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for The Twelve Apostates

8/26 c2 2Heart of the Demons
Loved reading this new chapter. It speeds things along pretty nicely. Every interaction felt natural here. I'll certainly be on the lookout for this story's further progression.
8/25 c2 2Mistiquecats
Eee I’m so excited for the next chapter! All the characters are so on point :D and the villains are really interesting!
8/9 c1 Mistiquecats
This is so good! Please continue and release a chapter soon! No rush of course :D

Btw hope you’re safe with all the Covid stuff going on
8/9 c1 2Heart of the Demons
This story is most definitely refreshing. You're right to flesh out your creativity like you should, because chapter one of "The Twelve Apostates" screams all-around epicness for me. The characters, as usual, are on point, and whatever you plan for the story, just know that I'll be there. :)

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