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8/12 c1 1NilesLovesDaphneMoon
Awwww! I'm picturing Niles and David in their matching suits. This is so cute.
8/10 c1 6Smthnborrowediamblue
Last November, my brother was born. He's a really happy baby, but he's also really annoying, and goes to bed at like 5am, so that's my schedule as well as my mom's. As someone who has to babysit an 8-month old baby almost every day, I can personally say that this description is very accurate. Every day consisting of what you said, which gets very annoying very quickly. It's a lot of hard work, not to mention the bottles and toys my mom has to wash every day. It's like insane. So, good job on making this very realistic and believable. The ending is very sweet too.
8/9 c1 85leighann415
Such a cute story! I love the thought of David dressed in a little mini suit like Niles. I’m sure Daphne has more help around her than she realizes. Great job & a nice surprise!
8/9 c1 48KeepingUpDisappearances
Cute story as always!
8/9 c1 24Boris Yeltsin
Sweet stuff here.

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