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9/20/2020 c2 Zero9933
Possibole paring
B'lanna and hanika oh nine
8/9/2020 c1 Inquisitor0
Always thought that the Underspace corridors were the result of the Graviton Ellipse worming its way thru out the galaxy. I assumed that one of the reasons that the Vaadwaur was able to study the Underspace Corridors is that the Graviton Ellipse travels very often in their sector and actually had someone in a chaser spacecraft to follow it as it passes by and figure out how it emerges and submerges into subspace. The same goes with the Xindi developing the Subspace Vortex generator to travel faster than warp in subspace corridors in the Delphic sector. The Graviton Ellipse passes by there very often and created semi-permanent subspace corridors that they learned how to artificially create them with their ships. Voyager should study the Underspace Corridor to eventually learn how to artificially create their own or expand an existing tributary to their destination.

As for slipstream, the problem was that Voyager's hull can't survive staying inside the slipstream tunnel for several hours and can only travel over several hundred light yrs. So 7of9&B'Ellana's solution was to increase the speed of the typical slipstream travel to the Alpha Quadrant from over some months to only some hours and ensuring that the structural stress on the hull doesn't crush Voyager using Borg enhanced shields as it goes thru it. Voyager's hull could had been properly reinforced to survive the stress for the normal slipstream jump and then take some dozen jumps to return to the Alpha Quadrant. Instead they developed the Quantum Slipstream technology which is over several times faster than normal slipstream that was on the Dauntless. They were in such a hurry that instead of taking the slow and safe way, Janeway stupidly chose to do the fastest&dangerous way to return back to Earth.
8/9/2020 c1 4jabbarulez
I love it! Looking forward to more.

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