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for Loop: Into the Zeroverse

3/10/2022 c6 BatChest
Well damn these fanfictions sure were something else. I hope your doing better lately Mr. Author.
3/1/2022 c6 8Guy Fawkess
you were burned out, it was understandable. try writing one-shots?
2/23/2022 c6 Serenity439
Are you alright now author?
11/15/2021 c1 20In Da Nai Al
8/13/2021 c6 TheOnlyGoodConstantIsVigilance
I respect you. You are me but better. Goodnight
5/14/2021 c6 NOOB
I have to say, this this series has got to be some of the best books I've ever read. No fucking joke. I dont know if I have bad tastes but just holy shit this is amazing. I hope life gets better for you soon man.
3/30/2021 c6 Li Yunmu
Your stories became my favorite really quick, and sincerely i do miss it a lot but if you don't want to continue it the don't. Honestly through, I still hope that someday you will upload another chapter.
3/12/2021 c6 Guest
You have a gift. Not the best, nor the worst one. But one nonetheless. You don't have to publish your works if you don't want to, however stopping writing altogether sounds like a waste of talent.

For it is only when we write that we truly live.

You miss that feeling don't you? The one where boredom vanished in the wake of constructs our minds made.
3/11/2021 c6 Little Liar
12/19/2020 c1 NoBookNoLife
Ayy, i just came back to reread loop again, and look what i find! Nice to see u back, the way u write is so realistically good, by that i mean is realistic for the universe they r in. Well idk wut im saying, i just like how u make the characters.
9/10/2020 c6 Guest
If you feel tired just go take a rest and relax akd take a few week or a month off then if you feel like you got an idea just write note and once you ready try look through that note and try to feel if the story feel right use your feeling try to imagine yourself in their shoe and try to think what they would do
9/9/2020 c6 LoudCestBest
Don't sweat it man, writing should be fun for both parties, I know I enjoyed it, but if you aren't then you are completely justified to stop. I enjoyed the content you produced, I know that I dont regret reading your other story or this one. To end it off, if you do decide to pick this back up, just know that I'll always be happy to read it.
9/5/2020 c5 Andrew9908
big hmmm
8/30/2020 c4 Andrew9908
I whunder what year they’re from
8/30/2020 c4 LoudCestBest
Thank you for the chapter! Looking forward to the reuniting with sunshine.
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