spot in D7 for now, I might forget after 3 days so yeah just a heads up.
8/24 c4 Guest
Name: Tith Espero
Age: 23
Sexual orientation: just female
Species: mandalorian.
Appearance: Long, black hair that covers the left eye. Red and black mandalorian armour. Black gloves shaped into claws.
Personality: Keeps to herself often. Barely trusts anyone. She does have a caring personality behind all of this.

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